Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Timid Boys Initial Seduction Retrospective

Yes, I know, only 2 this time.  It's a lot easier to discuss this way, since these form a little 'block' of related content.  The next few will be 3 sets.  These essentially go through the initial seduction practices, which, honestly, might be a little bit tedious to read, it's like the buildup to a sex scene in an erofic.  I guess it's probably better to think of the Timid Boys pamphlet as more of a romance novel, than a straight up erofic.  It's a very slow burn, but I think it'll end up being really good when it's all put together.  At the very least, I'm having a lot of fun writing it.


The first picture goes through the proper fashion that a Nun should use when recruiting.  It starts by saying that boys are essentially nonsexual beings at first, which actually goes completely against the general pedo doctrine of 'kids are totally into sex, and they need me to teach them how to do it safely!'  Since this is supposed to be a totally internal document, and not propaganda, I think it's fair to be realistic.  At the very least, it'll come in handy if I ever get officially accused of providing material support.
This page goes on to say that a less sexualized dress is preferred.  I decided on this by thinking back to my recruitment special.  There were the good boys, who liked dangerous women, the fem boys, who wanted to be women, and the timid boys, who basically just wanted to read their books in peace.  If a boy was sitting in the library, reading a book, and some woman dressed like a prostitute came up and wanted to chat, how would he respond?
Keep in mind, this is a very bookish and timid 8-12 year old boy.  This is not an 18-24 year old man, it's not you.  You hear a lot of people saying things like 'oh, I wish I were that kid', and 'where were these women when I was a kid', but at the very least, if you've never even jerked off before, you're probably not going to find said woman particularly calming.  You might find her physically attractive, but chances are, you aren't going to trust her enough to go anywhere with her.  Especially if you've been raised with 'stranger danger', and you're already averse to taking big risks.  Remember, you spend a lot of time at the library in this scenario.  That's basic risk avoidance, nothing ever really happens at the library. 
I figure the average timid boy would be more into a conservative looking woman, maybe a hippie, but nothing too extreme.  He'd most likely be a little bit nervous talking to an attractive woman, so said woman would have to be very calming, both in speech, and appearance.  I just picked peasant skirt and low cut blouse, because it's something casual, and semi-conservative, but it still shows some skin.  This is what I was imagining, outfit-wise, by the way.  Probably sans bra.
The picture, unfortunately, doesn't actually show that style of clothing.  I have a picture that does, but I'm going to be using it for a different page.  I think the picture I used is okay.  It's really quite difficult to find decent SFW /ss/ pictures.  The vast majority of the ones I'm using here came from the 'おねショタ' tag on pixiv.  There's tons of content, but a lot of it's shit.  I got about 50 usable pics out of 46 pages. 

The library page is much less interesting, to be honest.  There isn't too much to say about this one, it's just setting up the Timid Boys, telling the reader more about who they're supposed to be identifying with and self-inserting as.  You guys don't even know, though, how thrilled I was to find that particular picture.  There aren't a lot of SFW /ss/ pics set in libraries, but I managed to find one.  It's not perfect, I could do without the japanese text, but overall, it works for the text, in a way that a generic 'boobs on head' picture wouldn't.  As an aside, 'boobs on head' is a fucking genre for the SFW /ss/ artists.  There are far too many of those pics.
Most of this page is just setup for the dating pages, which have much more interesting content.  Again, this pamphlet is a very slow burn.  It kind of sucks that the readers have to sit through 'Lilian PUA' before they can get to the good stuff, but I guess that's how romance novels are.  It's all an experiment, so feel free to tell me what you guys think about it. 


The next release is the rest of the Milf Yuri story, and then after that, are 3 Timid Boy pages, which discuss different 'alternative' ways of picking up Timid Boys, essentially through work.  The pictures for those are at least suggestive, so it should be a little bit better, fap-wise.  I'm hoping for this pamphlet, to have at least a 50/50 split with SFW/NSFW pics, maybe even a 40/60, or better.  This is supposed to be fap material. After that comes the bedroom bukkake set, and then I'll start on the Hooker Birthday Expanded/Redux set.
I'll be rewriting a few of the Hooker Birthday stories, at least partially, so they'll get re-releases, probably alongside the new content.  I've got 10 stories for that one to write, but 4 of them are basically already done.  5 of them will be going into the Sisters Special Young issue, where they'll be like a 'practical' example for the recruitment pages, and the other 5 will either be scattered throughout the magazines, compose a single special in one magazine, or become their own pamphlet.  I'm not totally sure, yet, but I'm leaning towards pamphlet.
On a personal note, I am finally, finally, done with immigration.  That means that I'll have more time to write these.  It also means that I can start buying things that I need, like trash cans, steak knifes, plates, and other cooking utensils.  A truly joyous day. 

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