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Timid Boys Lilian Careers Retrospective and Future Plots

These were decent fun to write, and actually ended up getting put into the pamphlet only recently.  I had originally only really planned out the tutoring one, and it was supposed to be 2 pictures, which I might still do, but the other 2 were just off the cuff, and I decided to write them, simply because I found some good pictures for them.  Sometimes that's just how things work out.  I'm actually wondering at this point, how long this pamphlet will end up being.  I'm barely into the sex bits, and it's already 25 pages long.  I know that the sex will end up being more than 5 pages, so I'm thinking at least 35 pages, maybe 40.  Of course, I thought that the Acolyte pamphlet would be 15-20 pages, and it ended up being 35 pages.  We'll see how big this one gets.


The tutoring page is actually part of a set, picture wise.  In the next pic, the woman strokes the boy off, so I definitely want to use it, later in the pamphlet, and provide a 'sexy tutor' fantasy.  The others are more or less covered, with the pioneer being covered in the outdoor sex page, and the teacher probably not even needing a sex page, since she doesn't actually seduce the boys all the way.  The descriptions of affection are essentially my way of injecting a narrative type 'image' into the guide.  The overall idea of this guide is for it to essentially be a sort of /ss/ romance novel, advancing the 'love story' slowly, and through the framework of a guide, so that the reader can make their own love story, in their head, later.  Really, the goal of these three pages is to provide a couple of different characters and situations for that self-made love story.

The pioneer picture is tied in a bit with the storyline of my game, since the other faction, MeK, gives you a job as a Pioneer Youth Group commander.  In playtesting, I found that nobody knows what the fuck Young Pioneers is, so this page serves as a small explanation.  There are other places that explain it in game, but I've found, through playtesting, that sometimes, people just straight up ignore all of the non-pornographic text.  The game becomes a bit confusing if you have no clue what a Young Pioneer is, so that's what this page is for, in part.  On another level, though, it's to give the reader one more scenario to use in his personal love story.  It also gives a bit more historical background on the Daughters, and frames them, at least in the 70's, as being this freewheeling pedo gang, screwing kids with abandon, and giving 0 fucks.  I wanted to, and should have, put a little line in there about the 'Pioneer Troop' consisting entirely of the nun, and the boy, but I ended up not finding the room.  It is what it is, I guess.  I also considered putting a little blurb about not using red if you live in a crip neighbourhood, but again, no real space.  In retrospect, I probably could have made space by utilizing the empty block to the right of the boy's cap, but... whatever.  It's fine.  I also like that I was able to emphasize the fact that the Daughters target boys with absent parents, since that actually is a theme that's been in the game from the beginning.

The teacher picture, honestly, is a great picture, I like it a lot, which is why I made a page to showcase it.  The text isn't particularly sexy, but it does give a bit of storyline, and expand upon the Lilian method of recruitment.  It also sets up a fantasy, that I might continue later on in the pamphlet, where a boy is seduced initially by his teacher, who then introduces him to another nun, who finishes the seduction, and later, invites the teacher back in, for a threesome.  I might use that, I might not, but now you guys see how these things start at 20 pages, and end up at 40.  At any rate, it's a great fucking picture.  I sort of wish that she hadn't been wearing panties, and if I were any good at doing edits, I'd lose the panties, and give her a nice bush, but alas, I'm not, so the panties stay. 


Right now, I'm working on the Hooker Birthday set, both rewriting the originals, and coming up with new stories for the new pictures.  There's 10 sets of 2 for these, and I'm basically done with 5 at this point.  I think that the 5 that I've done, will go into the Sisters Special Young issue, and the others will go someplace else.  The SSY sets will be 'Hooker Birthday', while the others will just be 'Hooker Lifestyle'.  The boys might be Lilian, they might not, but I think that I'll cement the Hooker as being a nun in these new ones, and turn the new ones into a 'Life and Times of Lilian Nuns' sort of special.

The first set that I've got depicts the nun with a slightly chubby asian looking boy.  She's in leather fetish gear, but naked, more or less.  The fetish gear doesn't cover anything.  She looks very dominant, and the setting is a house.
In the first pic, she is standing over the boy, looking down with a pissed off expression, as he jerks it with her panties, with a shit eating grin on his face.  The story here is that she was asked, by a Lilian friend, to dominate her boy, maybe 'break' him a little, so that he's more submissive. 
I'm thinking that initially, he'll be a little fuckhead, and try to play her, thinking that he can get his way, just like he does with his mother.  He'll try to fuck her, and she'll say that he can only jerk off with her panties, so, while he does so, he'll moan and groan, trying to drive her nuts.  It won't work.
In the second pic, he's licking her, as she footjobs him.  They're both standing.  I think for this one, she won't let him cum into her panties.  Maybe he'll do it anyway, and she'll make him lick it up, maybe not, we'll see.  At any rate, he'll still be trying to fuck her, and she'll make him lick her, while she gets him off with her foot, and says all sorts of denigrating, but religious, things, like, how he's not being a good Lilian, and how he should respect his mother, and maybe she'll quote Lilith, and say that if he's not good, he'll die and go to Jehovah's domain, and not be able to fuck anymore, or something.  In the end, of course, he'll become a model submissive.

The second set features our nun in a park, reading a book, and she proceeds to get fucked by a bunch of boys.  She's dressed in street clothes, which get pulled up as the pictures progress.  The story is simple, she's in the Temple owned park, and a bunch of Lilian boys come and fuck her.
The first page features our nun mostly clothed, but with her skirt pulled up, and a boy licking her.  This page will set up the story, explain that the local Temple is quite rich, and has its own little park, which is open for sex, and closed to the Jehovans.  A boy comes and starts licking her, just for fun, while she tries to read.  He's not wearing pants, so he might be jerking off.  Not sure.
The second page features 2 more boys joining the action, one kissing her, as another one gropes her tits, which are out now, with her shirt pulled up.  Her book is forgotten, and the other boy is still licking.  This page will essentially say that these sorts of scenes are quite common, as Lilian boys are quite horny, and both male and female Lilians often come to the park, simply to prowl.  You can refuse sex, of course, but most people don't.  If you're not going to fuck, why not just go to a normal park?  Anyway, this will all be consensual. 
The third page , and thank the lord that there's a third page on this one, features our nun laid out on the park bench, taking 3 cocks, with another one in the wings.  This page is a bit of a 'money shot' for this particular set.  There's one boy fucking her, she's sucking another, and jerking off a third.  It actually looks like there's a couple of others, just waiting for their turn.  One of the boys has a soccer ball, so maybe I'll make the story that they're playing soccer, and she's watching them, and eying them, and then they take a sex break.  At any rate, this page will be the one with the most sex, and it'll have a lot of story about the Temples themselves, and how they're set up.

The third set is in a school setting, and since our nun is definitely not a real schoolteacher by trade, it'll have to be a Lilian school.  I've established in earlier sets that the Lilians do home-schooling, but I've never expanded upon that idea.  Here, I think I will.  Lilian homeschooling actually takes place at the Temple, with other Lilians.  So it isn't just you and mom trying to figure out algebra and trig.  I'll say that our nun is an english teacher or something.
The story for the first picture is that she's tutoring one of the boys in english, and to reward him for good studying, or something, she starts sucking him off.  Not totally sure.  The picture depicts her bent over, with her pussy in the viewer's face, sucking a boy off behind his desk, as he holds a pencil, and moans.  Study break sounds about right for that.
The second picture features the nun and a boy in a gym storage room, fucking.  They're both in gym clothes.  I think the story here can be pretty straightforward, the nuns and kids are playing some gym game during P.E., and the nun and boy take a sex break.  It's the same boy, so I'm thinking that maybe, the nuns and boys are sort of 'assigned' to each other, for homeschool.  I'm not sure whether that would make sense, though, given the numbers.  Maybe the 'school day' is much shorter, and so, each nun will spend 2 hours schooling one boy, and then switch to another, and another, and so on.  Maybe not.  Maybe it's realistic that there would be substantially more nuns than boys.  Maybe she just really likes this particular boy.  We'll see.

The fourth set is in a sort of field setting, and shows the nun squatting down and masturbating, while looking at a magazine.  In another little frame, there's a boy jerking off while (presumably) watching her.  Then they fuck.  She's wearing street clothes, but again, they're pulled up. 
The first pic shows the nun and boy masturbating.  The story will be that she was out on a walk in nature, and she got horny.  She always carries some porn with her (of course) so she cracks it out and gets to work.  She notices a boy in the tall grass, and doing it in front of him turns her on.  She watches him, and starts putting on a bit of a show, moaning, pulling her shirt up, and spreading her legs. 
The second picture shows them fucking in a little clearing.  There's a bunch of porno mags laying around, and he's sucking her tit as she smiles down at him.  The story here is that, after she watches him come, she calls out to him, to come over for a chat.  He does, and they sit in the little clearing, and review some porno mags.  She asks him if he wants to try out some of the things in the magazine, and unsurprisingly, he says yes.  So they fuck.  Later, he joins the Lilians.  Maybe, instead of it being a chance meeting, she actually notices him entering the tall grass, and follows him, setting up the whole thing.  Not totally sure, yet.

The fifth set is totally in public, and features the nun and a boy, essentially, fornicating in full view of everyone.  Now, obviously, you can't just fuck a child publicly, so they'll have to be in a Temple.
The first picture has the boy standing in a bookstore, with what appears to be porn books in the background, and the nun is on her hands and knees, sucking him off.  I'll say that they're in the Temple Library, and he's another one of her students.  She's in her red 'superslut' outfit, so probably, it's not school hours, but they're just hanging out, anyway.  I'm not sure if this one will have much of a point, other than to showcase the Temple Library.
The second picture has the nun and boy in a phone booth, fucking.  I'll just say that the phone booth is in the Temple Park.  I think this set will be more about the nun's relationship with the regular Lilian boys, how they just hang out, and fuck sometimes. 


Well, that about covers the Hooker Birthday/Nun Lifestyle specials, I've written/rewritten 2 of the Hooker Birthday sets, which will go into my release queue.  Next up is Bedroom Bukkake, and then the Timid Boys Dating block.  Then, I'll release the first 2 Hooker Birthday/Nun Lifestyle pics. 

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