Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Timid Boys Lilian Careers

These pages detail various career options that place Lilian nuns close to children.  It discusses tutoring, youth group leadership, and teaching.




tutorread1 - If you've secured a job that puts you near a young boy, like 'tutor', you're in luck.  The great thing about private tutoring is that it puts you in close contact with a (usually) somewhat studious boy, and (usually) gives you a decent amount of alone time with him.  There's a very good chance that he already has a crush on you, as well.  Now remember, 'innocent boyhood crush' is not the same as 'touches himself while moaning your name every night'.  You still need to go slowly, but your position puts you in a much better situation.  You should proceed according to the plan laid out in this manual, but you may be able to get him into your bed much more quickly.  Since you already know him well, you can be much more affectionate.  A long hug after the lesson, is a given, but it doesn't have to stop there.  Kiss his forehead, or cheek!  Softly stroke his back while he's doing his homework!  If you can get him rubbing up against your tits, (and you can) do it!  Anything to get him closer to you, without being overly sexual, is what you want.

pioneers - Another job that places you in a particularly close position to a young boy is 'Pioneer Group Leader'.  Pioneers is essentially the USSR version of the Boy Scouts of America.  For historical reasons, we cannot infiltrate the Boy Scouts of America.  We did it too much in the 70's and 80's, and they, as an organization, are extremely wary of us, at this point.  We can, however, create our own groups, independent of, but similar to, their organization.  If, in your everyday exploration, you come across a boy who is interested in nature, and there are plenty of those, you can try 'recruiting' him into Young Pioneers.  The thing about Boy Scouts, is that it requires a great deal of parental involvement.  For boys who don't have that involvement, there is still a desire to see the outdoors, but no organization that caters to their needs.  That's where you come in.  You should describe Young Pioneers as 'like Boy Scouts', but without all the 'dumb rules and uniforms'.    Focus on getting him out of the inner city, and into nature, and proceed as you would normally.  As you are a 'Young Pioneer', red scarves and political pins should be a part of the 'uniform', and there should be a revolutionary slant to everything that the two of you do together. 

downblouse - Teaching in a formal setting is a bit of a mixed bag.  On one hand, you have easy access to children, you know their home situation, you've probably met their parents, and the kids already trust you.  On the other hand, you're often under the watchful eye of the administration, and you can't exactly 'disappear' easily if something goes wrong.  Additionally, if someone sees you out on the town with one of your students, it's much more difficult to explain.  That said, the opportunities for touching and sexual play after school hours aren't nonexistent, and while *you* may not necessarily be able to 'turn' a boy all the way, you can at least get him interested in sex, and then pass him off to another nun.  Since you have such easy access to children, and know exactly how intelligent, well behaved, discreet, and supervised they are, this 'groom and pass' method of recruitment is an extremely important service to our revolution, and neither Our Goddess, nor Our Temple, forget these revolutionary acts. 

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