Monday, November 17, 2014

Timid Boys Pamphlet Intro

These are the introductory pictures for the Timid Boys Pamphlet.  They go through a basic introduction of what the pamphlet is, and then go through a couple of pitfalls for the nuns to avoid. 


Do Not Rape
Do Not Flash


intro - By now, you have learned how to liberate a great many types of boys.  You have learned their erogenous zones, their fears, their desires, and their cultural hangups.  You have learned how to turn a junior gang member into a studious, sensitive, submissive.  You have learned how to convince a Jehovan choir boy to sing the praises of Our Goddess.  You have learned how to explore a boy's feminine nature, bring it out, and teach him to accept, and celebrate it.  Today, you will learn another important skill.  You will learn the method of taking a boy, who knows nothing of sex, wants to know nothing of sex, and may, in fact, be afraid of gaining that knowledge, and educating him in the intricacies of your body, as well as his own.  This is a difficult task, a dangerous task, but it is a task that must be carried out, with as many boys as possible.  This world is, today, controlled entirely by the slaves of Jehovah.  They control the media, they control the culture, and they control the pornography, as well.  The average boy in this world, learns about sex between the ages of 10 and 12.  Before that, he is most likely exposed to sexually charged music, movies, TV shows, and magazines.  This in itself is not a problem, we expose *our* little ones to sex, on some level, before they can even walk, or speak.  Breastfeeding, for example, is a sexual exchange, pleasure for the mother, in exchange for nourishment for the child.  This theme of pleasure exchange continues in our sexual education, and consequentially, our boys grow up to be very sensual and equitable lovers.  Unfortunately, Jehovan boys do not get the same gradual, loving, and thorough education.  They are tossed into the world of sex, picking up scraps from late night television, poorly hidden magazines, and of course, their equally misinformed friends.  The few Jehovan schools that offer sexual education, present it too late, and go into almost no detail, particularly for the boys.  As a result, the boys of this world are woefully unequipped to serve as romantic partners.  As a Lilian Nun, one of your main objectives is to correct this problem, using your mind, and your body.  This training will enable you to bring the message of Our Goddess to boys who are too shy and timid to seek it out, themselves, or even accept it in the "normal" way.

notfeelingit - Take a good look at this picture.  All this training, all these procedures, are being done to avoid this particular occurrence.  Most of us are dominant.  We like to control our boys, and "take" them.  The thought of holding a virgin boy down, and having our way with him, excites us.  It makes us aroused, and much of our pornography is centered around this exact scenario.  It is extremely important to remember, though, that real life is not a porno.  An erection is not "his body being honest".  He will not "learn to love" rape, the more you rape him.  Rape cannot be "smoothed over" with an ice cream, or a candy bar.  These ideas may seem ridiculous, but they are pulled from real life examples.  The world has changed.  In the late 70's, when the nun program was in its infancy, these situations were easy to resolve.  We would send the nun away to Havana, where she would relax on the beach with one hand on a glass of rum, and the other down a rent boy's speedo.  We would pass the mother a bag of joints, and the police chief a box of porno mags.  After a few weeks, things would cool off, and we'd bring our nun back.  Today, the mothers are not interested in our joints.  The police are not interested in our magazines.  "Wanted by Capitalist Dogs" is no longer a valid reason for entering Cuba.  These days, everyone wants money, and while we will not allow you to be captured, we will also require you to start doing *real* jobs for us, to pay back the debt.  The easiest way to avoid this, of course, is to follow the procedure, and play nice with the boys.

bigmistake - Yes, it is *that big* of a problem.  Many of our sisters enjoy Japanese erotic comics and 'anime'.  For some, it is their preferred type of pornography.  But there is a danger in this 'anime'.  The more they watch it, the easier it gets to believe that 'anime' relationships are realistic.  They are not.  Almost all of the sisters that have been charged (in absentia) for indecent exposure, were fans of 'anime'.  When we were cleaning out their apartments, we would usually find hundreds of comics and videos, and often, the sexual story would start with a simple flashing, usually intentional, and often between strangers.  This is unrealistic.  Popping up out of nowhere and tearing off all your clothes will not arouse a boy, it will terrify him.  He will run away, and most likely, alert the authorities.  We have over 50 examples of this, which cross racial and socioeconomic lines.  It never works, and it's a terrible idea.  *DON'T DO IT!* 

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