Monday, November 17, 2014

Timid Boys Pamphlet Intro Retrospective

Ah, the beginning of the Timid Boys Pamphlet.  I'm actually halfway through the Timid Boys Pamphlet, but I haven't put the pictures to the text, yet, and by that I mean, picked out pictures.  That really is a huge part of making these.  Also, the Timid Boys pamphlet is quickly becoming my Magnum Opus, so I want to get decent retrospectives for as many of these as I can.  They really do help me to grow as a writer.  Anyway, that's enough feeble excuses on why I'm not releasing these all at once.  Onto the analysis!


The first little bit of the intro was actually inspired by the bit in the USAF basic training textbook where they teach you how to fight.  It was something like 'You've learned x,y, and z, and now, we will teach you to fight.'  I always liked the way that they did that.  After Jenni explains what the pamphlet is about, she goes on to explain why the nuns are doing what they do.  It presents the guide as being written specifically for nuns, which needs to be stated, and presents a real world issue, along with the Lilian method of solving it.  I like that I used breastfeeding as an example of sexual exchange.  There is a thought, and it isn't only espoused by fempeds, that breastfeeding is actually a type of sex.  "Nutritive Coitus", they call it.  An interesting idea, although I'm not sure how many mothers are lining up to call their feeding a sex act.  At any rate, the intro moves on to contrast the Lilian sex-ed method with the Jehovan sex-ed method, saying that those 'you will grow hair and smell like shit' videos just aren't enough.  It closes by reiterating the purpose of the pamphlet.  Overall, I like the way that I did this.  The intros aren't really that important, but they do serve a purpose, and they're a great place to throw in a lot of story.

The second page is mostly story.  It tells the reader how long the nun program has been around, it talks about some of the historical issues that the Daughters have had, and describes how they dealt with those issues.  You'll notice, in this pamphlet, that the writing is of a different tone.  This isn't a propaganda piece, and it's not written for children.  It's training for fempeds.  That gives me the opportunity to write much more 'harshly' than in a lot of the other pamphlets and magazine pieces.  Honestly, it's more fun to write that way, at least for me.  This picture also presents the nuns as being somewhat pervy, since 'don't rape little kids' is something that has to be actively stated.  It also shows that the Daughters do consider certain things to be taboo.  It's all considered rape legally, but that doesn't mean that they don't have their own organizational definitions of what is okay, and what isn't.  Of course, they also don't seem to have (historically) punished their nuns when they crossed that line.  They just sent them on vacation for a couple weeks.  It's an interesting bit of story.

The third page is, honestly, kind of a joke.  It's very short, and basically just serves to reinforce the idea that the women who sign up to be nuns are, often a little on the weird side.  It also gives me the opportunity to make an extremely obscure reference to the Elliot Rodger case.  Additionally, it was an opportunity to make a tiny little jab at the ridiculousness of a lot of /ss/ manga storylines.  Not much to say about this one, just me having fun writing.  As an aside, I actually used this picture in the Group Sex issue of the magazine, I didn't write for it, but it's in there, along with a picture where the boys don't run away and call the police, instead fingerfucking the woman, and having a good time.  I don't really like to reuse stuff, but it's a good pic, from a good artist, and half of captions really is having a good pic. 


So, that's pretty much the first bit of the Timid Boys Pamphlet.  The next few will probably be SFW pictures, although I'll try to limit those, and the text will actually go into what works, as opposed to what doesn't.  I think though, that next on the release queue is the Yuri Milf set, which will be released in 2 sets of 3.  I'll probably stagger these, and try to get back into a 'once per day' thing, where I release 3 pics a day, and a retrospective.  I'm in the home stretch for immigration at this point, so I won't have that excuse anymore.  We'll see how good I am at keeping a decent schedule. 

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