Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Joobachi Planning : Billings Lilian Trailer Park

This probably isn't the beginning and end of my planning for the BLTP, but I need to do is sometime, since maps are the first thing that I need to make for this.  Without maps, there's nothing to put anything else into.  Just words on a page.  Detailed, well thought out words on a page, but still just words.  So here, I'll be attempting to work out what I want the BLTP to look like. 

Let's note here that my acronyms are :
[BLTP - Billings Lilian Trailer Park]
[BLT - Billings Lilian Temple]

First things first, the BLTP is located northwest of Billings, near Pryor Creek and 3 Wolf Creek.  This is about 20 or 30 minutes away from Billings, if you're driving.  It's badlandsy, and somewhat mountainous.  This might change, but for now, that's what I'm going with.  If I change it, I'll probably make it a little bit further from Billings, but still within the overall metro area for Billings. 

So, mapswise, the first thing that I need to decide is whether or not I'm going to be using 1 map for the entire BLTP, or having one map for the BLTP, and another for the BLT.  I'm thinking that I'll do separate maps.  My original plan had the BLTP be totally trailers, with the Temple Complex arranged in a circle, with the doors being in the center.  Now, spritewise, that would require actual work on my part, to make the diagonal ones. 
In my original plans, though, there's only 4 buildings in the BLT.  There's an Admin Building, a Schoolhouse, a Chapel, and a Playhouse.  Of course, now that I think about it a bit more, the Chapel and Schoolhouse could probably be combined, if there were one big building.  Of course, that would make it more of a complex, and less of a trailer park.  Since I'm only dealing with 4 buildings, I think I'll just stick with a cross shape, and then have the housing trailers arranged around them, a bit like the I Ching symbol. Really, the I Ching symbol is probably what the overall map will end up looking like, overall. 

I'm planning for about 50 people in the BLTP.  That means 20-25 individual trailers.  Also, when I say trailers, I'm referring to mobile homes, not RV's or Travel Trailers.  So, long building, single door, multiple windows, flat roof, same size.  Generally, they'll have the same layout, although the furniture might vary.  I think they should be relatively well maintained, but I also think that certain trailers should probably be shittier than others.  I want all of them to be enterable, but that should probably depend on your personal relationship with the inhabitants.  Meaning, if your shotglass with them is 50 or below, nu intra. 
Most of the trailers should be single family, a mother and a child, or 2 children, or whatever.  I'm not sure whether I'll be giving the children too many variables, since they probably won't be voters.  Maybe just a 'do they like you' and a 'have you fucked yet'.  None of them will be virgins, so they won't be particularly useful for the demoness summoning stuff, unless I change the rules for certain demonesses, to allow for virgins to be used, or do something dumb, like saying that anal virginity works. 
Actually, I might do that.  Realistically, assraping a woman's son against her wishes will probably piss her off, so the player has to balance their desire to see whatever stat, with their need to not piss off certain members of the BLTP.  So, after you assfuck this boy, but before the demoness gets summoned, the game will do a modified roll for the boy telling on you.  If your 'does he like you' score is high enough, the chance for him to tell on you will be lower.  This is done by rolling, and then subtracting his 'likes you' score.  If the modified score is below a certain threshold, you get away with it. 

I want to avoid having men in the BLTP, but I want them to be around, somewhere.  Maybe there will be a male groundskeeper, and maybe you'll run across a male Trailer Park, separate, but equal, to the BLTP.  Not totally sure, and I'm not going to think about it now.
Many, probably most, of the trailers are 2 moms and a kid, maybe 2, maybe more.  Some of them, though, should be young women bunked up together, like roommates.  Overall, though, I want something like 30 trailers in the BLTP, including the BLT, although if that ends up running really poorly, I might cut it by half, and have 2 families in each trailer.  That would end up changing the nature of the BLTP in a big way, though, so I might not do that.

In the center of the BLT, I want to have a sort of 'Red Square', where the Lilians congregate, and work, chat, fuck, or do whatever else.  This would be where a fair bit of the player's interactions go on.  I'm thinking that maybe there could be something in the very center, a statue or something.  Maybe a statue of Lilith?  I'm not really sure.  I'll have to check my sprites.  Also, I need to figure out whether I'll be modifying old RPG2k3 sprites, or using RPGXP and RPGVX sprites, instead.  I guess I could try mixing and matching, but those were such different systems, the sprites are really different.  It's a big decision, because it greatly affects the look and feel of my game.  It's a decision that I need to make soon, too. 

Anyway, that's enough for one night.  I think I'll go make myself a BLT. 

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