Saturday, December 27, 2014

Storybooks : Thoughts and Ideas

I've thrown this idea around before, but I've never really expanded on it too much.  The fact of the matter is, I'm starting to run out of topics to write about.  Now, when you run out of things to say, it's best to stop talking, but I really do enjoy writing these, and if you're here, you probably enjoy reading them.  There is a certain realm that I haven't gone into with these.  Fictional stories, with a mildly Lilian focus.
Now obviously, all of this is fictional, but in universe, everything that I've written so far has been billed as real accounts of what real people have done.  The guides are meant to be realistic, and the narratives are supposed to be real stories.  These storybooks give me an opportunity to step outside the realms of realism, and just write something that is appealing to the audience.

This doesn't come without risk, though.  I've never done these, and in the past, my straight narratives have been quite weak.  I'll just say it.  I don't really know how to do a good, straightforward, narrative.  I use a lot of story devices to cover up this fact, but it's still very much an issue.  That said, you don't get better at things by not doing them, so the more narratives I do, the better I'll get.  There is still a little bit of time, though, where I'm making shitty ones.  It is what it is, I guess.  Gotta crawl before you can walk.

I'm thinking that a lot of these should be sort of like Lilian 'Revolutionary Operas', depicting idealized characters in an idealized environment, having idealized sex.  The propaganda element will be there, but it'll be more in the background, and the actions of the characters themselves will serve as the propaganda element, rather than having things explicitly stated.  The male characters would be cute, submissive, honest, basically perfect shotas.  The women would be dominant, loving, gentle, caring, and attractive, perfect milves or onees.  I might have a couple of stories where the boy is actually bad, and gets punished by the woman.  Overall, though, these will just be light hearted sex stories.
The big problem, here, is that this has been done before.  Most captions are like this, and most captions suck ass.  Rewrites and captions are universally despised in the hentai community, and while I think that mine are somewhat better than the average, I'm not arrogant.  I know that I can write total shit, and this concept is very, very, easy to fuck up.
A lot of the anxiety that I feel when thinking about making these comes from the fact that I've almost never seen it done right.  Of course, there are positive examples of this concept out there.  Many of the Dmitrys story captions have been extremely well received.  I think I'll go through a couple and try to work out what they do right.

So, after looking at a few, I think I can start my review/critique/learning.
First off, what really sets the Dmitrys stories apart is their characterization.  Dmitrys tends to use the same characters over and over again, which really isn't a bad thing.  You get used to the characters, and start to like them, over time.  Now, I can emulate this by using characters with a lot of material for them.  Not necessarily Link and Zelda specifically, but something along those lines, and preferably, not a pair that I've used before.
One of the differences between my work and the Dmitrys stuff is that the Dmitrys stuff, for the most part, is just a single picture, with a story that builds off of it.  The story is long, and the picture is just a jumping off point.  More setting and character than anything else.  For me, the pictures tell the story, and my job is to give the characters... character, and describe why they're fucking.  I can also talk about how they feel about the whole thing, and have dialogue, although I should keep in mind the fact that people rarely spout paragraphs of exposition while they're fucking.  I also need to make sure that if I do dialogue, it's tempered, and realistic.  Dialogue is where a lot of caption writers really fuck up, because they write things that seem hot to them, instead of writing things that people would actually say.  The dialogue is actually what I'm most worried about.  I've written dialogue before, my game's full of it, but that's a much different format, more akin to writing a play.  It's just different.  The problem is, without dialogue, you get no characterization, and the product ends up feeling really bland.  I fully expect my first attempt at this to be horrible, but who knows, I might end up surprising myself.  

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