Sunday, December 7, 2014

Taisen Release Timeline/Plan

Alright, so I was originally going to name this "Joobachi Ideas and Starting Points", but then I thought to myself, 'o self, you have not released LRLB Taisen yet!  How can you start on a new project before you've even finished the old one?'  My self had a point.  I need to put together a final release for LRLB Taisen, and I need to do it before I start thinking about Joobachi. 

The first thing that I need to do is download RPGmaker 2003.  Then, rmrecker, then rmtool, and then harmony.dll, and then the font fixer. 

I need to go through the game, take out all of the unfinished quests, or finish them.  There aren't many of those, but I still need to make sure they're resolved.  That means cleaning up the Family Dorms, and the CPS building.  Since I can't actually put these in the game, I'll have to decide if I'm going to put any porn in at all.  I think what I might do is experiment with just tossing straight up pics in, formatted, of course, but without any real text.  Theoretically, I could put the text in as text, and just have it as a text box, and I might do that, but it's nowhere near the same, and it's much more difficult from a technical standpoint. 

What I might do, is take a couple of choice materials, and use them in Taisen.  I'll have to use the ones that aren't particularly dependent on the picture.  For example, the Chapter 17 pamphlet fleshes out the Lilian faith a lot, and isn't doesn't really require the pictures.  The Medea Circe interview is an obvious shoo-in, since it's so related to the plot.  The position pamphlet is almost completely dependant on the pictures for the text to be relevant, so it's out.  The issues, outside of the "Circe Special" issue would also make little sense, although I think that the Recruitment bit of the Sisters Special Young would be useful as something for the player. 

I need to put something for the player to enjoy in the Medea Circe Laboratory scene, some porn, or story, or something.  Foreshadowing if possible.  I at least want to have a little bit about how Circe cooked up a drug that sends boys (and men) to Lilith's domain, and ships it out to the wider Lilian community for testing.  The Lilians find the behavior of their men to be strange and disturbing, basically, they become survivalists, buying the shit that the Temple would need for the coming apocalypse, and basically giving up on life.  The boys just get super Lilian, since they've literally seen Lilith.  I think I worked that out earlier.  I'll also need to write up some of those 'Lab Reports' that I discussed earlier in the blog. 

I need to put some audio porn in the College Library secret room, and change its category to "Real Fap Shit", to match the "Real Crap Shit/Real Trap Shit" rhyme scheme.  I'm thinking 'cummingbritish.m4a', 'breastfeed.m4a', and 'drider.m4a'.  I guess I could always go crazy, though, and do 'drider.m4a', 'naga.m4a', and 'scylla.m4a'.  I'll have to see.  The biggest issue is that many of these are far too quiet to just throw in, so I'll have to increase the volume in Audacity.  Luckily for me, RPGmaker 2003 lets you use mp3's.  Actually, this will probably be the easiest part. 

What else?  Almost everything is bug-tested already, and I'm not adding any new missions, so it should be pretty straightforward.  Once everything in-game is ready, I'll have to use rmtool to kill all the excess resources, then use rmrecker to change the icon and glyphs.  I'll need to include the harmony.dll and the fontfix.  At the end, I'll need to write up a new Readme, and rar this thing up.  Then I can test it out on a virgin computer, upload, and release. 

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