Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Timid Boys Dating Retrospective

Well, I'm mostly over my bronchitis, so I'm back to writing and releasing content.  These were written quite straightforwardly, basically in order, and following the overall plan laid out in the prewriting. 


The first page is a bit funny, actually, they say that dating boys is great, because there's no sexual tension, and no expectations.  Now obviously, this is because the boys aren't exposed to sex, yet.  Once they are 'taken', this benefit goes away completely.  Just another little toss-in about the fleeting nature of all this, and the 'use-up-and-move-on' mentality that the Temple has.  There's only one first time, and innocence is something that doesn't come back.
You can't build a long-term relationship on a virginity fetish, which is why 'virgin killers' end up getting a bad reputation, quite quickly.  I remember reading one prominent virgin killer's blog, where she lamented on how the female black community had essentially banded together to deny her access to their young men.  She was, and is, a hardcore matriarchy supporter, and it was nothing short of hilarious watching her lambast the very system that she had spent decades supporting, when it actually did its job, and protected its young men from certain heartbreak, and likely disease.  There is a lot to criticize in the 'ghetto matriarchy' of the black community, but at the very least, they do tend to circle the wagons when some freaky white lady comes along and decides to steal away all of the young men.  She now goes after the (white) college freshmen living on campus, and imports her 'dark meat' from out of state.
But back to the page.  I decided to give the dating bit 3 goals, establishing the relationship, learning about the boy, and getting physically close.  I soon realized, though, that 'establishing the relationship' was basically what the entire first half of the pamphlet was about, so I skipped that.  I could have taken it out, but it is a goal, and 3 goals just flows better than 2 goals, I think.  The rest of the page focuses on on learning about the boys.
The questions suggested are supposed to indicate the type of boy who is generally targeted by fempeds, and here, I'm talking about predators, real ones.  Generally, real fempeds seem to go after the boys who have absent parents.  Sometimes the dad is in prison, and the mom parties all the time.  Sometimes mom is on the street, and dad is at work.  Sometimes both parents are at normal jobs, pulling multiple shifts to make ends meet, and crashing immediately upon returning home.  Neglect is a huge theme in my game, and so, it's a huge theme here.
A lot of people ask, 'where were these women when I was a kid', and the truly crushing answer, is, most of the time, they were smoking pot, or shooting up, with with the mothers of their chosen boys.  They were in the barrios, the trailer parks, the communes, and the housing projects.  They presented themselves as an opportunity to the mother to ignore her duties for a little while, forget about the kids, go out and party, get high, and fuck.  Maybe the mother ignored the signs, maybe she just didn't care.  In the end, the mother got what she wanted, and the femped got what she wanted.  Sometimes, the child got what he needed, a loving and caring adult, who listened to him, and treated him with respect.  Too often though, he was simply toyed with, and disposed of upon the first signs of puberty, replaced with a newer model.  Obviously, those aren't things that I can really write into these overtly, but they can be subtly hinted at.
On an unrelated note, this picture was actually the one that I was thinking about using for the 'what to wear' page, because her outfit here is basically what I was describing.  I probably could have switched those two pics out, and maybe it would have been better, but whatever.  Hindsight is 20/20, and I'm not changing it now. 

The next page is about physical intimacy.  It was a bit difficult to pick a picture here, I have so many, there's lots of 'boob on head' pictures that would work, and a decent amount of 'boobs in face' pictures, as well.  I even had a 'hand holding' picture, but neither the boy or woman in that picture looked particularly into it.  I decided on this picture because the boy looks relatively happy, which is quite rare, for some reason, and the woman is very affectionate.  The little heart helps, too.  The picture is quite cute, and the boy looks nerdy enough to fit the theme.
The text here is pretty straightforward, and there's not much to say about it.  It's basic grooming.  It says to move from hand holding, to hugs, to little kisses and caresses.  The sexual stuff hasn't really started yet, and the understanding is that all of this is happening outside, so there isn't really a place for lewd touching, or heavy petting.  Even kissing could be a little much.  If you saw a 10 year old and a 24 year old making out in the botanical garden, well, you probably wouldn't care, but a lot of people would lose their shit.  If those two were simply snuggling, though, it would probably be totally accepted.  If they were holding hands, well, that's just cute.  Now that I think about it in the 'outdoor/public' context, the whole 'dry humping' thing is a little off, since that most certainly would be looked at as being unacceptable, but in the end, the page does need some sex, so there it is. 
Of course, people might just think they're playing 'horsie', who knows?

The third page, in retrospect, doesn't actually have any real sexual content.  It's just saying to get the boy alone.  Now, realistically, with a 1000 character limit, it would be somewhat difficult to say what needs to be said, and then inject sex into it.  Yes, I could say something like, 'you can give handjobs here, and blowjobs there' but that's restating, and it takes away from the story building.
This page really characterizes the nuns, a bit, along with giving some additional information about the Daughters as a group, and what they value.  It reminds the reader that they are an environmentalist group, and also tells the reader that the nuns are probably a little out there.  The whole 'you're not a crazy borderliner, you're a revolutionary' bit was basically just a cheap shot on my part, a dig at the fempeds.  Many of them are borderliners, who go after young boys because they're easy, and go after virgins because it makes them feel powerful.  They want someone who can't easily find another woman, and who will keep coming back, someone that they can control.  I'm sure it's obvious by now that I'm not a huge fan of fempeds.  The fantasy is quite nice, but the reality just doesn't live up to the hype.
The final sentences are supposed to bother people a bit, because they really get right to the core of what the Lilians are trying to do.  They want to take boys, and brainwash them into hating everyone outside the cult.  In fact, this is largely the only way that they can survive, as an organization.  There's simply too many opportunities for leaks, otherwise.  To bring it back to reality for a second, fempeds sometimes do these sorts of things, but usually, they just look for boys who already hate their parents, because their parents are objectively horrible, and already don't have many friends, for whatever reason, and make them dependent on the femped, to sate their emotional needs.  That's the successful ones, at least.  The stupid ones go for the popular boy, and then get caught a week in, because he bragged to all of his buddies.


Well, hopefully I haven't turned you all off of /ss/ forever, and hopefully I haven't alienated my audience with the horribleness of the Lilians.  The next block in this set is the "Initial Hangout" block, which has more sexual content, and actual nudity in the pictures.  I know these were a little dull.  The text is also a bit less heavy handed in the femped bashing, although I don't think these were too bad with it.  The next set that I'll be releasing will be the first of the 'Hooker Birthday/Nun Lifestyle' sets, which will be 4 pictures per release, with 2 stories for each release.  One will be Hooker Birthday, and one will be Nun Lifestyle.  First up will be the rewritten bad boy set, and a femdom training set.  After that comes the initial hangout block, and then, the good boy and outdoor sets. 
Now that I'm somewhat well, I'll be attempting to get back to a normal schedule, but we'll see.  On a somewhat unrelated note, I found a book that might interest you guys.  It's basically about prostate play, for yourself, and with a partner.  It's like 300 pages of the shit.  I posted it to a chan, so I figure I should post it here, too.

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure : Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners

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