Monday, December 1, 2014

Timid Boys Dating

This is the dating block of the Timid Boys pamphlet.  It goes into the different goals of dating, and offers suggestions on where to take a boy for dates.




meetonstreet - Dating young boys is great.  There's no sexual tension, and no expectations.  They're just happy to be with you, doing something fun!  You have to pay for everything, of course, but that can be subsidized by the Temple, as long as you keep your receipts.  When dating, the overall goal is to establish a relationship, learn more about the boy, and of course, get closer, physically.  Establishing a relationship comes naturally, so we'll focus on the other goals.  Learning more about a boy has 2 main areas.  His home life, and his love life.  Does he have both parents?  Any brothers or sisters?  Single parent households are what you're hoping for, with a parent who works often, and preferably, brothers and sisters, so that your boy 'gets lost' in the crowd, a bit.  Don't start thinking about converting the mother at this juncture, that can come later.  His love life is of equal importance.  Does he have a girlfriend?  Has he kissed her?  Does he know anything about sex, yet?  Normally with these boys, there is no sexual experience, but you should ask, just to be sure. 

2comfy4u - Our third goal when dating is to get closer, physically.  At this point, we don't want to get sexual yet, but we still want to get close.  Hand holding is clearly the first step.  It shouldn't be confined to just walks, either!  Hold his hand while watching a movie, sitting on a bench, or riding the bus.  It really does help.  Hugs are another good method, long hugs, warm and soft, with his head in your bosom, and his arms around your waist.  Stroke his hair and back, and kiss the top of his head.  If he gets hard, and he might, don't say anything, let him adjust if he wants to, but make sure his arms get back around you when he's done.  If it happens often, at some point, you may want to take his hands in yours, and keep them around you, while pulling him closer in.  If he protests, let out a maternal 'shhh', and kiss the top of his head.  If his cock twitches against you, give him a loving 'mmmm' and rub his back, to keep him from squirming away.  He probably won't start dry humping you, but if he does, be receptive, and pull him as close to you as possible.  You may want to place your hands near his bottom, to 'correct' his rhythm.  Squeeze him tight as he orgasms, and be ready to explain these new feelings to him.

autumnal - Now that we've discussed what to do on our dates, we should decide where to go.  Obviously, his interests will play into this as well, but the priority should be on getting him alone, in a place that is relatively secluded.  For this reason, nature is the best place.  Forests, streams, and the like.  Keep in mind that a patch of trees between 2 neighborhoods is *not* a forest, and a municipal drainage ditch is *not* a stream.  You *can* get him out of the inner city, so do it.  Again, we reimburse you for these expenses, and we have plenty of resources that you can borrow.  A dayhike with your chosen boy is a great way to get him alone, and build your relationship.  It will also start to instill in him a love of nature.  This is very important, as Our Goddess places a great deal of emphasis on the protection of nature.  Remember, you are not some borderliner slut with a sick desire for lovers who "can't leave me, everyone always *leaves me!*", *you are a revolutionary*!  And don't forget it!  You shouldn't be afraid to educate your boy on political realities.  Ideally, he should despise his entire family, most men, society in general, and especially the police, by your 3rd or 4th date.

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