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Timid Boys Home Visit 1 Retrospective

This is the 'Home Visit' block, where the real sexualization of the relationship starts.  Well, I say that this is where the sexualization starts, it isn't really.  The sexualization is a gradual thing, that's going on all the time, and if you consider the sexualization as starting when the boy sees the Nun naked, than it doesn't start until next block.  I actually thought, by the way, that there would end up being more NSFW pics in this block.  There will definitely be more NSFW in the next block, at least 2 pics, I promise, and I've already figured out which pics I'm going to use.  There will be porn.  Really.


The playdate picture is actually one that I thought would be NSFW.  The reason I used the video game picture is twofold.  First, it's a good picture, and I didn't think I'd have another chance to use it.  Second, the nudity hasn't started, yet.  Realistically, these two have been on a couple of dates, maybe she's kissed him, maybe he's felt her up a little, but they're nowhere near 'naked in bed' yet, which is the picture I was going to use.  I suppose I could have used a different cuddling pic, one where the boy is feeling up the girl, but I really felt like there wasn't going to be anywhere to put this gaming pic, and it really is a good one.
Part of the goal of this page is to set up the next few, and explain what the 'goals' of the Home Visit block are.  The other goal is to discuss the 'intimacy' goal.  In retrospect, I probably could have written a hell of a lot more about intimacy, and in fact, I might end up doing just that, before we get to the art film.  Maybe.  I've said so much about snuggling already, it might feel like I'm restating.  I think I'll wait until after the art film, and make it a 'nude/sexualized cuddling' page.
Now that I think about it, what I might do, is actually rewrite this page, as a much larger introduction, that goes into different things to do at the house, and discusses the reasons why you need to get the boy into your house, and how to get him into your house, and then have another page that is devoted to intimacy on its own.  The intimacy page will discuss different types of intimate touch, going all the way up to the art film.  So, it'll talk about moving from shoulder rubs and hugs, to back rubs, to ass squeezes, etc.  I might also do a sort of 'sexualized play' page, right before the art film.   We'll see. 

The cleanliness page is a bit of an oddity.  I might change where it goes, exactly,  in the pamphlet, if I write a larger introduction.  I'd put it after that larger (dedicated) Home Visit intro.  The picture for this one is actually pretty complementary to the text, which is a little rare for these, actually.  Most (almost all) of these were written without an actual picture to go off of, because most of these were written before I had private internet.  This one, though, was written for the pic.  Anyway, this one is a bit of an oddity, because it doesn't really go in the linear order that the others follow.  This is something that the Nun would have to do far in advance.  More of a 'keep this in mind' sort of thing.
A lot of this page, by the way, was 'inspired' by a friend's apartment.  She was a femped, and her apartment was a total wreck.  It smelled like spliff, catbox, and pussy, all covered up with cheap incense.  She was an alcoholic, too, and she had a pile of wine bottles in one corner.  Her sink was full of dishes, and half of her lightbulbs were blown out.  Her bathtub drain was clogged with hair, which she apparently didn't know how to remove.  She had posters of (nude) Bjork and that kid from Terminator 2 on her wall, and little cutouts (from what catalogue?!) of pubescent underwear models.  She had a dick-shaped bong, displayed proudly on her dresser.  When I'd come over, we'd basically just smoke a bunch of weed, and then she'd scroll on Tumblr for hours, looking at black and white pictures of kids, along with the standard hipster pics.  We'd chat, of course, in between her scrolling.  Sometimes we'd go and stalk her english professor, because she was obsessed with him, for some reason.  Eventually, one of her 8-12 year old boyfriends would come over, and she'd kick me out.  She said that they weren't fucking, and I wanted to believe her, so I did. 
It may have been a phase, though, she didn't start out like that, and I don't think she's like that now (that she's living with her parents and blogging about the evil patriarchy).  Definitely weird, though.  It stopped because the local gangs (she lived in the ghetto next to her University) started taking potshots at her whenever she went out after dark.  Ghetto Matriarchy at its finest.
It's not just fempeds whose houses smell that way, though, it's more of a 'lonely woman' smell, than anything else.  Anyway, the main goal of this page is just to suggest to the reader that the Nuns, again, are a little out there.

The next page is much less interesting, to be honest.  It sort of had to be in there, because it's part of the process, but it's not particularly sexy.  It's storyline, mostly, about how the Lilians convince boys, on a cognitive level, to follow them.  The sex creates a type of loyalty, of course, but true loyalty, loyalty that extends into adulthood, and more importantly, loyalty to the overall organization, would require the boy to believe in the Lilian viewpoint.  That's what this page is about, telling the reader that the Lilians make an attempt to get these boys on board for political reasons, as well as personal reasons.  
The picture is worth discussing.  You wouldn't believe how difficult it actually is to find a picture of a woman and a boy sitting on a couch watching TV and snuggling.  This is going to become a much bigger issue later, when I'm making the Art Film pics, but it was also an issue here.  I've found pics of women and boys playing DS, WiiU, and playstation, and I've found a picture of a boy and his mother seeing an /ss/ version of 'Wild On' (remember Wild On?) where the mother is looking pretty unimpressed, but I haven't actually found a pic where the two are explicitly watching TV and snuggling.  It's a bit odd, actually.  Hell, I even found a picture where a boy and woman are sitting on a couch, naked, eating McDonalds.  But not watching TV. 

The last page was another difficult one, picture-wise.  I originally used a picture of a woman holding a boy up by his crotch, while both of them laugh, which is a lot better seeing than describing, but it didn't really mesh with the text, at all.  It's a good picture though, and I might end up writing a page just for it.  Anyway, this picture was originally going to be used for the last page, but I rolled it onto this page, instead.  I feel like it works, somewhat.  The two of them are hanging out, with the girl listening to music, and the boy reading comics.  Are they erotic comics?  Copies of BoL?  Who can say?  The two are clothed, but only barely, so it works with this 'stage' of the relationship.  The picture actually had a used condom on the floor, originally, which I had to crop out.  The tissues don't do me any favors, but the condom would have made this too explicitly sexual. 
The text is essentially about two things.  First, it tells the Nun to allow the boy to break certain rules when he's with her, in order to make her seem 'cooler', and to keep him coming back.  Of course, they focus on sexual content, since they're sex freaks.  The page also tells nuns to take note of how the boy responds to the sexual content, and that knowledge actually plays into the next block, where the Nun is supposed to be showing more skin, and taking baths and showers with the boy.


The next block will have more porn, and it'll be called Home Visit 2.  It'll take us all the way up to the Art Film.  If I rewrite, and restructure, and write new pages, which I probably will, I'll queue them up as the next block after Home Visit 2.  That'll give me more time to find pics for the Art Film block.  Next up is more Video Ads, and then the Hooker Birthday/Nun Lifestyle Good Boy/Outdoor Sex pages.  Then Home Visit 2, and on and on.
I've been working on Taisen, by the way, finishing up a few things.  I wrote a bunch of material for Circe's Lab.  If you don't mind spoilers, you can find it here  They're formatted for the game, by the way, 50 characters per line.  Again, spoilers.  I also took out a few broken missions, and finished up a few others.  I put in the Circe interview text and pics, and gave her a little propaganda pamphlet.  It wasn't difficult, but it doesn't show up in the game the way that I really want it to.  Plus, I can't use more than 20 images, because of a stupid little bug in the RPG Maker 2k3 program itself.  Sucks, but that's why I'm moving to RPG Maker VX Ace.  Probably.  I might use a better engine, altogether.  We'll have to see. 

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