Monday, December 8, 2014

Timid Boys Home Visit 1

These are the first block of the 'Home Visit' pages for the Timid Boys pamphlet.  They discuss the basics of bringing a boy into your home, to continue his grooming, in a private environment.




vidya - As soon as you can, you should get this boy into your house.  This is where the bulk of his education and liberation will be achieved.  When he's alone with you, the focus should be on intimacy, education, and sexualizing the relationship.  It's important not to go to fast here.  Just because he's in your home, doesn't mean he's a 'captive' participant. We will start with intimacy.  The snuggling and cuddling should continue, and you should get him used to snuggling with you while watching TV or a movie.  Both 'spoon' and 'missionary' snuggling positions should be used.  You can go face to face with him, or bury his face in your breasts.  You may want to start kissing him, as well, but don't be too forceful, and move from forehead and cheek kisses, to gentle pecks, to necking and tongue kissing.  You should also gently encourage him to play with your breasts, by placing his hands on them, and, with his hands in yours, showing him how to massage them, and squeeze them. 

cleanliness - Let's talk about your home, specifically, its cleanliness, and decor.  It is very, very, important that your home not look like the one pictured.  There is a bit of a joke among many of our 'outcall' acolytes.  They say that there is a very specific 'outcaller' scent, which consists of unemptied catbox, cigarette/marijuana smoke, and vaginal odor, all covered up with a cheap perfume.  They also speak of an 'outcaller' taste, which is a combination of red wine, and fruit flavored gum.  Now, this is acceptable for a paying client, but it is not acceptable for a Lilian Revolutionary.  Your home should be relatively clean, well lit, and devoid of any overtly sexual materials.  No porn magazines or comics scattered around, no 'decorative' dildos, and no sexual artwork, or posters of child stars or pop artists.  Even a Bouguereau painting is probably too much.  You don't want to scare this boy off the minute he walks through the door, and those things, honestly, make you look like a fucking psycho.  A tasteful nude, of a woman, is fine.  Monet style nature paintings are great.  Even a propaganda poster would be okay, as long as it isn't overtly sexual.  The idea is to present an inviting space, that makes him feel comfortable.  Don't make a 'child's paradise', with model trains, and toys everywhere, either.  Again, fucking psycho.  It's fine to have a 'hip' apartment, just make sure that it's somewhat child friendly, as well. 

chillinclothed - The second focus, when you've got your boy in your home, is his revolutionary education.  This is a very important part of his liberation.  One of the best ways to educate your boy is simply to watch the nightly news, and provide your own commentary.  If they show a story about a war, make sure to point out that women and children are often made victims by these wars, and that the wars are most often ordered by men, who very rarely do the fighting themselves, instead, sending other (less wealthy) men to fight in their place.  Point out that these wars are often between different 'flavors' of Jehovans, and that Jehovah himself, never seems to bother popping in to stop these wars between his creations.  If there is a story about a man committing a crime, point out his masculinity.  If there is a story about the destruction of nature, point out the fact that this destruction was ordered, and carried out, by men.  The goal isn't to make him hate himself, it is to make him hate the society that forces men to behave in these ways.  Chapter 22 of _The Gospel of Lilith_ focuses on the difference between manhood and masculinity, so you may want to quote a few choice passages from it, just to drive your points home.  Of course, he should be at least interested in the word of Our Goddess, before you start quoting her.

music - The third focus is on sexualizing the relationship, and it is by far, the most complex and difficult part of the enlightenment process.  As all boys are different, there is no one 'solution' to the problem of sexualization.  We can, however, give a bit of insight.  The first step to sexualization is (temporarily) breaking your boy from his mother.  All mothers have rules, on what a boy is allowed to watch, listen to, and play.  You should allow your boy to break a few of these rules, when he's with you.  Focus on sexual content, here.  Listen to sexually charged music in your car, or while laying in bed, stoned, with your boy.  Watch a movie with a sex scene.  Don't watch porn with him yet, but watch a movie with a sex scene, and take note of his reaction.  Does he cover his eyes, or turn away, or does he sit and watch, with eyes as big as quarters?  How does he react to sexually charged music videos?  It isn't too important, right now, for this entertainment to be 'Lilian', and it probably won't be.  You should do your best to point out that the actions of the 'stars' of the show are not Lilian, but don't be too overbearing, you want to keep it fun.  The material that you show him should get more explicit over time, but never cross the boundary into pornography.  Full frontal nudity should be avoided, if possible.  There's plenty of time for that later.  If he gets hard, ignore it, and if he draws attention to it, just smile, and stroke his back a bit.  Again, there will be plenty of time for that later. 

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