Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Timid Boys Home Visit 2

These are the second set of the Home Visit block.  They feature much more sexual content than the first, and continue the guide, bringing it almost all the way up to the Art Film.


Casual Nudity
First Kiss


wakeup - At some point, before the relationship gets openly sexual, you should schedule a 'sleepover' with your boy.  This sleepover should, of course, be scheduled through his parent(s), and the best way to do this, is by suggesting a "night out" for them, and a very (but not suspiciously) cheap rate for babysitting.  If there's a competing babysitter, like an aunt, or grandparent, consider having the boy 'act out' while they're watching him, to make yourself look like the better option.  During you sleepover(s), you should ramp up the rulebreaking, and the sexual content.  Again, don't watch porn with him, but make sure whatever movie you're watching has a sex scene, with mild nudity if possible.  Take note of his reactions during these scenes, they'll be very informative when deciding what to do when bathtime comes around.  Cook dinner with him, and make something that he'll like.  A dessert is preferred, even if it's just ice cream, and sweet, sugary, kisses should follow, as a sort of 'second dessert'.  Of course, the two of you should sleep in the same bed, and if possible, he should fall asleep in your arms.  A sleepover is also the best time for a screening of the 'Art Film', which will be discussed later. 

bathtime - Did he keep his eyes open during the nude scenes?  Did you see a little bulge in his trousers during the sex scenes, or feel it pressing into your belly, during one of the cuddling sessions?  If so, he's probably ready (and willing) to finally see you naked.  The best way to do this is by getting him into the bath with you.  He shouldn't protest, but if he does, use the 'saving water' excuse.  If he still protests, just drop it, it isn't worth scaring him off at this point.  Some our sisters have had luck with a different tactic, when their boys don't want to bathe or shower with them.  If the problem is with him seeing you naked, try blindfolding him!  You wouldn't think it would work, but it sometimes does, and it's a lot of fun to lead a blindfolded boy into the bath, and gently stroke him up and down, as he wonders what part you'll touch next.  If he's totally fine with seeing you nude, just hop into the bath, and start getting yourselves nice and squeaky clean.  Now is the time for gentleness, and temperance.  You should certainly *try* to wash his nether regions, and have him wash yours, but if he doesn't want to, don't push it.  He'll probably get hard in there with you.  Fight the urge to stroke him off, and fight the urge to masturbate.  Dry him off as gently as possible, and let him dry you, as well.  If the two of you can stay nude for the rest of the night, do it, but again, don't push anything.  Just getting him into the bath is a victory, there's no reason to turn it into a defeat. 

nudehangout - Once you've gotten him into the bath with you, or even just after he's seen a few nude scenes, it's time to stop wearing clothes around him.  Yes, that was an exaggeration, but not a huge one.  When the two of you are alone, in your home, there's no real reason why you should have to be wrapped up like a (Jehovan) nun.  This is another place where patience and temperance are paramount, though.  You should make sure that he's okay with seeing some skin, and you shouldn't jump straight to full nudity immediately after he's seen a pair of breasts on a screen.  You should start with skimpier clothing, first.  Athletic shorts, and slightly translucent t-shirts, that are loose enough for him to get a good look at your tits and pussy when you bend over, or lift your legs in a certain way.  Obviously, bras and panties are totally unnecessary.  The idea is to get him looking of his own volition, and to give him a nice view when he's with you, that lets him control exactly how much he sees.  When it's very clear that he *wants* to see more of you, you can start getting naked with him outside the tub, but you might want to wait until after he's seen the 'Art Film' to go all the way. 

kissforced - We haven't focused much on kissing yet, but that's only because we wanted to have a whole page on it, and before we got to the 'Art Film'.  Really, in the grand scheme of things, the details surrounding his first kiss are nowhere near as important as we make them out to be.  He will remember it, of course, and it probably shouldn't be "out behind the coffee shop", but it also doesn't need to be in some candlelit room, with Smooth R&B in the background.  Ideally, a convert's (he did convert, *right*?) first kiss should be in nature.  In a park, a botanical garden, or in a forest, it doesn't really matter, as long as there's plants around.  If you're starved for private places, your apartment will work just fine, but our traditions do place a special emphasis on a boy's first kiss, as it *is* a sacrifice to Our Goddess.  Try to do it around some plants, even if it's just the potted cactus on your windowsill.  Additionally, by first kiss, we're talking about a deep, tongue kiss.  Little pecks, even on the lips, should have been done long before you even started considering these 'grown up' kisses. 

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