Friday, December 26, 2014

Timid Boys Redux Pages Retrospective and Joobachi : Porn Implementation

So I'm finally less sick, and I'm ready to start writing and releasing again.  This set isn't really the most interesting, I'm just fixing little issues with the Home Visits block, refining and streamlining a couple of things, expanding a couple more things, and generally making it more of a 'block' in the pamphlet.
Also, I'm now 16 pages ahead in the Timid Boys Pamphlet.  I'm starting to come up on the end of it.  I really like what I'm doing with the After Art Film blocks.  A lot of it is ffm stuff, which I haven't done anywhere near enough of.  I'm also using a ponfaz set, which is awesome.  I've been trying to use his art for a while, I just never found a good place for it.  Unfortunately, I still haven't found the perfect pictures to use for the art film pages, but I have found a few that I think will work. 


The first page is largely the same for the first half, and it uses a picture that has been discussed previously.  The new content mostly just focuses on the idea that the Nun's home is a safe place for her to groom the kid, away from prying eyes, and angry parents.  The final line is one that I really liked.  I feel like the Nun would be a type of surrogate big sister for the boy, but with a sexual component to the relationship.

The second page gives a bit of a changed intro, but nothing too different.  It goes through some stuff that was previously stated, and then moves onto the topic of where to snuggle.  I feel like the 'where to snuggle' bits help the reader to build a picture in his mind.  I really like the 'envelop him in warmth and love' line.  I feel like all of those words invoke positive feelings, and happy memories for the reader.  I think it's important to keep these positive.
I've seen, in critiques, that sometimes my stuff can be a little bit negative, and as I've said before, nobody wants dystopian porn.  Balancing the 'Lilians are bad' message with the 'You should fap to this' message is difficult, but I feel like it'll be a lot less heavy handed when it's contextualized in the game, and given a slower burn.
The picture  came from an 8chan thread in /ara/, I think.  I wish she were wearing something a little bit softer looking, but it's probably fine.  The picture is quite literally inviting, and the woman looks like a Lilian would.  Also, she looks soft, and everyone knows, soft is better when snuggling.

The third page is totally new content, and was written specifically for the picture.  I really liked that picture, and was going to use it in the '15wildon/sexualizing the relationship' page.  I decided against using it there, but I really loved the pic, so I wrote a page for it.  I feel like it came out pretty well.
The text essentially serves 2 purposes.  First, it reminds the reader that we're talking about children here, totally inexperienced in romantic relationships.  Second, it gives the reader a couple of different nonsexual or leadup/moodsetting ideas for the personal love story fantasy that they're building in their head.  I realized that I hadn't talked much about the nonsexual and nonlilian aspects of the Home Visits.  It's unrealistic for the relationship to be just sexual, and so, this page rounds it out a bit.  It's not really necessary, but I feel like it adds something.
Also, it gives me an excuse to use the picture. 


I need to work out exactly how I'm going to implement these in game.  I'll probably have a bookcase sprite in the MC's trailer, done up as an event.  When the player clicks on it, it'll bring up a little menu going through all of the categories of pics, like 'pamphlet' and 'magazine', and when you click a category, it will list all of the ones that are in the game.  It'll run a check when you click on one, and if you've found it in game, it will display it.  If you haven't found it, it'll bash you out to the MC trailer map, or possibly the category menu.
This of course, is not without issues.  It could be quite easy for a player to forget what they've collected, and end up getting bashed over and over.  There are multiple solutions to this, codewise.  The first solution is to code every single combination of possibilities into the code.  That's not going to happen, because fuck that, there's too many combos.
The second solution is to have the bookcase be its own map, and have the books be events.  When you find each book, it flips that book's switch.  The bookcase map could be either a parallax picture of an empty bookcase, with the books as specially made character sprites, or it could be an abstracted 'wonderland library' type of map, where there's different table rows for each category, and there are little spots for each book.  For example, the magazines would have a table with 12 (or whatever I ultimately decide on) spots, with a little marker above each spot that says 'JAN' or 'FEB'.  For the pamphlets, I'll use something like 'PP' or 'POS' for the position pamphlet, and 'AP' or 'ACO' for the acolyte pamphlet, and so on.  I'll probably have the empty spaces be clickable, just to tell the player what the slot is for.  The abstracted library is probably the better choice, since it is much easier to implement and change than the bookcase.  

As far as the exact method of displaying the pictures, that's easy.  Each magazine/pamphlet/whatever gets its own map.  In that map, there are a number of events, which correspond to the pages of the book, arranged in a horizontal line.  The player moves along that line to switch between pictures.  Most likely, there will be a line above and below, as well.  The line above takes the player to page 1, and the line below takes the player back to the library/bookshelf.  If there's a gap between the lines, and there probably will be, that gap is full of elements that erase the picture, because otherwise, there would be bugs.  I might just not put a gap there at all, to improve performance.  We'll see.


So, I actually managed to keep it short this time.   Relatively short, it's still 2 full pages, but that's okay.  The Joobachi planning takes a lot of space.  I originally had planned to do the Billings Trailer Park map planning today, and just briefly mention the picture implementation, but planning gets out of hand quickly.
Next up is Video Ads 4, which is mostly original stories, and then it's another Hooker Birthday/Nun Lifestyle page.  Then, we finally get to the Timid Boy Art Film pages.  Hopefully I'll have good pics to use by then. 

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