Friday, December 26, 2014

Timid Boys Redux Pages

These are one redone page, and 2 new pages, in the Timid Boys pamphlet.  The redone page has a more introductory focus, the first new page discusses snuggling, and the second new page discusses sexual play.


Home Visits Intro
Snuggling at Home
Sexual Play


vidya - As soon as you can, you should get this boy into your house.  This is where the bulk of his education and liberation will be achieved.  When he's alone with you, the focus should be on intimacy, education, and sexualizing the relationship.  It's important not to go to fast here.  Just because he's in your home, doesn't mean he's a 'captive' participant.  Gradually develop the relationship, building on the base that you've established through your dates.  The point of getting him into your home, however, is to advance the relationship in a controlled environment, and do things that would otherwise be impossible.  You can't get naked in public, and you certainly can't get naked with a young boy, in public.  In your home, however, you can.  You can't sit a boy on your lap and flip through a porn magazine with him in public, but you can at home.  You can't watch TV or a movie in public, really, at least not as comfortably as you can in your home.  Your home should be a sort of haven for the boy, a safe place, that he can go to feel loved, and desired, and a place where he can go to have fun.

wannasnuggle - We will start with intimacy.  The snuggling and cuddling should continue, and you should get him used to snuggling with you while watching TV or a movie.  Both 'spoon' and 'missionary' snuggling positions should be used.  You can go face to face with him, or bury his face in your breasts.  You may want to start kissing him, as well, but don't be too forceful, and move from forehead and cheek kisses, to gentle pecks, to necking and tongue kissing.  You should also gently encourage him to play with your breasts, by placing his hands on them, and, with his hands in yours, showing him how to massage them, and squeeze them.  Obviously, the couch is a great place for snuggling initially, but at a certain point, you should have dedicated sessions, in your bed.  Wrapped in a soft blanket, you should envelop him in warmth and love.  Clothing is optional here, but it's best to snuggle clothed at first, and really, soft sweaters can actually be more comforting to him than your bare flesh.  Soft pillow talk, of course, is greatly encouraged.

liftandsqueeze - Once he's seen you naked, watched a couple of mild sex scenes, and is kissing you on a regular basis, it's time to bring the sex off the screen.  Up till now, there hasn't been any real sexual contact between the two of you.  Yes, he's seen you naked, yes, the two of you have snuggled, perhaps even snuggled naked, and you've kissed him.  *But*, he hasn't actually had an orgasm, and so, the relationship isn't explicitly sexual, yet.  It is, however, quite intense for him. He's never experienced this before, and he's probably feeling a little overwhelmed.  Before you take the relationship to the next level, you should address this.  Play with him!  Fun little wrestling matches, or tickle fights, that end in you covering him with soft kisses!  2 person dance parties, that end in the two of you collapsing together on the bed, exhausted, and happy!  Even just 'distracting' him with a kiss to win a fighting game can be an overall tension release.  So many of our Nuns treat their boys like tiny men, and this is wrong.  He is a child, he wants to play, and so should you.

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