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Video Ads 1 Retrospective

Goddamn, were these fun to write.  I've written 13 of these in total, but I think that I had planned out something like 20, more, if you include the audio and 'physical item' ads that I had prewritten.  These, though, are the core of the advertisements that I'll be putting into the magazines.  Some will be topical, with the video having something to do with the issue's theme, like a 'how to dominate' video for the Samhain issue, but others will just end up where they end up.  I'm not planning on overdoing it with these, but I want to have at least 24 total, with at least 16 video ads, 4 audio ads, and 4 physical item ads.
The biggest issue is the physical items, because, quite frankly, I have no idea what the Temples would sell, outside of porn. It's not like anyone would buy a "I brake for boycock" bumper stickers.  I've got 2 ideas, one being a bottle of vodka that is steeped in worn boy undies, and comes packaged with a picture set of the boy involved, and an unsteeped pair of his briefs.  That's about as freaknasty as it gets, by the way.  Just imagine the sort of person who would buy that.  Anyway, my other idea is a little boy dildo, which is straightforward, and obviously something that Lilians would be interested in.  I'm not sure what else they would sell, though.  Maybe foxy.  Remember foxy?  It only got banned in the USA, Sweden, and Japan in the 2000's, so it would be reasonable to sell it through mail order in the late 90's.  Pretty sure you couldn't get hard on foxy, though.  Whatever.  I'll think of something.  Maybe a Jenny Vertanen onahole, or like a set of worn High Priestess panties.
The audio ads are comparatively simple.  My ideas so far are, Gospel of Lilith on tape, of course, /ss/ stories on tape, JOI from acolytes and high priestesses, JOI from 'mommy' and 'big sis', and JOI from 'Lilith' herself.  Like I said, very straightforward.
The other videos that I've got prewritten run the gamut from guides, to parodies of 'normal' media, to religious materials, original stories, art films designed to help along the conversion process, and of course, just plain old sex on tape.  They were really quite fun to write, especially the parodies.
I included prices on these, in 3 different currencies, just to remind people that the Daughters are an international organization, and also to tell the reader which nations have the most Lilians.


Before I forget again, I should tell you guys what the tags actually mean.
Tags - m:boy f:girl F:woman fdom:femdom LF:Lilian Faith mm+/FF+:multiple boys or women cd:crossdressing cs:costumes ws:watersports m/fmast:masturbation

The first page I'll be discussing is "Better Than Turkish Delight".  This was actually the first video ad that I wrote.  I was thinking about different parody ideas, and I had already seen the Jadis/Edmund pic, from back when the Lion Witch and Wardrobe movie came out, so I knew that I would at least have a pic for it.
I figured that the Lilians wouldn't give up a chance to turn the story on its head, especially since the original Narnia stories are pretty Patriarchal, and pretty Jehovan.  They're read in Sunday School, and sold in Christian bookstores.  I can imagine a Lilian showing a particularly Jehovan boy, like a Choir boy or Altar boy, this movie, and using it as a jumping off point for a 'you have been lied to' rant.  It was particularly fun to reimagine the Narnia story, and frame Jadis in a positive light, declaring Aslan as an evil patriarch, and implying that Edmund supported Jadis for ideological and personal reasons, rather than 'I like candy' reasons, which, quite frankly, is a little unbelievable.  This would actually be a movie that I would want to watch, even if they made it without sex.

The second page is a tie-in with the Position Pamphlet, with a picture that was suggested to me.  There isn't a whole lot to say about this page, I was planning on  making this one an ad, but I was going to use some no-name couple.  I think using Jenni and her son is probably a bit better, since I'm billing her as being a power player in the wider Temple community.
In LRLB Joobachi, by the way, I'm planning on having the player work for Vertanen, overthrowing a Lilian trailer-park commune on her orders, so that she can set up a brothel Acolyte Program there.  Since I'm probably going to be using these for Joobachi, instead of Taisen (formatting issues with the game engine)  injecting Vertanen will actually have a point.  I'm also thinking about covering Inter-Temple conflicts in Joobachi, with the Montana (Billings) or South Dakota (Rapid City) trailer park initially being controlled by an unofficial High Priestess with ties to the Chicago Temple, but being coveted by the Portland Temple.  Yes, I am planning a game about what amounts to small scale, covert, tribal warfare, over trailer parks in the American Northwest.  At the very least, it's a unique story. 

The third page was another fun one to write.  These magazines are supposed to be from the late 90's, so I have to use books and movies that are from that time period.  So there's parodies of Xena, Buffy, Sailor Moon, and Snow White, but not something like Gravity Falls or Adventure Time, both of which are just begging for /ss/ parodies.  I might end up using pics from those, though, and not calling them 'Parodies', just putting them alongside original stories.  We'll see.
Anyway, the picture for this one was a bit difficult, since I try to avoid lolicon.  I actually ran across this picture by accident, while I was browsing a set on exhentai, but I liked it, and figured I could use it, so I downloaded it.  I think it works.  These videos are probably as much for the boys as they are for the women, so using older lolis, instead of like 8-12 year old lolis, would probably be a bit more enticing for the Lilian crowd.  Maybe.  At any rate, this is the picture I used, so whatever.  Deal with it.

The fourth page, I think, actually was written specifically for the picture requested.  I think it ended up being a great idea, though.  I imagine that the High Priestesses are something like celebrities in the Lilian community, like megachurch Pastors (Billy Graham), or prominent Imams (Anwar Al Awlaki) are in the Jehovan world.   Of course, everyone's fucking in the Lilian community, so there would be more of a 'crush' sort of thing when it comes to the Lilian High Priestesses.  I can imagine a young Lilian boy having a poster of Jenni Vertanen or Medea Circe in some see-through nightgown, winking and blowing a kiss to the camera, with a little message on the lower right, like, 'see you at the temple, sweety! XOXO, Jenni'.
The priestesses, would of course, be outwardly friendly, but I would imagine that once you get down to it, there would be internal power struggles and conflicts over money and recognition.  Temples are not easy or cheap to set up, so the High Priestesses would most likely be quite wealthy and powerful, even outside of the Temple.  Powerful and wealthy people always want more wealth and power, so naturally, they would battle it out with each other to become the "Queen Bee", or "Joobachi" in the Lilian community.

This is unrelated, but I want to write it down so I don't forget it, and this is as good a place as any.  In my next game, I want to have a little system where you have x action points for the day, that you can use to talk to people, look things up on the net, do things personally, sell drugs, cook drugs, fuck, etc.  I'm thinking that a way to increase these points would be to turn yourself into a sex symbol.  In the Liliverse, Lilith exists, and people give her their spiritual energy when they fuck or jerk off.  I imagine that in the Liliverse, whenever you jerk off to someone, they get a portion of that spiritual energy.  That's why Jenni puts herself in so many Temple works.  She gets power from dudes lusting after her.  So in the game, I'm thinking that you can take pics of yourself, or videos, or whatever, and market them to the surrounding area, or try to get them into BoL, and if you get enough, you can get another action point for each day.  Of course, it doesn't last forever, so you'd have to do it multiple times, over the course of the game, in order to keep those extra action points.  Of course, taking the pictures, making the videos, editing the videos, talking to the people who can release them, and on and on, all take up action points, so it's up to the player to determine whether it's worth it or not. 


So, another big blog entry, and actually, I ended up releasing these, when I was slated to release the first of the Hooker Birthday/Nun Lifestyle sets.  I'll do those next, and then the next block of the Timid Boys pamphlet.  I just noticed that someone was asking about a couple of the pictures, and I had been planning on using them for these.  I just went ahead and did it, and decided to release them.

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