Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Video Ads 1

These are a set of 4 video advertisements, designed to mimic the advertisements in porno mags.  They provide a short synopsis of the movie, and a picture.


Better Than Turkish Delight
Sharing Pleasure with Your Little Lover
PowerPuff Pussy
POV Priestess


jadis - Better Than Turkish Delight : Are we really expected to believe that little Edmund would sell out his entire family for some candy?  That a patriarchal talking lion is some kind of global savior?  That the leader of a nation completely unable to grow crops *wouldn't* have a problem with said patriarch keeping *all* the agriculture and natural resources to himself? Jehovan stories are so quaint, aren't they?  In "Better Than Turkish Delight", we show you the *truth* of the classic story, "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe".  Watch as Jadis and her attractive courtiers educate young Edmund in the reality of the Narnian conflict, and show him a pleasure that is, "Better Than Turkish Delight"! /// mF mFF+ FF cs

sharingpleasure - Sharing Pleasure with Your Little Lover : Our venerable position pamphlet has just gotten even better!  In Sharing Pleasure with Your Little Lover, Jenni Vertanen and her delicious young son, demonstrate all 48 positions, and give tips on each one.  Packaged with a waterproof copy of the pamphlet, this set makes an excellent gift for a new couple! /// Fm fdom Fmm FFmm

xxx - Powerpuff Pussy : The city of Townsville is in trouble!  A patriarch has mutated the once innocent and fun-loving boys of Townsville into rude, mean, hellions!  But The Professor has a plan!  She's devised a concoction that can change them back, but of course, there's another mistake, and the concoction ends up in our heroines' Powerpuff Pussies!  Can the girls change the boys back before they wreak havoc on Townsville?  /// Fff+ Fm mff+ mm++ff+ fm fdom cs ws

povpriestess - POV Priestess : Are you in looooove with your High Priestess, or a High Priestess from another Temple?  Do you fantasize about licking her, as she tells you what a good boy you are?  Having her take you, while cooing Gospel verses sweetly into your ears?  Perhaps you imagine her pounding you with a strapon, as 'punishment' for being naughty.  These situations and more are featured in the POV Priestess video collection.  Filmed from a first person perspective, these videos put you right in the action, with your favorite High Priestess! /// mF fdom LF

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