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Video Ads 2 Retrospective and Future Plots

These are quite a bit of fun to make.  The most difficult parts are, coming up with stupid parody names, and finding pictures.  Finding pictures is by far, the most difficult part.  I actually spent quite a while, last night, coffee mug in hand, and cigarette in mouth, sifting through /ss/ pictures, trying to find the perfect ones.  Most of the retrospective today is probably going to be about finding these pictures. 


Tags - m:boy f:girl F:woman fdom:femdom LF:Lilian Faith mm+/FF+:multiple boys or women cd:crossdressing cs:costumes ws:watersports m/fmast:masturbation

Toy Time!  We'll start there, since it was the easiest one to write, and the hardest one to find a picture for.  There's a lot of /ss/ out there, but sometimes I wonder if there's substantially more /l/ and /sm/.  Maybe I'm just looking for very specific things, and not finding them.  I found a perfect picture, yesterday, this one, but, of course, it wasn't in color.  Can't use it, and I'm sure as shit not going to butcher it trying to color it myself.  It really sucks, too, because it was a perfect picture.  Milfy woman, submissive boy wearing lingerie, lots of toys strewn around, action shot, we're hitting all the main points.  Basically, it's perfect.  But, it's in black and white.
The picture I ended up using came from the same pack as the 'BDSM Safety Course' pictures.  Remember that set, from way back in like, July, when I actually kept a decent schedule?  Anyway, this pic was one of the ones I didn't use for that set, because it had loli in it.  Now, you guys probably know by now that I avoid loli, but here, I think it actually really added something, and when I get to the safe sex, well, you probably read them all before you click the link, right? 
In the safe sex picture, I talk about how the Temple overall has a big problem with kids getting pregnant, particularly with their immediate siblings.  I imagine that this would be a pretty constant issue with the Lilians.  They're always fucking, and you never really seem to see them using condoms much.  It's discussed, sometimes, like in that one bathtime set, but overall, it's ignored, just like STD's.  This is done to keep the story fun and sexy.  Nobody aside from bugchasers have an STD fetish, and their numbers are too low to cater to specifically.  I made a command decision, at the beginning of this project, to just pretend like STD's don't exist.  Realistically, the acolytes would be full of them, and most likely, so would everybody else in the organization.  This, by the way, is one of the big problems with pedo stuff IRL, they'll often organize into groups, and have little sex parties, and since there's a lot of crossover in their community with the 'general superfreak' community, there's a lot of STD's.  Those STD's get passed onto the kids, who either don't know about safe sex, or are too weak to demand safe sex.  It's a big problem, a real problem, and a real tragedy, as well.  Not sexy. 
Pregnancy, however, can be sexy, and the preggo fetish is one that isn't particularly out there.  I don't use it here, but I'm not averse to making impregnation a talking point in my work.  The safe sex picture describes an issue of young sisters having their equally young brother's babies, and speculates that these issues might be caused by the couples running out of condoms.  Toy Time didn't start out this way in my head, but the way that it turned out, it could very easily be a type of 'extension' to that particular picture.  It features the story of two twins, who run out of condoms, and instead of just continuing on, like the kids that cause problems, these two crack out the toybox, and get safe.  Kind of like a 'these are your role models, kids!' video, or at the very least, a more interesting method of providing safe-sex information than some stuffy lecture video.  Note the extremely low price, prominently displayed, in red, right underneath the title.  This is clearly a video that the Lilians want to get in as many tiny hands as possible. 

The safe sex page, sort of ended up getting rolled into the previous block, but I can talk about the picture, a bit.  I again ran into the picture problem, that is, having a difficult time actually finding usable pictures for the topic.  I ideally wanted a picture where a milfy woman was putting a condom on boy, and I actually found one, very quickly.  One that I'd used before, in that one bathtime picture.  I really hate repeating myself, I think it comes off as unprofessional, and it bores you guys.  I avoid it whenever possible.  I'm willing to use a picture that I've used before, but I'm not going to discuss the same picture twice, if that makes sense.  Anyway, that picture was damn near perfect, and it's out.  Aside from that pic, I had a bunch where women were drinking out of condoms, a few where 2 kids were fucking with a condom, and one that was damn near perfect, but the kid had a dumbass look on his face.  
I eventually just decided to use the one where there's no actual sex going on, just a lecture.  It's a bit boring, but then, most instructional videos are.
The text was pretty fun to write.  You can almost hear the frustration of the priestess writing it.  They spend all of this time, effort, and money purchasing and distributing condoms and birth control pills, for free, and the kids still get pregnant.  There's actually quite a bit of 'safe sex' talk in the Position Pamphlet as well, so this isn't the first time I've brought this topic up.  I kind of wish I'd been able to say this in less words, but it is what it is.  When I put these into the magazines, this one's going to be before (chronologically, in universe) the Toy Time ad. 

The Oral Sex page, unlike the others, was actually easy to get a picture for.  I was originally going to use a 69 pic, but those are actually difficult to get in a good resolution, and most of them aren't 'action shots', for practical reasons.  Both faces are buried in the other person's crotch, and at the very least, obscured by their legs.  It's not tough to figure out what's going on, but it's just not particularly erotic.  Plus, I figured that since it would mostly be women buying these, a picture of a woman being orally pleasured would probably be a bit more enticing.  Maybe that's my personal bias, I tend to see fempeds as takers more than givers.  To be fair, many of them do seem to fantasize about sucking boycock on a pretty regular basis, at least from what I've seen. 
 Anyway, there's not much to say about the text for this one.  It's pretty straightforward. I like the names that I gave the two characters, though.  In retrospect, and I just noticed this, it wouldn't just be our (clearly Italian) mother/son couple in this, the tags specify that there's FFm and mmF scenes.  I could have added a little 'and friends' after their names.  Whatever. 

The final page was probably the most fun to write, at least for this block.  It's a play off of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".  By the way, the parodies are picked, mostly, from shows and movies that Lilians would like, so, all of that 90's girl power stuff is represented.  There's a Xena parody written, a Sailor Moon parody, and possibly a Cleopatra 2525 parody, even though that show actually debuted in 2000.  For this one, though, I took Buffy's character, and genderswapped it.  Strangely, there is actually very little /ss/ vampire hentai out there, or at least, there's very little on gelbooru and exhentai.  I probably could have used one of the CGs from Monster Girl Quest, but I didn't.  I had three pictures available, really.  One, which I almost used, but decided against, the Finn/Marceline, and a Kloah pic.  The Kloah one would have been perfect, if it were divided up into different pics, and I could just take the neck-biting one.  Really great picture...  I decided against the other blood drinking one, because there was some weird cummish liquid coming from the boy's mouth, and because the woman looked like a total lunatic.  Plus, Finn/Marceline is such a great combo.  I had to do a bit of work on the pic before I could release it, there was originally a creepypasta-worthy Jake peering in through the window, but, since it was 2spooky, I removed it. I really wish I could have used that Kloah pic... 
The text is basically just a fanfic of Buffy, that has been told many times, in many ways, I'm sure, and there's not much to say about it.  I do, however, like the whole 'stake' thing.  I thought it was clever. 

A word on the prices.  I'm pricing the parodies and 'big productions', at $50, the regular sex stuff (without a plot) at $20, the instructional stuff at $20, the regular sex stuff (with a plot) at, let's say, $30, and the stuff that the Temple wants in a lot of hands at $10.  I feel like POV Priestess falls between 'instructional', 'regular sex with plot', and 'stuff the Temple wants in a lot of hands'.  I could have easily priced it higher, but I feel like it would be something that Jenni put together with her allies, specifically to strengthen them, spiritually.  In the 'Liliverse', jerking off to someone gives them a portion of your spiritual energy.  Hopefully that's not too out there, for a porno story/game.  It's mostly just a reason for the player (in game) to fuck more boys, and use the camera system that I put into Taisen.  In Taisen, it didn't really have a point, other than 'collect the porno pics'.  In Joobachi, it will be a somewhat important part of the gameplay. 


Well, it's only 10:40, so I guess it's time now for a bit of prewriting.  I've decided to make another pamphlet, this time on the topic of, "Avoiding the Mommy Bubble", which was discussed (very) briefly in the 'son swapping' page of the Eugene magazine issue, the one with Jenni Vertanen/Rinko Iori.  I'm using a set where Rinko and Sei fuck, in a femdom style, and then China joins them.  Basically, this will be Rinko teaching mothers how to 'cut the apron strings' a bit, and let their sons have girlfriends. 
The set is called "[Miyuuhodoh (myu-po)] Koukan Syounen BF (Gundam Build Fighters)" or " 肛感少年BF", and can be found here.  I'm not using the pregnancy pictures, and will most likely end off with the Sei/China strapon picture.  I downloaded 2 of the pregnancy pictures (not the birthing picture), though, so they might get used.  I'll probably use between 1000 and 1200 characters per picture, and format in 14 pt font.  There will be an intro and outro, just like usual, although I might make use of the Editor, or even a different High Priestess altogether, for one or both.  It might feel like 'Jenni Overload' if I don't. 
I'm thinking that in this pamphlet, Jenni will start off at the titsucking/fingering picture, talk about maternal love a bit, and then dive right into her story with her son, who needs a name.  Let's call him...  Primrose?  That might change, later.  So she goes into the story of her and... Primose, and talks about how she's taught him everything, and made him into a perfect submissive, and how he's her property, to teach and mold as she sees fit.  This goes on, probably, for the next few pages, until we get to the first 'China' page.  She also needs a name.  Let's go with... Aster for now, with the understanding that I'll probably swap those two names out later. 

So she talks about how her son goes around fucking basically everything with a hole, but at some point, she knows that he's going to need to settle down, on some level.  Now, the Lilians don't really do long term relationships in the same way that Jehovans do, but you have to do something with the grown up kids, and really, this is Jenni's son.  She's not going to stand for him getting blueballed immediately after turning 13.  So she finds a suitable partner for him.  Of course, this is Jenni's son.  She's easily the most powerful High Priestess around, she's basically Lilian royalty, which makes her son, something resembling a Lilian prince.  You'd best believe I'm going to play with that, especially since this is going into Joobachi, which is very much about the different intrigues that go on in the Lilian Temple itself.  I would imagine that there are tons of little girls, and big girls, and women of all ages, jockeying for a ride on little Primrose's royal wang. 
I won't go into it too much in this particular pamphlet, but I definitely want to have a little side-deal about how the sons of powerful women might become a type of commodity, and so, the mother should limit her son's contact with more unscrupulous Lilians.  She should be very involved in her son's love life, not overbearingly so, but in a way that ensures his safety, and well-being.  Especially if she's a powerful Lilian. 
So Jenni finds Aster, who would probably be, like, the niece or daughter of a Lilian High Priestess that Jenni wants to be closer to for business reasons, let's say, the HP of the Bangkok Temple. She sets things up in a way that the girl and her son fall in love, and start dating.  Maybe Aster comes to Eugene to be personally tutored by Jenni (and her entourage), in preparation for taking over the Temple, when she's old enough.  Jenni takes this girl under her wing, in a way, and teaches her how to dominate, using Primrose as a sort of 'Test Dummy'.  Primrose, additionally, acts as a sort of 'english tutor' for Aster, and maybe she tutors him in math, or something.  The two fall in love, and Jenni arranges for Primrose to become Aster's personal submissive when he's old enough.  Aster and Primrose go back to Bangkok as the managers of the Temple, and Jenni uses her son to influence Aster into giving the Eugene Temple better rates on Heroin shipments.  In exchange, Jenni supports the Bangkok Temple in their local affairs, sending advisers, doctors, and teachers, sponsoring more immigrants from that Temple, and supporting them in business negotiations with the High Priestesses of other Asian Temples, like Cebu City, or Melbourne, and basically, just strengthening them overall,.  Yes, I do play a lot of Crusader Kings, why do you ask?
Anyway, that whole story won't be in this pamphlet, but it will be alluded to, and it will be told, probably through flavor text, like emails, or discussions, when the character travels to Eugene to get orders and supplies.
In this pamphlet, Jenni will just focus on using the story of Aster and Primrose to illustrate how a good Lilian mother should arrange her son's 'marriage', ensure that the potential wife/owner is of good character, and gradually, leave them to their own devices.  I'm planning on having this be another narrative/guide combo, with the guide parts being first on each page, and the narrative providing a sort of example for mothers to follow.


Another really, really, long blog post.  It's pretty crazy, I write more here than I do on the actual pages.  There's a lot of work and thought that goes into these, though, a whole hell of a lot.  Anyway, I just finished up the Hooker Birthday/Nun Lifestyle set, so those are in the release queue.  I need to start back up on the Timid Boys pamphlet, since I've only written up to the Art Film block.  That's like 2 or 3 blocks ahead, at this point, but still, it's better to be ahead than behind.  I'll be focusing my efforts on finishing that up, and then I'll be writing the Mommy Bubble pamphlet, that I just prewrote. 
Next up is the second Hooker Birthday/Nun Lifestyle set, I think I decided on Good Boy/Outdoor Sex.  I'll be releasing that probably on Thursday, since tomorrow's my day off work, and I'll probably be using it to work on Taisen some more.  After that will be the second Home Visit block of the Timid Boys pamphlet, and then more video ads. 

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