Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Video Ads 2

This is the second set of video ads.  They are designed to mimic the advertisements in 90's era pornography magazines.


Toy Time
Safe Sex
Oral Sex
Duff + Vamp


toys2 - Toy Time! : NAME1 and NAME2 have been having a ball, but they seem to have run out of condoms, and NAME1 forgot to take her pills.  Not to worry, though, they've got a whole box of toys to play with!  Watch NAME1 and NAME2 as they play with dildos, anal beads, vibrators, and onaholes.  Will NAME2 be able to take NAME1's 9 inch strapon?  Find out in Toy Time! /// Fm F/mmast fdom

rubbers - Safe Sex and Birth Control : You know, we shouldn't even have to make this video.  We hand out condoms and pills for free at our Temples, and package them with child friendly instructions, complete with pictures.  Are the girls forgetting to take their pills?  Are the boys taking off the condom halfway through?  Are they simply running out of condoms?  For whatever reason, our communities have seen an upspike in unplanned pregnancies.  This video explains, and demonstrates, the proper way to use a condom, the proper way to take birth control pills, and over 15 different methods of having sex, that will never, ever, result in a pregnancy.  It's required viewing in our sunday school classes, but at the price of a package of diapers, it would be prudent to keep a copy around for home viewing.  /// mf mF m/fmast

 oral - Oral Sex, from Beginner to Master : Pleasuring another child of Our Goddess with your mouth is something that takes practice, and requires knowledge of anatomy, both theirs, and yours.  Oral Sex, from Beginner to Master, features NAME1, and her cute son, NAME2, explaining, and demonstrating, their favorite techniques to use on each other.  It covers the anatomy of both mouth and genitals, comfortable and erotic positions to use, and unique tips to make your next oral sex session, the best you've ever had! /// Fm mmF FFm fdom

vamp2 - Duffy the Vampiress Layer : Duffy is a normal young boy in elementary school, until the wise and beautiful librarian, Gillian, informs him that he is descended from a long line of Vampiress Layers, and that he will have to take up the "stake" to keep the Vamps at bay.  He ventures into their lair, but they turn the tables, and end up using his "stake" for their own pleasure!  /// mF mFF+ FF+ fdom cs

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