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Video Ads 3 Retrospective and Joobachi Plots : Faction System

This is the third installment of the Video Ads series.  So with these, I've got 12.  I've got a bunch of ideas that I need to turn into descriptions, and I'll probably do that later this evening.  These are tons of fun to write.


Backdoor Beauty was an interesting one to write, and find a picture for, because I had to decide whether I was going to come at it from a 'fucking girl in ass' angle, or a 'fucking boy in ass' angle.  I decided to do 'fucking boy in ass' angle, because the Lilians are so femdommy, they'd probably be far more into assfucking their boys than their women.  The 'Jenni' picture is just the best rimjob picture I could find.  I considered using one of a boy licking a woman's ass, but for a lot of them, it's not too much different than the cunnilingus pics that I've already used.  Variety is good with these.

Samhain Around the World is a bit of a copout, I feel like, because there's not a lot that you can say about it, and it's a little on the generic side.  That said, I've talked before about the Lilians having orgy videos, and I guess this would be one of them.  Realistically, you could have an entire series of these, for every single holiday, and most likely, the Lilians would, but I won't torture you guys by making 8 of these.
I really wasn't sure what to do for the picture here.  Really, any femdom orgy picture would work, but I wanted one with dark-skinned women, to exemplify the 'multicultural' aspect of it.  I probably could have used one where the women are wearing hakamas or something, but I didn't.  At any rate, yes, these are Gerudo women, and that is Link being dominated by them.  Let's just pretend that they're arabs, and he's just an arab boy wearing an odd hat.

Shingo and the Sailor Sluts!  I had a great time writing this one, and I had an even better time finding a picture for it.  I love the one that I chose, it really looks like it would be a real cover for a porno movie.  It reminds me of those 'poor little white guy' covers.  The expressions of the characters are varied and fun, and the fetishized costumes of the sailor scouts are awesome.  The physiques on each of the sailor scouts are nice to look at, as well.  I'd watch a movie with that cover.  Hell, I might even pay $50 for it.  Well, maybe not.  That's like 1/8 of my monthly salary, so fuck that.  I'd get it on sale, though.  This is actually a scenario that I would consider doing a 'storybook' pamphlet for.  I might start doing those when I inevitably run out of Lilian stuff to write about.
I put in one of the Nun Lifestyle pics (I haven't released it yet) that the Temple libraries have a section that's devoted to porno storybooks, like this, but, you know, porn.  These would essentially be the same as the narratives, but... more narrative?  I'm actually not really sure how I would do those, but I'll probably try one, and see how it goes.  It seems like the sort of thing that would be really easy to fuck up.  That said, it's also a way to just write stories, and not have to connect them to the real-life Lilians.  For example, I can turn this into a sort of 'Lilian passion play', where an isolated boy, far from a Temple, and surrounded by Jehovans, prays to Lilith for a lover, and she sends him two spirits, and then they fuck.  I'll have to think about it.

You know, I'm not sure why, but I really thought that I'd be able to find a picture of Xena and Gabriella sharing a little boy.  I wasn't.  Most of the porn I found of them, was super shitty, far too western, or in black and white.  There was no /ss/ to speak of, and almost no man/Xena, either.  Just Xena and Gabriella lezzing it up, which I guess is usable, but even most of that was very, very, western, and just not what I was looking for.  I like the picture of Xena with her throwing anus, and it isn't a massive art shift, so I used it.  I really liked the story that I wrote, though, and I wish I had been able to find some Xena /ss/.  I really thought there would be some, though.  She's a strong, sexy, dominant woman, and the '90's' generation loves its porn.  There's tons of Sailor Moon /ss/, and yeah, it's Japanese, but still, you'd think there would be some.  Black Cat and Black Kitten has tons of /ss/, and it's not even that popular.  I guess it's probably because there was never a little boy tagalong character in Xena.  What a shame...


I'm doing a good amount of planning for Joobachi, planning, and not ideas.  Planning is where you actually determine how you're going to do something, and not just what you want to do.  For example, I'm putting a more robust faction system in Joobachi, and while I really wanted to write 10-15 pages talking about each faction, and how they interact with each other, that's not how you make a game.  That's how you make a novel.  I'll certainly be writing those 10-15 pages at some point, and probably soon, but not right now.  Right now, I need to determine how I'm going to take that idea, and translate it into the machine code that my engine (RPGMakerVX cuz I'm a pleb ;-;) can use.

Right now, I'm trying to decide between using 3 'shotglass' variables, one for each faction, or 1 faction 'slider' variable, and an 'extremism' variable.  I'm leaning towards the second one.  The 3 factions are, 'Eugene', 'Billings', and 'Chicago', with 'Billings' being the 'we want to be independent' faction.  The game (mostly) takes place in Billings.

With the shotglass system, each majority age Lilian woman in the trailer park, and there's going to be about 50 of them, has 3 faction variables, one for each faction.  Whenever something happens to push her towards one faction, that variable will go up.  If you're doing something to her specifically, it'll be handled immediately in the code, whenever the 'outcome' happens.  So if you sell her some drugs, she'll immediately get a couple of points in the "Eugene" glass (variable), because the drugs come from Eugene.
More often, though, your actions will be affecting a global variable, and so, the consequence of that action would be handled in a global roll at the end of each day, or the end of each week.  For example, if you arrange for a bunch of arts and crafts made at the Billings Temple to be sold in and around Carson City, everyone involved in the production of those crafts would get a couple of points in their "Billings" glass (variable).
Each month, along with the other metagame rolls, for things like Arts and Crafts sales, and Welfare Payouts, there's an 'election' roll.  If enough people have a maxed out 'shotglass', the 'election' event will trigger, and the 'election' endgame will start.  The election script basically just counts the full shotglasses, and whichever faction has the most full glasses wins.  In RPGMaker terms, that means, a script counts up all of the variables for each faction, and the faction with the highest number wins.
The good thing about this system is that it simplifies the election script, greatly.  It also allows for independent Billings to get its own faction.  The slider system doesn't really.  It also eliminates the 'extremism' variable, at least for election triggering purposes.  The bad thing is that it's 3 more variables for each person, and there's like 50 people.  I'm already looking at at least 500 variables for the 'people' system, so less variables is better.  Hell, it'll probably be a hell of a lot more than 500 variables, 10 variables per person probably isn't enough for what I'm trying to do.  Luckily, all I have to do is work out how it'll work out once, and then input the variables for each person, after that, the system will be up, and all I have to do is use it.  It's not as difficult as it seems, it's just complex, and it really has to be planned out ahead of time.  

The other system I'm considering is the 'slider' system.  This system gives each lilian woman 2 sliders, one for faction, and one for extremism.  The faction slider is modified just like the shotglasses, except that it essentially starts at 0, and goes to 100 and -100.  Let's say -100 is totally Eugenian, while 100 is totally Chicagoan.  Another variable, extremism, goes up or down depending on the NPC's life experience.  For example, a drug addiction would increase their extremism.  If they get addicted to little boy porn, that would increase their extremism.  If they get particularly anti-sex or anti-drug for some reason, that would increase their extremism.  If their welfare gets cut off, that would increase their extremism.  Basically, extremism is a measure of how much a particular NPC would want an election.  If it maxes out, they'll start calling for an election.
The modifications would be handled the same as the shotglass system, unless you're modifying towards the independent Billings faction.  For that, you'd have to do a check of their slider variable, and whatever direction it's going in, you'd have to send it in the other direction.  So if it's at +50, and you're modifying 5 points towards IndyB, you would modify the variable -5.  If it's at -50, you would modify +5.
That's much more complex than the shotglass system, and it makes IndyB a more complex faction, in that it's not really a faction at all, it's more like the absence of a faction.  There's the possibility that you'd end up at IndyB for every game, because Pro-Eugene and Pro-Chicago stuff keeps happening, and they cancel each other out.  Of course, you could argue that that's the way things happen in the real world.  When you're caught between two big groups, who hate each other, there would be a big temptation to avoid picking a side. 
The obvious way to help alleviate that issue is to place IndyB from -25 to +25 on the spectrum, or perhaps have it be an even narrower option.  Really, breaking away from the 'superpowers' and striking out on your own is pretty difficult, economically.  Nobody here in North Vegas even considers it to be a real option.
For the election script, the script would look at each specific NPC's slider, and determine who they vote for based on where they fall on the slider.  If their slider is above 25, they're pro Chicago.  If it's less than -25, they're pro Eugene.  If it's between those two, they're IndyB.

So that's planning.  It's a hell of a lot more difficult than ideas.  An idea is '3 factions, Chicago, Eugene, and IndyB'.  Planning, however, is that giant wall of text.  So next time you see an 'I'm making a game' thread on a chan, and you want to add your idea, remember this post.  Something as 'simple' as a faction system isn't so simple when you're actually trying to code it into a game.

That said, ideas are often useful, so don't censor yourself, either.  Just don't get mad when the guy making the game doesn't use your idea.  It's probably just too goddamn complex to implement. 


So, yet another extremely long blog post, but I think we're all used to that by now.  Next up is the Hooker Birthday/Nun Lifestyle 3, then the Timid Boys Home Visit Redux set, which is 2 rewritten pages, and 1 new page, and then more video ads.  I know I was supposed to release Taisen this week, and I didn't.  I keep feeling like there's more to do, but really, I've done pretty much everything on that list that I made.  I just need to download RMrecker, and RMtool, and compile the fucker.  At least I'm putting some thought into Joobachi, though.  Taisen wasn't planned at all, and I used it as a sort of diary while I was in the military, and right after, so the narrative is a little... all over the place.  Anyway, I'll try to get a compile done by saturday, and then test it out on sunday, and release on monday.  

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