Thursday, December 18, 2014

Video Ads 3

This is the third installment of the video ads.  They are designed to emulate the advertisements in 90's era porno magazines. 


Backdoor Beauty
Samhain Around the World
Shingo and The Sailor Sluts
Xena Whorrior Princess


 anal - Backdoor Beauty, Exploring with Your Baby : Many of our sisters (and boys) are afraid to use "that hole", because they know nothing about it.  It's a real shame too, because backdoor love is a fun and sexy way to spice things up in the bedroom, avoid pregnancy, and for women, assert their dominance over their little lover.  In Backdoor Beauty, NAME1 and NAME2 go through the anatomy of male and female anuses, explain the significance of the prostate gland, demonstrate cleaning practices, and of course, show you how *they* like to play with each other.  If you're just getting into anal play, or looking for something new to try, check it out! /// mF mm fdom cd

samhainglobal - Samhain Around the World : Our videographers went to 16 different Temples to show you how our sisters celebrate Samhain.  Ever wonder how the sisters in Lagos dominate their lovers?  How about Uppsala, or Osaka?  This video also features an exploration of the deeper meaning behind what is possibly our most important holiday.  /// Fm fm FF+m fdom ws cd cs LF

shingo - Shingo and The Sailor Sluts : Little Shingo is enamored with the Sailor Scouts, but he's also enamored with his big sister, Usagi!  When she catches him sniffing her panties, she transforms into Sailor Moon to teach him a lesson, but of course, this just turns him on even more.  She calls her friends over, and their punishment session turns into a hot orgy, as they discover that he is secretly their biggest fan!  /// mF mFF+ m/fmast cd cs ws fdom

xena4 - Xena, Whorrior Princess : Xena is traveling the countryside with her lover and apprentice, NAME, when they come across a young boy being accosted by a group of patriarchs.  Xena and NAME drive them off, and promise to take the boy back to his mother.  Of course, the village is far away, so they must make camp for the night.  The boy is drawn to the sounds of lovemaking from Xena and NAME 's tent, and soon, the three of them are pleasuring each other in the pale moonlight.  When he gets home, his Goddess loving mother and sister greet him warmly, and thank his sexy saviors in the traditional way!  /// mFF mFF+ mmast cs

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