Monday, December 29, 2014

Video Ads 4 Retrospective

I actually meant to do this yesterday, but then I went and played JA2 instead.  I really need to give myself a time limit with that game.

I didn't really run out of ideas for parodies, but I did run out of ideas for parodies that I would reasonably be able to find a picture for.  For example, I wrote a description for a Snow White parody.  I originally called it Crow Black, and was going to have a black Snow White with 7 shotas.  I have no idea why I thought I would be able to find a picture for that.  There's a decent amount of Snow White hentai, but most of it is either lezdom, or with the prince.  Some of it is with the dwarves, but they're not shotas, they're dwarves.  Huge difference.  I did manage to find one picture of Snow White on a bed with 7 shotas, but it's worksafe, and they're just sleeping.  Also, I think the shotas are from Hetalia, not that it really matters too much.
These, however, were really, really, easy to find pictures for, although it wasn't so easy to pick which picture to use.  


The entire time I was editing this, I had the Candies' song, やさしい悪魔 stuck in my head.  Also, I'm pretty sure that's where the name came from.  The picture, though, was actually a difficult one to pick.  I originally wanted to use this one, or this one, but I didn't like the text bubbles.  I also considered this one, but I didn't like the eyes.  This one had characters that I'd already used, which, in retrospect, may have been the direction that I should have taken.  I might use that picture for something else, it's a really good one. 
This is the picture I used, and while I like it for its big tits and varied skin tones, it doesn't actually show the faces of the women, or really anything, other than their tits.  It does, however, give the image of the boy being 'double teamed', and having 'more than he can handle', which is basically what I need for the cover.
Also, I really wish hentai artists would draw more dark skinned women.  It's just nice to have that difference of appearance, and they're all drawn with the western concept of 'beauty', anyway.  I actually wanted to have a picture of a woman with an afro fucking a white boy for the Acolyte Graduation pages, but the only one I could find was Lenora, and while I could have used it....  It just didn't end up working out.  Why can't anyone make /ss/ of Coffy or Foxy Brown?  Shit, I'd settle for /ss/ of Jackie Brown.  Yeah, I'm into Pam Grier, and personally, I think Black Mama White Mama was her best movie. 
Anyway, My Little Devil, I really liked writing this one, and actually thought up an entire story for it, that I'll probably never use anywhere.  I feel like the writing suggests femdom, but doesn't go into any real detail.  That's a good thing, because femdom is such an insanely wide topic.  For some people, femdom is being tied to a bed while your girlfriend sucks you off.  For others, it's being whipped with a cat o nine's.  For a few, it's castration and shit like that.  Vague is good with femdom.

The More the Merrier, oddly enough, only had one picture that I had to choose from.  I love zuburoku's work, and I hope he doesn't mind me using his stuff for this.  I basically already knew that I'd be using one of his pictures for the text, even before I started looking, so when I found it, it was pretty much a done deal.
The text on this one is pretty straightforward.  It's basically just a guide video for Lilian hostesses to use when trying to figure out how they should plan their holiday orgies.  The picture was meant to provide an example of a small orgy, particularly one with more women than boys.  Realistically, having an equal number of men and women would be pretty difficult to pull off, especially for a small group of only a couple of families.  When you add in bachelorettes, the numbers get even more skewed.

Of course the Lilians make gay porn.  Why wouldn't they make gay porn?  It's basically a cult of fujoshis, and there's nothing that fujoshis love more than yaoi.  This was another one that I had trouble finding a decent picture for, though.  I needed a picture of a bunch of shotas hanging out, with toys strewn around.  Sex Toys.  As we will see, this isn't so easy to find.
One picture, that I almost used, and plan to use somewhere, features 4 boys laying on a bed, in their undies, with toys strewn around.  Perfect, right?  Wrong!  The toys are just toys, and candy.  There's actually nothing particularly sexual about this image, it's just some boys hanging out, and not wearing clothes.  So it's useless to me.
Another picture, that I considered, features 2 boys hanging out, nude, with toys, both sexual and nonsexual, strewn about.  Now, this is a decent picture.  The boys are wearing nylons, they're clearly shotas, and different enough to have a bit of characterization to them.  This would be a perfect picture, if there was another boy in it.  Unfortunately, it's just those 2, and that wasn't really what I was going for.
The picture I used, really, isn't without its problems.  Yes, there are multiple boys, yes, there's sex toys all around, yes, there is an element of crossdressing.  However, they're catboys.  I don't know why the artist decided to make them catoboys, and I'm very glad that he didn't give them little tails, but the issue remains.  In the end, though, I just decided to go with the catboys.
The text was originally going to stress the actual activities of the boys, and make it more about them fucking, and less about the mom coming home and finding them, but, you know, I started writing, and it just ended up the way it ended up, I guess.

Weekend with Big Sis was another one where I basically knew which picture I'd be using, or at least, I knew which artist.  Juan Gotoh draws a lot of things, but among those many things, he draws really good /ss/.  A lot of it is in manga format, which I can't use, but some of it is in CG's.  Gotoh has done quite a few 'brother/sister' sets, and this is just the one that I felt captured the 'feeling' best.
The text, again, is pretty straightforward, and there's not much to say about it.  I wanted to give a couple more examples of some of the ways that they 'steal moments together', but didn't end up writing it.  I feel like what I wrote gets enough of a point across.


So, next up is a Hooker Birthday/Nun Lifestyle page, and then the first of the Art Film pages from the Timid Boys pamphlet.  I'll look on all the boorus and pixiv for something I can use for the Art Film pages, but who knows if I'll be able to find anything.  I found one picture that was perfect, but it was in a manga, so it wasn't in color.  Also, the girl was a futa.  I'm sure I'll figure something out for these.

I fixed a couple little bugs on Taisen, and I think I'm on track for a January 3 or 4 release date.  It has to be before I leave for my Christmas trip.  

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