Sunday, December 28, 2014

Video Ads 4

This is the fourth installment of the video ads for the magazines.  These are mostly original stories, more low budget, in universe, than the parodies.


My Little Devil
The More the Merrier
Boys Night In
Weekend with Bis Sis


mylittledevil2 - My Little Devil : Casper is a bad boy, rude, mean, and surprise, surprise, Jehovan!  His sister, Alice, loves him dearly, but is fed up with his bad behavior.  When their mother goes out of town for the weekend, Alice decides to call up River, her friend from the Temple, to help set him straight.  When River invites Casper upstairs for 'something good', they put their plan into action, and turn this misbehaving monotheist into a loving lilian! /// FFm Fm fdom

moremerrier - The More The Merrier! : Group sex is a huge part of our faith!  Temple orgies are extremely popular, but you don't have to go all the way to the Temple to have an orgy.  The More The Merrier discusses how to set up smaller, more intimate, orgies.  The video starts with just 3, but goes all the way up to 15!  We cover both male and female majority groupings, as well as sexual party games, and icebreaker activities.  The next holiday is always just around the corner, so why not celebrate it in our special, *Lilian* way?  The More The Merrier! /// Fmm+ mFF+ +FmFm+

boysnightin1 - Boys Night In : When Janine left her son and his friends alone for the night, she didn't expect to come home to this!  Toys strewn all over, a bed full of crossdressing catboys, and the unmistakable scent of hot sex!  Watch as the boys recount their night of blissful abandon, and watch as Janine teaches them a lesson about using other people's toys! /// mm+ Fmm+ cd fdom

weekendbigsis - Weekend with Big Sis : Jacob and his big sister Mary are both Lilian converts, and very much in love, but their Jehovan parents could never understand.  They steal precious moments when they can, but usually, they have to keep their loving low key.  When mom and dad go on a short vacation for the weekend, though, our two lovebirds strip each other naked, retire to the bedroom, and make the most of this golden opportunity.  How will they spend their special time together?  Find out in, "Weekend with Big Sis"! /// Fm Fmmast

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