Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Joobachi Planning : Jenni Vertanen 1

I already know that I'm going to be redoing this later, when I start fleshing out the overall story.  I'm trying to focus on mechanics before thinking about story concerns, and characters are part of story concerns, so I probably shouldn't be doing this yet. 

But, I'm doing it.

Jenni has been a feature of a great many of my picture pages.  She even gets a few mentions in Taisen.  Basically, Jenni is the High Priestess of the Eugene Temple.  The Eugene Temple is the biggest and oldest Temple in the world, and is where the vast majority of the Lilian pornographic and religious material is created.  This material, unsurprisingly, is often designed to serve Jenni's interests, and since being featured in the magazine basically guarantees that people will be masturbating to you, Jenni most likely uses the magazine to empower her friends, and uses her control over the content of the magazine to get favors from individual Lilians who are lusting for the power that comes from being desired in that way.  Remember, in this universe, being jerked off to gives you spiritual energy.  That's why Jenni puts herself in so much porn.

Basically, my vision for Jenni is to have her be a sort of 'Frank Underwood' type character.  It's not an exact parallel, of course, Jenni starts out with a lot of power, but I want to stress, at certain points, that her power really is not absolute.  Yes, she runs the official magazine, and is in charge of the largest Temple, but she's not all powerful.  There is no 'Lilian Pope', and the Lilian community is really only united by their common fear of police intervention.  The individual Temples have complete autonomy, and each of them gets a vote.  Of course, you have to be 'incorporated' to be an official Temple, to get a vote, and that process is very, very, expensive.  An official Temple has to have its own land, a Temple building of a certain size, a certain amount of cashflow, and most importantly, the High Priestess and Temple have to be sponsored by an existing Temple.  Billings has met all of these requirements, but the struggle over who to be sponsored under is, basically, what the entire game is about. 

Sponsorship is a serious thing.  Each individual Temple must contribute something to the overall Revolution.  Whether this comes in the form of human resources, dues paid, or something else, there must be a contribution.  If a Temple can't make its contributions, the sponsoring Temple is on the hook for the cash.  This, by the way, is why there's so many 3rd world Temples in 'drug/human trafficking' locations, and so few in 3rd world nations that don't produce drugs.  Typically, a High Priestess will have a personal business, that she uses to shield the Temple, and also to provide funds.  She'll use the monks as wage slaves, or real slaves, pay her Temple dues, and pocket the rest. 

Jenni is power hungry, no more so than the average High Priestess, but, unlike the average High Priestess, she has the means to get herself into a extremely high position within the overall organization.  She sees money as a means to gaining power, and places power over money, in importance.  Frank Underwood, remember?  She doesn't accept insubordination, but will allow her lackeys a measure of independence, as long as they don't step on her toes too much.  She doesn't want people to think of her as a despot, but she does want them to obey her when push comes to shove.  She's the sort of person who will let you get away with something for a little while, just so she can hold it over your head, later.  She has an international focus, and wants to become a drug lord (lady?), in order to expand her power sphere, and eventually, control the entire Lilian community.  The more money she makes from the drugs, the more she can 'help' other High Priestesses, and so, get what she wants from them, later.  She isn't afraid to use sex as a tool.

Jenni is a born Lilian, and she truly believes in the Gospel, and the Revolution.  She was a child when the Daughters of Gaia became the Daughters of Lilith, and her mother was quite close to the prophet of Lilith.  She has a very Machiavellian attitude towards the revolution, however, and believes that damn near anything is permissible in the fight against Jehovah.  She has a cosmic view of the revolution, and can get quite esoteric at times.  She gains much of her power from her male admirers, and directly encourages them to masturbate with her in mind.  She will probably be who informs the player of the more esoteric elements of the game, like demon summoning, and expanding daily action points by becoming a sex symbol. 

Jenni, like most High Priestesses, is quite wealthy, and owns quite a few businesses.  I'm not sure how much I'll expand this, but I definitely want her to at least organize 'battlebots' matches, and sell electronics components for amateur robotics.  Just as a little shoutout to GBF and Iori Rinko, not a huge part of the character, more an easter egg than anything else.  Aside from that, she'll probably own some real estate, maybe like a stall door manufacturing plant, or something, a garage or two...  But her big business is Import/Export, and she hides at least some of her drug/human shipments in with the cars, and rugs, and furniture, and electronics. 

Jenni has only one son, who will probably be named Aster.  She'll use him as a sort of bargaining chip, the way that daughters are used in CK2.  This won't be too in-your-face in the game, but it will be alluded to.  Every time you go to Eugene, you'll have to wade through some of Jenni's entourage, which will include whoever's courting Aster at that particular moment.  You might be able to affect certain small things in that subplot, but probably nothing major.  Jenni will probably want to use him to connect her with the powerful drug lords (ladies?) in South America or SouthEast Asia.  It won't be too overbearing, just hints, here and there. 

So, that's Jenni, or at least, Jenni's first draft.  There's a lot that might change, like the exact nature of her business, and certain details of her power, but overall, her personality is very Machiavellian, and quite hardline, when it comes to religion and politics.  We'll see what happens.

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