Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Let's Rape Little Boys! : Taisen Release

So, this is it!  The release of Let's Rape Little Boys : Taisen.  Hopefully the archive isn't corrupt, and hopefully everything else is in order.  I wasn't able to do everything that I wanted to do with this game, but nobody ever is.  The important thing is that you release, and I'm glad to say that this time, at least, I've released on time, and on the deadline. 

For once, I'm actually at a loss for words.  I'll just post the readme.


Let's Rape Little Boys : Taisen v1.0

Released 7 Jan 2015

Release notes :


Play the game by clicking on 'RPG_RT.exe'
in the folder, 'Lords on 45'.

This is the first real release of this game
in a long while.  I'm hoping that it's as
bug free as I think it is.  As I'm moving
onto LRLB Joobachi, I'm not really planning
on providing much support for this game.
I will attempt to bugfix, though.

Story :

You are Jesenia Ramirez, an Ecuadorian
woman of 19 or 20, who has just finished
a trade school program in Hypnotic Psych,
with an additional trade certificate in
Shahid Production and Management. In order
to use your new degree, you have moved
to the Ladies' Republic of Iraq.  The Ladies'
Republic is a new nation born out of the
Shi'ite and Kurdish rebellions of the early
1990's.  Unfortunately, the nation split
up immediately after Saddam was buried, and
has been at war with itself ever since.
You believe that the LRI is your best
chance for fame and fortune in this world.

Also, you're really into shotacon.

How to play :

The main character is controlled by using
the arrow keys, while 'z' selects, and 'x'
takes you to the menu.  You need to equip
certain items, like panties, by using the
equipment menu.  Save often, and remember
that assault is a crime in every nation.
Many, many, items are clickable, so make
sure to click on everything that looks
like it could be clicked.  There are many
secrets in the game, and 3 endings to find.
Do not underestimate the power of prayer.

Influences :

Deus Ex
Grim Fandango
Super Columbine Massacre RPG
Lords of Acid
Many, many, /ss/ mangas
Chan culture
Clearnet Femped sites
TOR Femped sites
My sad, sad, life ;-;

To FZ, CS, SG, and AZ, thanks for all the support
To the TM and WMF, don't take it too seriously

To everyone else, thank you for downloading, and
I hope you enjoy.  I know this game isn't perfect,
but it's the game that I made.  I'm looking forward
to the next game, and hopefully, you are too!


Here's the download link.


  1. Are there clearnet femped sites? that exists, really? Thx for the game... How can I change the resolution?

  2. A lot of the femped sites on the clearnet these days are actually nudism sites that pedos basically just took over. There's a really weird amount of overlap between the nudism and incest/pedo subcultures, at least on the internet. It shouldn't surprise me, but it does. For a while, the nudists tried their best to deny it completely, and push the pedos out, and on some sites, they're successful. But on a lot of them, it's really, really, obvious what's going on. They skirt the laws on CP, and insist, over and over again, that their pictures and videos are totally nonsexual, but it raises the question of, 'Who would buy a video of a bunch of people mulling around at a barbeque?' Nobody, that's who, but take the clothes off, and add some kids, and suddenly it retails for between 100 and 150 USD. Shit that would get 5-6 views on youtube, if the people were clothed. Pretty obvious what's going on, there.

    On the forums, they roll out the red carpet for anyone calling themselves a woman, and usually, they'll goad and push her towards pedo stuff, using all sorts of different justifications. Any time she posts a question or story about the pedoshit that she's doing with her kids, they'll heap tons of praise on her, and basically tell her that she's the best mom ever. It's pretty obvious that these are a bunch of middle aged dudes living vicariously through these women's sons. The women themselves are clearly isolated, and eat that shit up, going further and further, just to please the dudes on the site. It's weird as shit to watch.

    As for your second question, though, F5 changes the resolution, and F4 takes you from fullscreen to windowed. I may have flipped those around.

  3. It's down now...

  4. It's up for me. Sometimes mediafire's servers fuck up.