Monday, January 5, 2015

Mixed Magazine Ads 1

These are mixed advertisements for the magazine.  There are 2 video ads, 1 product ad, and 1 audio ad.  They are designed to emulate the advertisements in early 90's porno mags.


Crow Black and The 7 Cuties
Lilian Life in the Ladies' Republic
Gospel of Lilith on Tape
Hint of Boycock


 snowwhite2 - Crow Black and The 7 Cuties : Crow Black, a beautiful maid working in the castle, must flee the court of the King, who lusts after her, and demands her hand in marriage.  She escapes deep into a forest, where she finds a group of 7 boys, who take her in.  They have lots of fun together, until one day, when the evil King sends a poisoned apple to Crow Black, and she falls into a deep slumber.  Will her princess come and awaken her with a kiss?  Find out in, "Crow Black and The 7 Cuties"!  /// Fmm+ FFmm+ FF mm+mast cs

hijabi - Lilian Life in the Ladies' Rebublic : Nobody expected Saddam's rule to last forever, but *nobody* expected the Ladies' Renaissance Party to take power and establish the first feminist state, right in the heart of Patriarchy!  Unfortunately, the fledgling nation has been under attack since its formation, but things aren't all doom and gloom, especially in the Lilian Temples.  Watch as the newly liberated arab women enjoy their sons and nephews in ways that were impossible just 10 years ago.  /// FFm Fm mm

succushota - Gospel of Lilith on Tape : The Gospel of Lilith is our most sacred holy book.  It is very important that all Lilians read and understand it.  Of course, not everyone has the time, or the energy.  Some people simply prefer to be read to.  Whatever the situation, many of our sisters and boys have asked for a recorded version of the Gospel.  Of course, we've answered the call.  Lay back, and let the soft, sultry, voice of Medea Circe, enlighten and arouse you, as she recites Our Goddess' blessed word. 

boysnightin3 - Hint of Boycock : Made from the finest wheat spirits, and filtered through 6 layers of worn briefs, Hint of Boycock is sure to impress even the most discerning Lilians.  Each bottle comes packaged with an unfiltered pair of worn briefs, along with a thank you note, and a photoset, from the boy who contributed them.  Best enjoyed chilled and neat, to appreciate the unique aroma. 

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