Monday, January 5, 2015

Mixed Magazine Ads 1 Retrospective

So I finally got my residency permit, but, for whatever reason, they make you wait a month after you get your permit to actually give you the card.  These cards aren't even like the EU ones, they don't have to get sent off to Germany, there's no RFID, it really is just a card.  But for whatever reason, the card takes them a month to make.  So I can't leave the country.  Shitsux.

Of course, for you, it's a good thing, because it means that I'll have nothing better to do than write and release content.


The first page was actually conceived and written a while ago, while I was without internet.  I was holding out on releasing it, hoping that I would run across a picture of a black Snow White, fucking 7 shotas.  I did not.  So I released it as is, using a pretty generic picture.  I didn't change the name, though, because I felt like it feels more like a porn parody if you switch up the names a bit.
I like the fact that I was able to 'Liliize' the plot a bit, turning the evil queen into a lusty king, the prince into a princess, and the dwarves into shotas.  Fairy tale porno parodies are a dime a dozen, but really, there's nothing too wrong with them, and from my perspective, they're good, because it's easy to find visual material for them, and the story basically writes itself.

You know, sometimes I see a picture so perfect, and so unique, that I just have to write a caption for it.  This picture isn't the only hijabi /ss/ pic out there, but quite frankly, it's one of the few.  Hijabi hentai is extremely rare, and Hijabi /ss/ hentai is even more rare.  It's a shame too, I'd really like to see a set where a shota gets some love while he's all wrapped up in his onee's chador.  Maybe I'm just a chador freak.
The text is basically just fluff, to be honest, although it probably contributes to the overall story, a bit, and reminds the reader/player that the LRI actually does exist, in the game.  I'm going to make Circe a character in Joobachi, but not as big of a character as she is in Taisen.  Basically, she's just the lady who oversees the production of the designer drugs that you're pushing in Billings.
Here's a hijabi hentai collection on exhentai, by the way.  For some reason, it doesn't come up when you search for it.

Moving on, Gospel of Lilith on Tape is just me being lazy.  Of course they'd have it, but writing an ad for it wasn't particularly creative, on my part.  Anyway, I like the picture here, because it uses both 'images' of the Jehovan heaven/hell dichotomy, and gives them a sexualized focus.  There were other options, of course.  I had pictures of angels fucking in heaven demon girls raping shotas, all sorts of stuff, but I picked this one, for a couple of reasons.
Reason one is simple.  I didn't want to use any pics from a CG set that I'll want to use for a storybook, and this one seems to be just a one-shot.  Reason two is a bit more complex.
There's something of a theological question, at least in my mind, when it comes to the Lilians.  Are they satanic?  Lilith is, in the Jewish faith, regarded as a demoness, and in the Gnostic and Esoteric traditions, as the queen of succubi.  At worst, she's in league with Satan, and at best, she presides over the stealing of semen from men.  Or whatever it is that succubi do.  This might give the reader/player a bit of pause when they hear these things, and if they're theologically minded, they'll think that the Lilians are Satanic.  They actually aren't really written that way.  They're supposed to be their own separate faith, worshipping their own God(dess), who is parallel, and opposed, to Jehovah.  But it's really not the cartoonish 'evil' Satan figure that exists in the Jehovan stories.  At least, it's not supposed to be.
Honestly, it's a bit complex, and I'm doing a terrible job of explaining it here, but think of it like the border war between China and Vietnam in 1979.  Neither side is really good or evil, they're just different, and they're fighting over control of territory and resources.  It's just a power struggle.
So how does that relate to the picture?  Tangentially, at best, and I truly apologize for wasting your time.  Basically, the inclusion of both 'sides', happily fucking the one boy is supposed to imply that Lilians don't really see the 'angels' and 'demons' as only belonging to one side or the other, rather, they're just spirits, who can choose either side, in the overall conflict.
I guess there's a third reason too.  The bitches are thick, and thick bitches are super caliente.  

Finally, we come to my personal favorite of this set.  I was giggling like a damn fool while I wrote this, and hopefully the ridiculousness of the concept gave you guys a bit of a chuckle, as well.
This picture was one of the ones that I was planning on using for the Boys Night In video ad, but I ended up using another one, with more sex toys.  I needed a picture with a boy wearing briefs, of which there are many, and I wanted a picture where he was holding a bottle of alcohol, which I didn't find.  I decided to go with this one, because it's got good characterization with the boys, and they're all wearing briefs.  I guess I could have gone with a single boy, but then I'd have to search 'shota' 'briefs' on gelbooru, and wade through the however many pics, and I just decided not to do that again.
The text for this was extremely fun to write.  I took some of the phrases from online descriptions of high end liquors, and filled it in with posh sounding exhortations of quality, that are supposed to come off as pretty stupid when you really think about them.  It's vodka poured through some kid's undies.  That's the opposite of classy, but they're charging $100 per bottle.  Imagining the 'hand blown and numbered' bottle for this is even more ridiculous, and imagining a person cracking this stuff out at a party is just too much.  I only wish I had put the title for this one in scripted font.  
And yes, this was inspired by, 'Scent of a Boy's Anus'.


So, we've got one more set of magazine ads, and 2 more sets of Nun Lifestyle stories, along with the intro and outro for the Nun Lifestyle pamphlet, and possibly some framing pages for each story.  There's a bunch more Timid Boys pages to be released, but really, my next big writing project is the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  I'll be starting on that soon, because the only thing I've got left for the Timid Boys pamphlet is the outro/conclusion.  
Most likely, the outro/conclusion for the TBP is going to be Jenni talking about how important the Timid Boys are, maybe listing off some accomplishments that Timid Boys have made in the Temple, and basically just giving a bit of pep talk.

Anyway, next up is a 3 pic set for the Nun Lifestyle pamphlet, that you gangbang types should like.  Then, it's the Art Film 2 block for the Timid Boys Pamphlet, which will cover the sexual aspects of the Art Film screening, and essentially serve as a 'cherry pop' scene.  Then, it's the final Ads release, 2 audio ads, and 2 product ads. 

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