Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mixed Magazine Ads 2 Retrospective and Future Plots

Getting back into the cycle of work is definitely a challenge, but I will try to keep doing releases, as I get used to working again. 


Finding a picture for this was difficult, because, quite frankly, most of the sex toys used on the boys in hentai are not boy friendly.  Often, they'd be ridiculously large for a woman.  The dildo in the picture isn't particularly boy friendly, either, but the picture's good enough, so I used it.  I actually use a lot of this artist's work.  Yes, the bubbles are back, because there's little spots in his socks that make the fill tool unusable.  If I were a rich man, I'd be able to afford a better and more fulfilling hobby, but if I were a particularly odd rich man, I'd buy myself a Wacom, and fix some of these things. 
The text here is quite straightforward, mostly it just acknowledges the obvious issue of putting a full sized dildo up a little kid's ass.  Also, that onaholes are made for men, and not tiny boy dicks.  I do like the little bit about dildos with foreskin, though.  I wonder whether they've made that or not?  I do remember seeing  a gif where a woman sucks a tiny dick of a boku no pico sex toy.  I imagine that there would be a market for tiny boy dildos.  Anyway, I like the way this one came out.  It's one that's really difficult to fuck up, but I feel like I managed to not fuck it up. 

This was actually the second of the 'stroke for me' pages that I did, and I ended up making use of the copy/paste tool, a bit.  A shameful display, I know.  Also, the picture doesn't look like a mother and son.  Mutual masturbation pics like that are actually really difficult to find, for some reason.  Overall, I feel like this could have been expanded, or even scrapped altogether, for a different ad.  I was originally planning on having one called, 'Acolove <3' that amounted to JOI for fempeds, using boys as the 'voice'.  Maybe I should have gone with that.

See, it's basically the exact same thing.  These won't be right next to each other in-game, but that doesn't really excuse this sort of thing.  The pictures's good at least.  Also, I like that it's on CD and cassette tape.  I feel like that reminds the player that the game is taking place in 1998. 

I really had a tough time deciding on a picture for this one.  On one end, I had pictures of milves in panties, that I could use, but on the other hand, I had pictures of boys sniffing the panties, as well.  As an aside, though, there's not actually as much panty sniffing hentai as I thought there would be.  It shows up in mangas all the time, but it's surprisingly rare outside of that.  In the end, I decided to go with the milves, because in the end, the panties are being sold to men/boys, and my audience is mostly men, as well.  A picture of a boy jerking off isn't going to be particularly arousing for most of you. 
The text for this one was really fun to write.  I wanted to go for a 'fun/sexy/playful/teasing' sort of thing, like a big sister catching her little brother playing with her panties, and teasing him about it, but not being particularly mad about it.  The 'ultimate symbol of their feminine beauty' part was kind of difficult to find the words for.  I'm not totally sure if I managed to get across the idea that I was trying to express.  Basically, I was trying to establish the idea that some Lilian boys treat the panties of their High Priestesses like holy relics, and cherish them forever.  Not totally sure whether that's cute, or creepy.  Maybe a little bit of both.  But anyway, at $20 a pair, I'm sure the High Priestesses wouldn't give a shit, either way. 
That price, by the way, is actually quite low for used panties, I'm pretty sure.  It's difficult to find rates on these, but from what I've seen online, the going price is $50 a pair, and it goes up from there, often depending on how much the woman thinks that she can get out of a man.  Beta Wrangling is an artform, and some women can pull in over $2000 a month, for very little actual work.  It's strange, though, to watch 2 beta wranglers fight it out over a whale, though.  They get vicious, and usually, it destroys the entire facade, and they both end up losing their beta.  But in the end, the internet is full of betas, so really, it's not a huge deal for them. 

Somebody should make a 50's style cowboy country song about Beta Wrangling, complete with jew harp, and yodeling.  I think it would be hilarious.


So that's it for the magazine ads, unless I decide to do another 12 magazines, which I might do, but I don't really want to do.  I fully plan on running this series into the ground, and in fact, I'm in the process of doing that now, but I'm not going to do it by retreading the exact same ground over and over.  Not when I've got an entire series of storybooks to poorly write. 

Next up is the final Nun Lifestyle story, and the intro to the Nun Lifestyle pamphlet.  I've decided that I'm going to be making it into the 18 page pamphlet, and not the 13 page pamphlet.  Well, I say that as if I haven't already written and chosen pics for all 5 of the story intros.  I feel like it flows better with intros.  All I've got left to write for that pamphlet is the outro. 
After the next Nun Lifestyle story, it's back to the Timid Boys pamphlet.  Next up in that pamphlet is the 'Post Film Lilization' block, which is substantially more sexual than the stuff that came before.  Basically, we really are over the hump, there.  3 of the 4 pics feature explicit sex or full frontal female nudity. 

So we're getting to the new stuff, now, which means that I actually have to start really writing again.  I'll be replacing the Magazine Ads with the Mommy Bubble pamphlet, and I might actually be replacing the Nun Lifestyle pamphlet with the Mommy Bubble pamphlet, as well.  I might replace it with storybooks, though, or go through some of the random sets that I have, and write little narrative vignettes for them, along the lines of the Nerd Girl set. 

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