Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mommy Bubble Training 1

This is the first part of the training block of the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  It also includes the pamphlet intro. 

Training 1
Training 2


intro - In our community, we have a problem with dependency.  It's not a dependency on men, or drugs, but it's almost as insidious.  Our boys, unfortunately, can develop a dependency on *us*, their mothers.  This was a huge problem in the early days of our faith, and is still a problem among more remote Lilians.  This problem is called, "The Mommy Bubble", and it is something that must be *actively* opposed.  The Mommy Bubble is an issue that arises when a boy is not exposed to sexual partners outside of his mother.  He becomes dependent on his mother's love, and unable to connect with girls his age, or women in the acceptable age range for permanent partnership.  In short, he never moves out, and he never starts his own life.  He never donates his essence, to create a child, and he never donates his time and resources to the Revolution.  He never knows the joy of servitude to our ladies, and he never receives the full blessing of Our Goddess in the afterlife.  As a mother, your job is to guide your son towards a life that honors and serves Our Goddess, and her Revolution.  You should not allow your own feelings of love and protectiveness become a burden on your son, and prevent him from moving forward, and giving himself to Our Goddess.  Remember, the rewards for the mother of a devoted male revolutionary are greater than those of the revolutionary, himself.  Jenni Vertanen, the High Priestess of the Eugene Temple, has grown up in the Temple, and was present at its founding.  She has seen, over the years, the pitfalls that many of our mothers end up driving themselves, and their sons, into.  Often, they start out with good intentions, but are unable to turn those good intentions into positive outcomes.  Jenni's son, Aster, is well on his way to becoming one of our greatest monks, and his servitude will be a huge boon to the lucky lady who takes him as her slave.  We, as mothers, should look to Jenni Vertanen as an example of how to raise our own sons.  We should train our sons to become good slaves, and we should *welcome* the necessary transfer of ownership from mother to mistress.  This is what Our Goddess has decreed, and this is one of our greatest joys, as mothers. 

bfa_001_1 - Aster is mine.  I created him, and Our Goddess has decreed that he is *my property*.  To have and hold, to train, and love.  No human being has the right to separate a truly Lilian mother and child.  When I brought Aster into this world, I decided that I would teach him to be among the greatest submissives that our Temples had ever known.  He would be kind, compassionate, loving, and very talented, sexually.  A perfect Lilian boy.  This wasn't done out of some overbearing vanity, however.  In order to serve the Lilian Revolution, Aster would have to be a successful Lilian man.  In order to become a successful Lilian man, Aster would need to be a model Lilian boy.  I started my training early.  During Aster's nursing time, the two of us would often snuggle and bond.  Laying, reclined, on my lap, he would drink from me, as I, gently, stroked his face and neck, cooing to him, as we pleased each other.  Later, as he grew older, I would stimulate him, my fingers dancing over his sensitive glans and shaft.  I would tenderly retract his foreskin, revealing his delicate head, before hiding it again.  I believe he had his first orgasm when he was only four years old.  Over time, as he got older, we were able to do more.  I taught him how to finger me, by fingering him, and before his first day of school, we'd shared our first mutual orgasm.

bfa_002_1 - Sexual training should be a huge part of a Lilian boy's upbringing.  I started training Aster shortly after he was born, and haven't stopped since.  Naturally, he is extremely skilled.  He first entered me when he was 5 years old.  This was, of course, after enjoying my warm mouth, soft breasts, and deft fingers.  We'd played with dildos, and he'd watched, stiffness in hand, as I donned a strapon, and plunged deeply into my many girlfriends.  I was his first lover, and he still regards me, warmly, as his favorite.  Unsurprisingly, *he* is regarded, by many girls and women, as the best lover they've ever had.  But that status isn't just some accident.  It is the culmination of years of sexual training.  Each night, when the two of us retired to our bedroom, I would spread my legs for him, and take pleasure from his wet tongue.  Then, we'd open our toybox, and his tutoring would begin.  A new position, a new technique, a new way to use a toy, or even just a lesson on foreplay.  Nothing was off limits, and in the end, the two of us would collapse onto the bed, sticky, and sleepy, but satisfied.  Over time, his skills increased, and he became the talk of the Temple!

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