Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nun Lifestyle 5 Retrospective

I really like these, story-wise.  I feel like they give a lot of backstory for the Lilians, as well as giving the reader a nice fap story, at the same time.  I feel like the two are woven together very well.  It's nice that I had 3 pages for this one, I wish I'd had 3 pages for all of them.


The first page sets up the story, like usual.  Because I have 3 pages, I felt like I could afford to put the sex in the backseat a little bit, here.  I give a lot of information about the overall organization, and about the Frisco Temple.  The sex here is pretty low key, so I decided not to give it too much screen time.  I could have gone through exactly how it felt, and all that, but I felt like there was little need.

The second page introduces 2 more boys, and strips the Nun somewhat, but it's largely the same picture, overall.  The sex is a bit more front-and-center here, there's still not too much of it, but there's a bit more, and at the very least, it gives the reader a fun setting to think about.  In retrospect, more sex here may have been needed. 

The third page is the 'sex' page.  Our Nun is on her back, legs spread, and servicing multiple boys.  There's a pretty big sex block in this one, which I like.  I feel like the sex turned out pretty well in this page.  I wish that I had been able to add in more boys, and stress the 'creampie gangbang' element of this scene a bit more.  Instead, I focused a bit on the older boy, in order to give the reader some insight on what happens to older Lilians.  I'm not totally sure whether I made the right call here, but in the end, it's written and released, so there's nothing I can do about it now. 


Yes, I have finished Taisen, and I'll be giving it its own release post, later this evening.  I'll probably make a page for it, as well. 

Next up is the same old schedule, Timid Boys pamphlet, more video ads, more Nun Lifestyle.  I know this is getting a bit samey, don't worry, variety is coming!  I've got a lot of sets, and I'm planning on making them into very short vignettes for a 'random sex' storybook.  It'll be along the same lines as the magazine stuff, but less focused, and more narrative. 

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