Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nun Lifestyle 5

This is the 5th Nun Lifestyle release.  It consists of 3 pictures, going through a short vignette about the Nun's experience in the San Francisco Temple's private park.


Park Boys 1
Park Boys 2
Park Boys 3


 cg13_11 - Most people think that the Portland Temple was the second to be set up, but that's actually not the case.  The Portland Temple remained a Daughters of Gaia Coven until 1978, while the San Fransisco Coven answered Mother Sophia's call in 1976, and became the San Fransisco Temple.  Since then, the Temple has grown exponentially, and now, we are quite wealthy, and boast a membership in the thousands.  Within the walls of our Temple, we have a little park, which is mostly known as the place where we shoot our orgy and rave videos.  It's not just a setpeice, though!  It's open to all Temple members, and often, I'll go there when I want to relax in a nice, natural, environment.  On this particular day, I was re-reading "Quotations From Our Prophet", when I felt a familiar warmth and wetness on my nether regions.  Since there are no Jehovans in our park, there's no real reason why you can't make yourself nice and comfortable.  For me, that means hiking up my skirt.  For the boy licking me, that meant wearing no pants.  I couldn't complain, of course, his tongue felt amazing, and his stiff cock offered the promise of even more fun.  I finished the paragraph that I was reading, closed my eyes, and focused on the pleasure that my young lover delivered.  I'd seen this little one at the Temple service, and at school, but I hadn't gotten his name.  His tongue was busy, so I decided to ask him later.

cg13_19 - This often happens in the park, especially if you take one of the benches.  You'll be enjoying yourself with one boy, and then a few other boys will see, get horny, and come over to join in.  You can shoo them away if you're not interested, but I *was* interested, so I decided to put my book aside, for the time being, and enjoy what was shaping up to become an impromptu orgy.  I decided that this was probably a good time to get names.  The blue haired boy, who had started licking me was Juniper, the green haired boy was Snowfern, and the brown haired boy was Lovage.  Obviously, they were all born to Lilian mothers, which would explain why they were out prowling in the park that day.  Most converted boys are too timid for that.  These boys, of course, are anything but.  Snowfern was the first to speak, really, coming up behind me, and stroking my arm, asking if he and his friend could join us.  I said yes, and he started kissing my neck, his hands moving to pull up my shirt, baring my breasts, which he then started massaging and teasing.  Lovage was a bit more shy, standing and watching, until I took it upon myself to bring him in, turning towards him, and moving in for a kiss.  His lips met mine, and our tongues intertwined, as we enjoyed each other.  I, of course, was enjoying quite a bit more, with one boy licking my cunt, another playing with my tits, and a third sucking on my tongue.

cg14_2 - If it had just been Juniper and I, I would have kept my seat, pulled him to his feet, and had him pound me in that position.  You see a lot of that in the park, boys standing up, fucking their seated partners, often complete strangers, or acquaintances.  It's just the nature of the Temple Park.  People usually go there to find a sex partner, so it's assumed that if you're there, you're horny.  Sometimes, the older boys will hang out there, looking for an easy lay.  Daniel, a convert, was one such boy.  He's 14 now, and had been with the Temple since he was 10.  We'd sometimes get together and fuck, so when he saw me playing with the younger boys, he came over to watch.  I could see that I was attracting a bit of a crowd, so I spread myself out on the bench, and got to work.  Juniper was first, of course, and I made sure to draw him into my pussy before the others could bully their way past.  Lovage was an odd one, immediately wrapping my soft hair around his cock, and stroking himself with it.  I took Snowfern in my hand, and motioned for Daniel to take my mouth, since I knew he wasn't getting much sex these days.  I made sure to slide one finger up his ass, though, just as a little reminder that he *could* be having lots of great sex, *if* he would just take that little plunge, and go bi, like all the other boys.  My prostate massage had him coming down my throat in only a few minutes.  I took each of them in turn, like that, when one came, another would take his place, and soon, I had pleased them all, along with myself, of course.  They all ran off to play then, all except Daniel, who stuck around for a chat.  The poor dear was worried about his future, and terribly frustrated.  I told him that I would look for a mistress for him, but that he should probably give bisexuality a shot.

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