Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nun Lifestyle 6 Retrospective

So, we're finally at the last Nun Lifestyle story page.  I do like this one, I feel like it ties things together quite nicely, especially with the intro page that I wrote, that will be getting a release later.  This is definitely going at the end of the pamphlet, right before the outro.


This was another example of me slamming into the picture.  I didn't really want to make a story about her sucking this kid off in the middle of a bookstore, or a library, so I just didn't.  I slapped a little thing on the end, and called it good.   It's not ideal, but then, ideal would be having my own artist, and that's never going to happen, most likely. 
So I like this idea, the concept of a Temple Library.  Realistically, a Temple would most likely have a collection of all of their pornographic and religious material.  They'd at least need masters, so that they could make more when needed.  I've also decided, in my headcanon, that the Temples have a little closed circuit TV thing, where they run porno and religious stuff to all the TVs within the Temple complex.  For that to work, though, they'd need a pretty big collection of videos, and that would make a library in itself.  But anyway, this page introduces the library idea, and establishes that the Nuns are allowed to have long term, romantic, relationships.  This entire block, with the chapter (not pamphlet) intro, does a little bit to explain what happens to the boys after they grow up.  The chapter intro actually tackles that question specifically.  Basically, the lucky ones become slaves of the Nuns and Priestesses.  This boy is one of those lucky ones.
I like the story here, I think it's pretty sweet, and does a bit to humanize the Nun character. 

The second picture is pretty decent, it was a little difficult to write for, but I feel like I did a really good job, overall.  This story is much, much, different than the other ones, which I really like.  Variety is good in these stories.  There's nothing that I hate more than repeating myself, and I think that you guys get bored with it, as well.  A less concerned face on the Nun would have been nice, but hey, you take what you can get, right?
I probably overdid it with the metaphors, here.  Screamed like a banshee, pumped like an oil rig, fucked me like a wild stallion...  Yeah, it was a bit excessive.  Oh well.  I like the story, here, though.  I feel like I was able to get enough sex in, and complement the picture well.  

The intro does what all of my intros do, really.  It explains what the pamphlet is, and what it's about, in a (hopefully) entertaining way.  It provides quite a bit of backstory on the overall nun program, and I feel like it's written in a persuasive tone, which it would be, as a type of recruitment pamphlet.  It basically just promises recruits lots of sex, which is a pretty good motivator.  That's what gets a lot of people into the marines, at least. 
I may or may not have succeeded in giving the Nun a distinctive 'voice'.  I'm still learning how to do that, and I feel like she may have come off sounding like Jenni or the Editor.  Not sure.  The little hearts are certainly Jenni-esque.  Again, it's kind of a 'whatever' thing, at this point.  I'm not rewriting it.  Also, the picture that I used for her didn't really scale well.  That's actually something that I might experiment with, and redo for the final release.  When I do the outro, I'll try cutting her off at the thighs, or waist, and see how it looks. 


So there's the Nun Lifestyle 6 release.  Next up is the Post Art Film Lilization Block of the Timid Boys pamphlet.  Then, we've got the beginnings of the Mommy Bubble pamphlet, and then I'll probably do the Timid Boys pamphlet, or possibly do one of the many random filler sets that I've got lying around.  We'll see what happens. 

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