Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nun Lifestyle 6

This is the final page of Nun Lifestyle stories.  It features the Nun with her long-term boyfriend, with emphasis on 'boy'.  The intro to the overall pamphlet is being released along with it.  


Nun Boyfriend 1
Nun Boyfriend 2


cg19_2 - I've known Foxleaf here for quite some time.  He was in my first sunday school class, and I've watched him grow into a very sweet 11 year old.  I'm actually considering taking him as a submissive when he's old enough.  He's quite the bookish sort, and can often be found in the Temple's Library.  Now, *most* boys spend all of their time in the 'Devotional' section, lounging on one of the beanbag chairs, and slowly stroking themselves to a nice storybook.  Foxleaf, however, likes to hang out in the 'Scholarship' section, reading the many works of our prophet, monks, and nuns.  We tried to get him into the acolyte program, but he was a little too shy.  I think he prefers having just one partner, outside of his mother.  For some time now, that partner has been, well, me!  I'm always trying to get him out of his shell, and give him a little relief, since he's so naturally stuffy and serious.  Normally, I'll sneak up behind him, while he's studying, and put my hands over his eyes, whispering a soft, 'guess who?' into his ears.  I'll follow that up with a nice, warm, kiss on his neck, and slide my hands down to gently tease his nipples, and give his cock a playful little squeeze.  I'll take his hand, and lead him to the 'Devotional' section.  The librarians know by now not to put his books away.  When we get to the devotional section, I'll have him pick out a nice picturebook for us to enjoy, and we'll retire to one of the beanbag chairs for a little while, and have a good time.  Sometimes, though, we don't even make it to the chairs, before I have to get my lips around him. 

cg20_03 - I've always had a desire to get my Foxy little lover out of his shell, but I never imagined that he'd develop a fetish for doing it in public!  It seemed so... out of character for him.  But nevertheless, one evening, while we were paging through a small picturebook about outdoor sex, I noticed that he was getting very, very, stiff, more than usual.  He couldn't even hold himself back from stroking, which is quite unusual.  Normally, we'll go through the book together, lightly touching ourselves, but saving the really fun stuff for after we finish. This time, though, his cock was out by page 6, and he was off, pumping like an oil-rig, and moaning like a whore.  I was intrigued!  He'd never shown this much arousal before.  After he came, which didn't take long, I decided to ask him about it.  He said that the idea of fucking in public was a real turn on, and that he wanted to try it with me sometime.  Well, I always say, no time like the present!  I took his hand, and led him out to the Temple Park.  I asked him if it was alright, but he said he wanted something 'real'.  Well, I take Johns in public all the time, so I knew some good spots.  The closest one was a phone booth, about 10 minutes from the Temple.  Relatively secluded, and just the right size.  There's even a little table to sit on!  When we got there, my little Foxhound was the hardest he'd ever been, and he wasted no time stripping me, and getting me up against the wall of the booth.  He rammed his cock home with a force and roughness, that was as sexy as it was unexpected, and fucked me like a wild stallion.  I screamed like a banshee, as he brought me to orgasm after orgasm, and pulled him deep, as he filled my pussy with his hot cum.

intro - Hey there!  If you're reading this, I guess you're wondering what it is us Nuns do all day.  Well, I can tell you what we're *not* doing!  We're not wrapped up in burlap sacks, poring over the Gospel for weeks on end.  We're not kneeling in front of statues whispering in Latin, and we're definitely not rapping the knuckles of misbehaving boys.  We do learn, pray, and teach, but we do it *our* way, the *Lilian* way, because we're Lilian Nuns.  The Nun program is a very old one, dating back to the beginnings of the Temple.  Before there were Acolytes and their Priestesses, there were Nuns.  Nuns set up the first printing of the Gospel of Lilith.  Nuns built our first Temples, Nuns organized the expansion of the Lilian idea, through mailing lists and the satellite Temple program, and Nuns ensured that the teachings of Our Goddess remained unaltered.  We have many roles within the overall Temple.  We teach the children, look for new recruits, and generally do what is required of us to advance the Lilian Revolution.  Of course, we also have *a lot* of fun!  The average week for a Lilian Nun is full of sex.  Sex with a prospective convert, sex with a student or sister Nun, sex with a young boyfriend, or future servant.  If you become a Lilian Nun, expect your love life to improve significantly, almost overnight.  One of your most important jobs is recruitment, so during your training, we teach you the concepts that you'll need to attract and entice boys, and women.  No matter what your personal appearance is, you *can* become a seductive, sexy, and successful, Lilian Nun!  In this pamphlet, I'll be taking you through some of the different facets of being a Lilian Nun, and talking about my own experiences.  I'll warn you right now, it's a *lot* of sex, so if you're a little prudish, you can just put the pamphlet down now!  Still here?  Great!  Let's get started! <3

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