Monday, January 19, 2015

Nun LIfestyle Chapter Intros 1

These are the chapter intros for the Nun Lifestyle Pamphlet.  They essentially function as a sort of framework to understand the individual stories. 


Education (school boy)
Recruitment (outdoor boy)
Discipline (spoiled boy)


EDUCATION - Ever wonder how our boys get *so good* at fucking?  They take a class on it!  All of our Temples have a schoolhouse, and as a nun, one of your jobs is to work there.  Don't worry about whether you have 'the right stuff', as long as you passed High School, you can teach!  Really!  We offer every class that exists in the Jehovan school system, as well as a few of our own.  As a teacher, you'll have the opportunity to instruct young Lilians on cooking, sewing, language, and of course, *sex*!  If you're still not too keen on being a teacher, though, don't worry, you'll only have to spend a couple days per week in the schoolhouse.  Of course, we *do* offer permanent positions for those who enjoy instructing our valuable youth. 

RECRUITMENT - One of your most important jobs will be recruitment.  You will be recruiting both boys and women, but mostly boys.  The recruitment process is a lot of fun, and if you consider yourself a 'virgin killer', you'll *love* being a nun!  Recruiting basically entails going out into the Jehovan community, finding a perfect, virgin, boy, and teaching him all about the love of Our Goddess.  It's exactly as fun as you'd expect it to be, and surprisingly simple, as well.  Most boys are just begging to be 'taken', and when they resist, well, that's even more fun!  Our Goddess has listed a great deal of special rewards for the brave and talented women who work to expand her revolution in this way, so if you're interested in having a harem of cuties in this world, *and* the next, the nun program is definitely the right choice!

DISCIPLINE - One of the often overlooked jobs for a nun is disciplining the male Lilian population.  Let's not beat around the bush.  Many of our boys are spoiled, and usually, their mothers are to blame.  It's hard to say no to your baby, especially when he's taking you to heaven every night!  Often, a Lilian mother won't have the heart to discipline her little lover, so she'll 'outsource' the job to a local nun.  Don't worry, you won't have to dress up in leather and crack out the whip, although that option is available.  During your training, you'll learn many different methods of training a boy, and reshaping his development.  These methods range from gentle suggestions, to harsh demands, but they're always safe, and effective.  You'll have plenty of opportunities to train yourself in domination, and plenty of cute submissives to shape and reform.

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