Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nun Lifestyle Chapter Intros 2 and Pamphlet Retrospective

Ah, the end of a pamphlet.  It's a pretty good feeling, even for a pamphlet as small as this one.  I'll be discussing the overall pamphlet later.


The intro here has already been discussed.  I made a a couple of changes to formatting, though, so I'm rereleasing it.  Basically, I antialiased the hearts, and ran the indexing differently.  I also nixed the Nun's feet, so I could make her bigger.  Sorry to all you shoe fetishists.

The outro was difficult to write at first, but then I remembered what a conclusion is supposed to be, and it got way easier.  Basically, I restated what was already said in the Chapter Intros, but tried to tie it together, and give it a revolutionary focus.  I didn't give the Nun a name, even though I probably could have.  There isn't really a reason why.  I just didn't do it.  Part of the reason is that I didn't want to think up a job title for her.  Overall, I like the way that I wrote this.

The playtime/park chapter intro is quite short.  The picture was easy to find.  I had a couple of different options, but I chose this one, because it has characters that I've used before.  That's really the only reason.  The text talks a bit about the playtime, and lets the reader know that it's not all sex with the Lilians.  I considered using a picture with some lolis, and maybe I should have, but eh, whatever.  I think it came out decently enough without them.

The romance/foxleaf chapter intro is one that I really like.  The pictures that I chose from were all nursing handjob pics, which are my go-to for when I want to have a romantic picture.  It's a very maternal position, that gives the reader a nice view.
I like the pic here, the girl is quite pretty, and the head stroking is nice, as well.  The boy is dressed up like a girl, which is what it is, but I don't think it really detracts from anything.  The only real issue with the pic is that the resolution isn't that great, but hey, you can't win em' all, right?
The text here focuses on the big question of 'what happens when they grow up'.  I kind of wish that I'd said 'take one of the boys as a long term slave', but I feel like it works either way.  I like the second to last line, as well, about welcoming the transition from boy to man, instead of dreading it.  I feel like it acknowledges the fact that the Lilians consider manhood to be an unfortunate reality, but one that they've developed a system for.  One of the more interesting themes to write about is the Lilian's perspective towards manhood.


The overall pamphlet I feel was organized and produced quite well.  I kind of wish that I'd made the Intro and Outro pages a different background color, but whatever, that's not really too important.  Not important enough to spend the 10 minutes it would realistically take to redo them.
The addition of the chapter intros was a really, really, great choice.  The chapter intros allow me to structure the pamphlet, and give some context for the stories.  I'm really glad that I decided to go ahead and write those.  Without them, this pamphlet would have had no real framework or direction.  It wouldn't have been a real pamphlet.  Keeping them relatively short was another good choice.  I'm starting to learn that less can often be more when it comes to these.
The stories themselves are a very mixed bag.  I feel like they add a lot of good story, and complement the chapter intros quite well.  They are the bulk of the pamphlet, and they are where most of the 'usable content' lies.  I'm glad that I was able to take a set, and turn it into an overarching narrative.  I feel like the Nun has a good character, and like her character gets something of an arc, starting with her dual careers as a hooker/nun, and leading into her romantic involvement with Foxleaf.  This arc is designed to suggest that, through her 'ownership' of him, and his 'good works', her rank in the Temple will rise, as he grows up, and uses his intelligence to further the goals of the Lilians.
The story of Daniel, the older convert, was equally interesting, from an overall storyline perspective.  I'll be honest, it's not pretty, and it's not exactly the ideal, but it's the story.  I've made a conscious decision to have these not be peaches and cream type fantasies.  The overall story is naturally going to bother some people, and that is what it is.  I'm presenting fantasies, but I'm also presenting realities, and often, those two story directions end up clashing with each other.  I feel like it's important to realize, though, that the propaganda designed for boys, and the propaganda designed for women, present very different stories.  This is intentional. 

This pamphlet is available for direct download. The link is below.


So shit, what now?  Well, I'll be continuing the Timid Boys pamphlet, and starting on the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  I'm thinking that I'll also start on the first of the storybooks.  I've been putting off, because I'm still scared of fucking it up, and looking like an asshole, but in the end, you don't grow as a writer by not writing, and you definitely don't grow as a writer by writing only things that you're used to writing.  So I need to start on those.

Next up is the FFm block of the Timid Boys pamphlet, and then it's the first Training block of the Mommy Bubble pamphlet, which I might end up rewriting, to make the boy (Aster) older.  I'll have to think about it.  After that, we'll see whether I've gotten started on the first Storybook, or not. 

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