Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nun Lifestyle Chapter Intros 2

This is the second, and final, instalment of the Nun Lifestyle Chapter Intros set.  It marks the end of the development of the Nun Lifestyle pamphlet.  It covers the final 2 Chapter Intros, and the Outro.  I also redid the Intro, but there's no new text.  It's just a formatting change.




intro - Hey there!  If you're reading this, I guess you're wondering what it is us Nuns do all day.  Well, I can tell you what we're *not* doing!  We're not wrapped up in burlap sacks, poring over the Gospel for weeks on end.  We're not kneeling in front of statues whispering in Latin, and we're definitely not rapping the knuckles of misbehaving boys.  We do learn, pray, and teach, but we do it *our* way, the *Lilian* way, because we're Lilian Nuns.  The Nun program is a very old one, dating back to the beginnings of the Temple.  Before there were Acolytes and their Priestesses, there were Nuns.  Nuns set up the first printing of the Gospel of Lilith.  Nuns built our first Temples, Nuns organized the expansion of the Lilian idea, through mailing lists and the satellite Temple program, and Nuns ensured that the teachings of Our Goddess remained unaltered.  We have many roles within the overall Temple.  We teach the children, look for new recruits, and generally do what is required of us to advance the Lilian Revolution.  Of course, we also have *a lot* of fun!  The average week for a Lilian Nun is full of sex.  Sex with a prospective convert, sex with a student or sister Nun, sex with a young boyfriend, or future servant.  If you become a Lilian Nun, expect your love life to improve significantly, almost overnight.  One of your most important jobs is recruitment, so during your training, we teach you the concepts that you'll need to attract and entice boys, and women.  No matter what your personal appearance is, you *can* become a seductive, sexy, and successful, Lilian Nun!  In this pamphlet, I'll be taking you through some of the different facets of being a Lilian Nun, and talking about my own experiences.  I'll warn you right now, it's a *lot* of sex, so if you're a little prudish, you can just put the pamphlet down now!  Still here?  Great!  Let's get started! <3

outro - Are you dead set on joining, yet?  It's okay if you aren't quite ready.  Becoming a Lilian Nun is a big commitment, and it's not something that just anyone can do.  There are other ways to get involved, but I've found that this 'full commitment' to the Temple has been a wonderful journey, and it's something that I wouldn't ever give up.  I love being a nun, and I think that most nuns do.  We have a lot of fun in our sisterhood, but we also contribute, greatly, to the success of Our Goddess' Revolution.  Our recruitment efforts bring more than just boys into the temple.  The boys that we recruit often go back to their families, and friends, converting them, one by one, and bringing them under the loving mantle of Our Goddess.  The discipline that we instill in our boys not only makes them more attentive to their mothers, it gives them a newfound love for Our Goddess, and often restructures their entire being, towards her, and towards revolution.  The education that we impart on our young ones helps them to grow into men that not only have the will, but also the *means* to build the Empire of Lilith, here on Earth.  The playtime that we share with our boys, and our girls, gives them the opportunity to be children, and have fun!  Too often in our community, we forget that our little ones are, in fact, little.  Sexual play is still play, and we make sure to keep things fun and light-hearted during playtime.  Our romantic relationships, however, are much more serious.  Our Goddess has commanded us to keep our men and boys in submission.  Some in our communities forget the word 'keep', as in, *keep* them around.  Our temples invest a great amount of resources into training these boys to become revolutionaries, but all revolutionary fighters need a leader, and as a nun, you would be the 'vanguard' of our uprising.  You would be a leader of men.  All leaders need lieutenants, and your long term slave would be that lieutenant.  The role of a nun in our faith is nuanced, and complex, but it is also very important.  The life of a nun is sometimes challenging, but always enjoyable.  If you would like to join our ranks, speak to a representative at your local Temple, or email the High Priestess of your regional Temple.  Hope to see you soon!

PLAYTIME - Being a nun is an important job, but that doesn't mean that it's all work, all the time!  We give our little ones *lots* of playtime during the day, and as a nun, you'll be playing right along with them.  In addition to non-sexual games and outdoor group activities, you'll have the opportunity to get lots of one on one, or *two* on one playtime with the boys and girls of your choice.  You'll develop deep and lasting bonds within the Lilian community, and really help our children to develop into healthy, happy, and most importantly, pious, Lilian adults.  Don't feel bad about showering these boys with love, as a nun, it's your job!

ROMANCE - It is an unfortunate fact of life that our boys *do* grow up, and for a long time, we were quite unsure about what to do with them.  One of your *joys*, as a Lilian nun, will be to take one of our boys as your long-term slave.  This is something that is encouraged of all of our sisters, but as a nun, it is one of your duties.  Of course, as a nun, it's also quite natural.  You'll be spending a lot of time at the Temples, getting to know each of the boys, quite intimately.  At some point, you'll find a boy thats... different from the others.  The two of you will have a special connection.  You'll eagerly await his arrival to your classes, and you'll envy his mother when she comes to pick him up at the end of the day.  In short, you'll fall in love, and when that happens, you'll come to welcome, and not dread, your chosen boy's transformation into a man.  It's quite natural, and quite beautiful, as well.  As a nun, the chances of having this wonderful experience are much greater than they would be for a regular Lilian. 

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