Monday, January 19, 2015

Nun Lifestyle Chapter Intros Retrospective

These came out, more or less, the way I wanted them to.  Their only purpose is to give a little bit of meaning to the stories, and I feel like they do that reasonably well.  The text ended up being short and sweet, most of these were only about 800 characters, as opposed to the 1000+ that I normally do. 


The first page was somewhat difficult to find a picture for.  Not so much because there weren't enough pictures, but because there were far too many pictures.  The 'sexy schoolteacher' fetish is extremely widespread, to the point where there have been multiple songs written on the topic.  There's tons of porn for it, and it was difficult to find the right pic.  I decided on this one because I like the artist, and it looks like the teacher is basically getting it from multiple boys, one after another.  Also, it's a sex-ed course, as evidenced from the diagram in the background.  The only real issue is that the mattress is pretty gross looking.  Can't win em' all, I guess. 
The text is pretty straightforward, it explains the entire 'nuns as part-time teachers' thing.  It also stresses that the teaching isn't really something that is considered difficult.  Since all of the nuns have to do it, there would probably be a lot of variety in the electives.
This page comes right before the 'schoolhouse' pictures, with the Nun and the red haired boy.  

The second page was pretty easy to find a picture for.  I was down to 2 pics, basically with similar ideas.  Porno mags strewn around, with the characters fucking.  The other one had more of a 'teaching' sort of atmosphere, though, and I wanted to differentiate between it and the education page.  I like Saigado's artwork.  He/They have been doing this for a long time, so they know how to make good /ss/. 
The text is fun and friendly here, and it kind of glosses over the danger of going out and molesting little boys.  It pushes the idea that being a nun is all about the sex.  The run-on sentence at the end is something that I try to avoid, normally, but wasn't really able to get rid of here. 
This page comes right before the 'outdoor' pictures, with the Nun and the blue haired boy.  

The third page was extremely difficult to find a good picture for, and I'm not totally sure whether this pic is exactly the perfect one for the job.  You can barely see the woman, just her ass, and the riding crop.  Most of the pic is taken up with boycocks,  and the woman's back is quite muscular.  The boys themselves are looking downwards, to where a cock could be.  But then, dominatrices are, often, quite muscular, and they do often wear strapons.  It's difficult to say what's going on in this picture.  Most of the other pics that I had to use were either too soft, or too hard.  Hopefully I picked the right one, here.
The text is very much an intro to the story that comes after it.  I basically present the exact situation in the story.  I'm not sure whether this is the best method to use with these.  It feels like I'm repeating myself a bit.  Oh well.  I feel like this one is the weakest of the 3. 

 So I didn't end up writing as much as I'd wanted to for the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  I did the first 2 pages, which is good, and I think I'll be able to crank out another tonight, but it's pretty slow going, for some reason.  I think it might be because I still haven't really fleshed out what the 'Mommy Bubble' is.  I'll have to think about it.

Next up is the 'Initial Integration' block, which, unfortunately, has substantially less pornographic content than the  last one.  I know, I said it would be nonstop sex, but these are actually sort of like introductions to the FFm block, which actually is nothing but sex.  After that is the second Nun Lifestyle Chapter Intro block, and the outro for the Nun Lifestyle pamphlet. 

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