Friday, January 16, 2015

Post Art-Film Lilization

This is the Post Art-Film Lilization block of the Timid Boys pamphlet.  It goes through the general ideas and tactics used to bring the boy into the Temple, after the relationship has become overtly sexual. 


Lilization Intro
Lilization 1
Lilization 2
Lilization 3


 snuggle - After the art film, your boy will have had his first orgasm, and so, now is the time to start further integrating him into the Lilian faith, and community.  This process, for lack of a better term, is called, "Lilization".  There are 3 main points in this process.  The first is reincorporating certain rules into his life.  The second is religious training, and incorporating the teachings of Our Prophet into his everyday schedule.  The third is submission training, and ensuring that he respects and obeys you, as well as all women.  This process is every bit as important as the last few.  Right now, your boy is sexually active, and he's in love with you.  This is good, but it can't stop there.  He needs to be in love with Lilith, and the overall organization, not just you.  You aren't going to be with this boy forever, and so, his loyalty to you personally, is of little consequence.  Ideally, this boy should be ready and willing to please and obey any woman who shows interest.

sextutor - Our first focus is the reincorporation of rules into your boy's life, at least, with you.  It's important to be gradual with this, and not immediately start disallowing things that the two of you previously enjoyed together.  The consumption of particularly Jehovan works should be first on the 'chopping block', but that's not the real focus.  The truly important thing is to set up ground rules for sex.  Up until now, you've probably been giving your boy free reign to touch you in whatever way pleases him.  This needs to change.  He needs to know that your pleasure is substantially more important than his, and that your body, while not fragile, or delicate, *is* an extension of Lilith's body.  The best way to do this is to take your boy on a 'tour' of your nether regions, teaching him what to touch, how to touch, and most importantly, how *not* to touch.  Take his hand in yours, and show him how to please you.  Give lots of feedback, and make sure he knows when he's made you happy.

outdoors - Our second focus is religious training.  This is best done in nature, as Our Goddess suggests in the early chapters of her Gospel, and Our Prophet suggests in many of her writings.  This is because the religious training is also sexual exploration, and you want your boy's first sexual memories, to also be nature memories.  Take him out for a day, to someplace nice and secluded, green, and relaxing.  Lay down on a sheet or towel, and talk to him about the faith, slowly stroking his soft, smooth, skin, giving him pleasure, and allowing him to explore your body.  Teach him about Our Goddess, and her plans for the universe.  Let him ask questions, and answer honestly.  He should have converted already, this is just 'sealing the deal'.  If you haven't taken his virginity yet, this is a good time to do so.  Give him as many soft kisses as you can, and show him that Lilian love is gentle, caring, and extremely satisfying.  Always start with religious teaching, but make sure you've both had at least one orgasm before you take him home.

lapstroke - Our third focus is submission training.  Now, many of our sisters confuse 'submission' with 'bondage', and 'masochism'.  They are *not* the same.  You can, and should, dominate without the props and pain that we often imagine when we think of domination.  The best submissives obey because they want to, not because they'll be beaten if they don't.  Submission training for your boy can take a number of forms, none of which require tying or beating.  Having your boy hold his hands behind his back, while you perform a striptease and lapdance for him, is an act of submission.  Having your boy lick you until, and after, his jaw gets tired, is an act of submission.  The greatest acts of submission, though, are simply, *obeying*.  As long as he treats you as 'pack leader', he is submitting.  Domination doesn't mean that he gets no pleasure, it means that his pleasure is less important than your pleasure.  So for example, if he wants to fuck, but you want to lick him all over, he gets licked.  If he wants a titjob, but you want to fuck, than you fuck.  He's still cumming, and so are you, but it's being done *your way*.

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