Friday, January 2, 2015

Timid Boys Art Film 1 Retrospective

So I'm still not totally sure of these pictures, but I think they're better than nothing, and at the very least, they somewhat relate to the text, even if it's just a tangential relation.  It's not perfect, but then, nothing ever is.  The important thing is that the content gets released.  An imperfect release is 1000 times more useful than a work in progress that sits on your HD forever.


The first page is just an introduction to the art film, as a concept.  I spent a lot of time and energy on the art film, because it's essentially my stand in for a 'take his virginity' page.  Personally, I think it's a pretty good stand in, and I feel that it provides a very satisfying cherry pop story. 
There is a somewhat freaky idea, though, that the nuns have this very specific procedure that they use to take these boys' virginities, and so each boy's cherry pop story is the same.  That's kind of creepy, to be honest, but I'm hoping that either the reader doesn't think about it too much, or that the reader takes that bit as extra complexity. 
The picture was chosen because the characters appear to be sitting on a couch.  That's really it.  I do like this artist a lot though, and I've used quite a few of his works in this pamphlet. He does a lot of SFW stuff.

The second page is an introduction to the specific film that the Nuns are supposed to use.  It's essentially just Schindler's List, but with more /ss/.  It even does the saturation thing.  Anyway, I feel like there would most likely be a lot of these sorts of films, and the individual Nuns would pick one that they like, or pick one that mirror's their boy's individual life, rather than just go for the standard one. 
I do wonder how a boy would respond to something like this, though.  Kids aren't stupid, so he'd probably catch on to the fact that this movie is a little 'different' from the normal ones.  It's kind of like hanging out with a bunch of black people, and they're all talking about how much they hate whites, and you guys go and shoot guns together every weekend, and then one day they invite you over for a screening of "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song".  It's pretty obvious what they're after.  Actually, reading that again, it's a much more relevant analogy than I had initially expected it to be. 
Anyway, a young boy would probably be pretty aware of what the Nun was trying to do, but most likely, he'd just go along with it, if he liked the Nun. 
The picture is supposed to be representative of the cover of the movie.  The Japanese does not say 'My Little Rosebud', but I used it anyway.  It's a really cute picture.

I had far too much fun writing this.   I sort of channelled Andrew Ryan from Bioshock, and Mussolini, with maybe a little hint of Mao, as well, when I was deciding on the exact phrasing and structure for this. 
This is really a part of the pamphlet that shows, in a particularly visceral way, who it was written for.  This isn't the relaxed optimism of the magazine, or the fun suggestions of the position pamphlet.  This is clearly propaganda, meant to reinforce ideas that already exist in someone's mind, and call them to action.  It is assumed that the reader (a Nun in training) is already on board with the revolution, and seeks to push them further towards an extremist mindset with regards to it. 
I like the 'saplings into trees' bit, although I wish I had been able to put it on the next line.  I feel like that particular sentence reminds the reader of the history and overall ideological framework of the Lilians, as a type of pedophilic Maoist/Wiccan cult.  It draws a clear line of distinction between the Lilians and their enemies, which characterizes them as an overall organization. 
I also like the disconnect between the suggested movie's negative portrayal of fascism, and Jenni's pseudo-fascist speech on why brainwashing little boys is completely sound, from an ethical perspective. 


The next release of Art Film pages will probably be much more explicit, in both written and visual content.   There are only 2 parts to the Art Film block, and then we get to the 'post cherrypop lilization' block, which is 4 pages, and quite sexual.  Then there's the 'multiple girls' block, which is something that I think you'll all enjoy.  After that, is the 'intro to BDSM' block, which covers (very) light femdom, and will probably be another favorite.  Then orgies, and the outro. 
So don't worry, this is 'the hump', of the Timid Boys pamphlet, and after this, it's sex, sex, sex. 

Next up for release is Video/Audio/Product Ads.  I'm at 16 video ads, so far, and I think I've got 2 more video ads planned out, and then I'll have 3 audio ads, and 3 product ads.  The videos are one parody, and one original.  The audio will end up being 2 JOE style tapes, and then a Gospel of Lilith on tape.  The products are vodka steeped in little boy undies, a boycock dildo, and a set of worn panties from popular High Priestesses. 

But immediately, it'll probably be the 2 videos, 1 audio, and 1 product.  After that, it'll be the second to last Nun Lifestyle set, which will become a pamphlet.  The last Nun Lifestyle set will be released with the intro and outro for that pamphlet.  Overall, the pamphlet will end up being 13 pages.  What I might do, though, instead of having the pamphlet be just, 'story, story, story,' I'll introduce each story with a little blurb about why the Nun is doing what she's doing, and how it relates to the overall job of the Nun's corps.  Jesus, Nun's corps?  Anyway, that would pad the pamphlet out to 18 pages.  Some of those stories might be a little difficult to do intros for.  We'll see what happens. 

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