Friday, January 2, 2015

Timid Boys Art Film 1

This is the first part of the Art Film block of the Timid Boys pamphlet.  It describes what the art film is, and how to use it.  It also features a short speech by Jenni that attempts to allay any ethical concerns. 




handupshirt - You know that art film that we keep talking about?  Well, it's finally time to explain it.  Our Temples have produced a number of feature length dramas, that are designed specifically for young converts.  Generally, they feature very straightforward Lilian themes, little dialogue, full frontal nudity, and relatively mild sex scenes.  They can't exactly be qualified as softcore porn, but they do get close.  The heroes are usually a young boy and a woman, and the villains are almost always men.  Most of them have a couple of different versions, one might feature a white woman and a black boy, another might have a plump asian woman, with a thin, middle eastern boy.  When choosing which version to show your boy, pick the one that closely matches *his* appearance, and not your own.  You want him to identify with the male character.  As we've said, these films are specifically designed with converts in mind.  They are meant to drive home some of the basic points of Lilian teaching, and present some arousing, but not explicit, scenes of Lilian love.  The goal of showing these films is threefold.  First, it gets the boy horny, this is the main goal.  Second, it shows him *how* to have sex, through the example of the boy in the film.  Third, it reinforces the Lilian values that you (should) have been introducing to the boy.  After the screening of the Art Film, your boy should be ready for sex, or at least some sexual play. 

snuggle - We've produced more than 10 of these films, but there is one in particular that stands out, as the most successful one.  This film is called "Mon Petit Bouton", which translates into "My Little Rosebud".  The entire movie is in French, but there's not much dialogue.  The basic plot is that a boy and a woman, who are unrelated, are in love, and spend a lot of time at the woman's cottage, and flower shop.  They play together in nature, and tend to the woman's beautiful and well-kept flowerbed.  Their pleasant lifestyle is threatened, however, by a fascist regime, that is growing in strength, day by day.  The woman's flower shop is raided and closed by the fascists, and the boy is tagged for a draft.  They run away, to a neighboring country, and live happily ever after.  There are 2 sex scenes in the film, one in black and white, and another in color.  The film switches between saturation levels depending on the mood.  The first (b/w) sex scene is much less explicit than the later (rgb) one, which takes place immediately before the credits roll, and is designed to get your boy "in the mood".  The idea is that he'll be mildly excited by the first scene, and left wanting more.  The second scene gives him some of what he wants, but then the movie ends, with him hot and horny, and you, open and eager.  You don't necessarily have to take his virginity right then and there, but many of our nuns do, and the movie was designed for it.

nobrainwash - At this point, some of you may be asking yourselves a question, a perfectly valid question, that should be addressed.  Is this brainwashing?  The answer, unfortunately, is yes, on some level it is brainwashing.  But let's ask ourselves a few more questions.  Is it not also brainwashing when a boy is told, through music, or advertisements, or religion, that a woman is his property?  It is not also brainwashing, when a boy is told, through movies and television, that he should be forceful, and take what he wants, whatever the circumstances?  Jehovan society brainwashes our boys, to become 'masculine', and to oppress their mothers and sisters.  It teaches them to rape, steal, and pollute the earth.  It teaches them that everything in the world is theirs, and that they are perfectly justified in taking whatever they want, both from women, the earth, and any man that is weaker than them.  It teaches them to hate, to kill, and to destroy.  This is the brainwashing of the Jehovans, and the Patriarchs.  Our sacred duty, as Lilian Revolutionaries, is to counteract this brainwashing, and the only realistic way to do that, is with brainwashing of our own.  It's not a pretty thought, but it is our duty, and our burden.  Just as saplings grow into trees, boys grow into men.  We have the opportunity, as mothers, sisters, and lovers, to train our boys into becoming the sort of men that will respect and honor us, and Our Goddess.  To let this opportunity slip away because, "they aren't our children", or, "we're brainwashing them", is to shirk our responsibilities, to allow the Jehovans to continue their reign of terror, unchallenged, and unabated.  It is counterrevolutionary, and against the wishes of Our Goddess.  We should drive forward, towards the completion of our revolution, and the realization of Our Goddess' ideals.  We must hold fast to the powerful book that we have been given, and ignore the shrill cries of those who fail to understand the importance of our victory.  It is imperative, that each, and every one of us, is ready, and willing, to do whatever it takes, to ensure the success of our revolution.  Anything less would be a betrayal, to Our Goddess, our planet, and ourselves. 

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