Friday, January 9, 2015

Timid Boys Art Film 2 Retrospective

For some reason, I thought that the pictures for these would end up being much more explicit than they ended up being.  Oh well. 


The picture for this one was chosen because it features the woman and boy in a seated position.  I'm not sure what the deal is with the boy putting food or whatever in the oneechan's mouth.  I saved the file as, 'eatthosebrusselssprouts.jpg'.  I like the picture, despite its odd content.  The onee looks nice, and everyone's smiling.  You wouldn't believe how many /ss/ pics I find where the boy looks like he's about to burst into tears.  Realistic, perhaps, but not exactly useful. 
The text is supposed to come off as a little bit weird, and maybe even slightly creepy.  They're basically giving the Nuns straight up instructions for each part of the movie.  The 'moves', supposedly, would be designed to work the boy up, and slowly push him towards the ultimate goal, which is to take his virginity.  It's essentially a type of PUA, and just like PUA, it treats the object of seduction like, well, an object, and focuses on manipulating them, in a quite mechanical way.  This is intentional.  I probably shouldn't be playing with my audience like that, but in the end, it's the artistic vision that I've picked for this pamphlet. 

The second page is largely a sex fantasy.  It goes through the entire act, from start to finish, but not in a particularly explicit way.  I kind of wish that I had gotten a bit more explicit here, because this would have been the time for it.  I wouldn't have been able to do a straight narrative for this page, but maybe I could have gone through the process in a less clinical way.  Maybe not, I'm not sure.
The picture for this was much more explicit in my head than it actually ended up being when I loaded it up.  Really, you can't see a whole lot, here.  It's quite suggestive, and undeniably erotic, but not explicit.  Whoops.  Anyway, I picked it because they're sitting, and they're having sex.  That's basically it.  I thought that she'd at least have her tits out, or something.  Whatever, it's fine.

The third page is the weakest, overall, and kind of unnecessary, to be honest.  I put it in because I thought it would add something, but really, it doesn't.  It's the sort of thing that would realistically be in the guide, but it's also something that doesn't really add much backstory, and it isn't particularly sexual, either.  I was originally trying to make this page a storyline thing, where it explains the process of getting a Nun to safety if she really fucks up, and the boy runs off sobbing.  That didn't end up getting written.  I'm not totally happy with this page.
The picture was just a throwaway, generic, smiling boy and woman pic.  I wasn't sure what to use for this one.  I guess I could have used a shower pic, but that would've put the emphasis too far on the pissing stuff, which, in retrospect, was a little out of place, and didn't need to be said.  Again, I don't really like this page too much. 


Yes, I know I promised you guys more explicit pics for this one, and I actually thought that I would be able to deliver on that promise.  Unfortunately, that's not the way it turned out.  You have my apologies.  I've actually picked out the next  4 pics, already, though, and 3 of the 4 are explicit.  There is nudity, and there is sex.  Again, I apologize for the lameness of the pics here. 

Next up is the final magazine ads set, and then the final Nun Lifestyle story set.  That's 2 pics, and then the intro/outro.  Then, the after Art Film Lilization stuff for the Timid Boys pamphlet.  Once I'm done with the magazine ads, meaning, next release date, I'll start work on the story intros for the Nun Lifestyle pamphlet, and also the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  In between releases, I'll do my best to do some Joobachi planning.

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