Friday, January 9, 2015

Timid Boys Art Film 2

This is the second Art Film block of the Timid Boys pamphlet.  It goes through the specifics of what the Nun is supposed to do during the screening of the Art Film.


Art Film Exact Procedure
After the Art Film
Art Film Fuckups


eatthosebrusselssprouts - The procedure of screening "Mon Petit Bouton" is not set in stone, and should be adjusted for your individual boy's sexual response, and the progression of the relationship.  We have, however, prepared a small guide for the screening of this film.  We suggest that you start the film away from your boy, on the same seat, but not actually touching him.  Again, not set in stone, if he hops into your lap immediately after you press play, just go with it.  In the beginning, when the woman and boy are playing, you should turn to him and smile, as maternally as possible.  During the scene where the fascist leader is speaking, you should hold his hand, and scoot closer to him.  During the 'fascist takeover' scenes, you should keep holding his hand, and if he crawls into your lap, you should wrap your arms around him.  During the scene where the woman explains the reasons behind the 'Kristalnacht', you should kiss his head, and softly caress him.  During the flower shop destruction scene, you should caress him some more, and hold his hand.  By the time the boy receives his draft notice, *your* boy should be in your lap, and the two of you should be snuggling, comfortably.  During the initial sex scene, you should be caressing him gently, but avoid his nether regions, if possible.  Look and see whether he's hard, though.  During the action scenes, when the woman protects the boy from the fascists, let out a soft 'mmm', while you caress him.  The most important part of the movie, is the final sex scene.  During this scene, he should definitely be *very* close to you.  You should ramp up the caressing and squeezing, and if you can, start 'creeping' your hands from his thighs, to his nether regions.  If he doesn't stop you, you can start rubbing him through his pants at this point.  Be gentle, and receptive.  Pay attention to his body language, and be ready to stop.

makeout - Even more important than what you do during the screening, is what you do *after*.  Assuming everything goes according to plan, your boy should be rock hard, and ready for you.  Again, none of this is set in stone.  The first thing that you should do, is get him turned around, so that he's facing towards you.  You should talk as little as possible.  Start kissing him deeply, tongue and all.  This is the time to go all out.  Kiss his neck, and strip him, as well as yourself.  He shouldn't protest, at this point.  Get his hands on your breasts, moving them there, yourself, if you have to (and you might).  Let him do whatever feels right with his hands, as long as they aren't just laying limp at his sides.  You want him to be an *active* participant in this.  Start stroking his cock, and don't be surprised if he cums in your hand almost immediately after you start touching it, he'll be very excited.  You don't really need to get him inside you right now, but it's probably good if you can.  If he pops before you can get him in, just stick to snuggling.  You'll have plenty of other chances.  After a few minutes, you can try again.  Both the 'cowgirl' and 'missionary' positions are used in the film, so it's probably best to stick to one of those.  He'll at least have a basic idea of what to do in those positions.  Really, it doesn't matter which one you pick, as long as he cums.  He really should have at least one orgasm, from your hand, mouth, or pussy, before the night is over.  After the Art Film screening, your relationship should be firmly sexual, and firmly Lilian.

boobsonhead2 - Up to this point, we've assumed that everything is going somewhat according to plan, but this isn't always the case.  Sometimes we go too fast, and sometimes little issues do come up.  The Art Film screening is when we seem the most issues, so we'll focus on it.  If he doesn't want to watch the art film you should stress how important the film is to you assure him that he *will* like it, and promise him 'something good' after watching it.  If he doesn't want to watch the sex scenes, you should turn the movie off, apologize, and try again later, after a few more dates.  If he pisses himself, which *does* happen, first, you should make sure that it actually *is* pee.  Sometimes, these boys actually cream themselves during the sex scenes, and think that they've pissed themselves.  If it really is piss, though, be gentle, clean it up, get his clothes in the wash, and try to get him into the shower with you.  It's not the end of the world, and you really can turn that situation from a bad one, to a good one.  If he gets through the movie, but doesn't want to make out after, just go back to holding and snuggling with him.  If he gets through the movie, wants to kiss, but can't get hard, strip, and if he still can't get hard, crack out the porno.  Maybe include some gay porn.  If *that* gets him hard, it's clear what he's into.

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