Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Timid Boys FFm Retrospective

Goddamn, resolution issue, after resolution issue with these.  I like the artists, and I like the way I wrote these, but damn, were they difficult to format.


The first page is half intro, half guide, half narrative.  150% sex. 
I like the picture that I used here, although it was difficult to pick between the 2 pics in the wider picture that I used.  The other one had less nudity, so I picked this one.  I think these come from the end of the 'Teacher' ponfaz manga, but I'm not totally sure.  I like ponfaz's art style a lot, but his resolutions are not conducive to my style of caption writing.  I like that both girls are involved, in this picture.
The text for this, as I said, is part intro, which I feel was reasonably short.  The guide portion is pretty tight, and mostly just gives the reader an intro for his own fantasy.  The narrative is what I really tried to focus on, here, since the picture is so good for it. 

The second page continues the narrative, and gives a bit of commentary. 
The picture, again, has a resolution that is difficult for me to use, but I feel like I handled it reasonably well.  This, honestly, would have been an example of a pic that could have used both ponfaz pages, but oh well. 
I focused my text here on the guide, which may have been the wrong approach.  I mean, the whole thing is a guide, but still, more narrative style sex would have been better, here.  I sort of bounce between sex and guide, which might end up distracting the reader, unfortunately.

The third page is divided up between guide and narrative sex, using a method that I've used many, many, times before. 
The picture is actually the full ponfaz pic this time, because I needed that snuggling bit to go with the text.  It also kind of 'wraps up' the picture arc. 
The text is, again, a lot of nonsexual guide stuff, and religious type teaching.  The exact natures of the 4 women that the boy should fuck was a late addition, but I feel like it's a good one, that foreshadows slightly.  The rest of the page is a nice sex guide, and I like that I was able to get more sex into this page, than the others.  I'm trying to put more sex into these.

The fourth page is a totally different idea, that serves as a sort of separator between the FFm block, and the BDSM block, which, by the way, is the next block.
Again, serious resolution issues here.  The picture actually came with that 'through a camera' look, which is why I used it, although really, any picture can be given that treatment, it's basically just a filter.  I didn't need to use this specific picture.  But, the fact that there's curtains, and that you can see right through them, adds to the text.  Protip, white fabric curtains are basically transparent during the daytime, especially if you get the nice ones. 
The text is pretty short, and straightforward.  It is nothing but guide, with no real sexual content at all.  Again, this is intended to be a flavor piece, and a separator. 


So hopefully you guys liked this block.  There's far more sex in it than the last one.  I've checked again, and yes, the rest of the blocks will be sexual.  There's only 2 left, the BDSM block, which will feature very light BDSM, and the orgy block, which has terrible resolution pictures, that may or may not index well. 

Next up is the first half of the training block for the Mommy Bubble pamphlet, then it's the BDSM block, and then, hopefully, I'll have the first part of the first storybook ready.  I'm thinking that the first storybook will be succubus femdom, with extremely religious angle.  Like, philosophical afterlife stuff.  I'm planning on making the storybooks my final captions for this project, and so, I'm planning on doing them big, and really letting my crazy come out in them. 

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