Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Timid Boys FFm

This is the FFm block of the Timid Boys pamphlet.  It covers FFm threesomes. 




 doublesux2 - At some point, you and your friend are going to fuck your boy together.  This should happen before she starts inviting him out on dates with her.  The point of this is to introduce him to polyamory, in a safe, controlled, environment.  You should invite your friend over, and hang out, in whatever way that you normally do.  At some point, though, you'll want to sexualize the atmosphere.  A small 'bump and grind' dance party, or a sexually charged movie works well for this.  You can watch a porno if you want, but you don't have to.  Your friend should take the lead, here, sliding her hands up your boy's thigh, and kissing him warmly, as you look on, smiling down at him.  You should take his hand in yours, and guide it under your panties, as your friend slowly strips off his jeans, and leans down, to suck his cock.  As she pleasures him, you should strip, kissing him all the while.  The two of you should take turns pleasing him, and stripping, until you're ready to have sex.

doublefux1 - When everyone's ready, you should have your friend lay down on the bed, and 'present' herself to your boy.  There might be a little bit of anxiety, some boys *do* think that this is some kind of 'test'.  You should assure him that there's nothing to be worried about, and that you're only doing this because it feels good.  You should have explained Lilith's distaste for monogamy before this moment, but if you didn't, now would be a good time.  He should know how to fuck, by now, but it's still a good idea to help him out a bit.  He'll probably be a little nervous, and your presence is calming.  Even a simple hand on the back while he's pushing into her can help to soothe him, and a few words of encouragement can do wonders.  Soon, he'll be thrusting with abandon, and when he does, you can have even more fun.  Try licking his balls or ass, while he fucks your friend, or having him lie back, and riding his cock, while your friend rides his face.  And don't forget the 'double blowjob' at the end!

doublefux2 - Having sex with 2 women is something that your boy will really come to enjoy over time, and it's probably the best way for him to fuck, overall.  Not only does it destroy the concept of monogamy in his mind, it puts him in a somewhat submissive and 'serving' position, and makes him feel loved and desired in a way that is truly unique to this practice.  Ideally, your boy should have had sex with at least 4 women, other than you, before you 'release' him into the Temple.  When sharing your boy, you can do all sorts of things.  Kneeling in front of your friend, you can use a dildo on her, his small hand in yours, as the two of you push the toy in and out, bringing her off, and teaching him about angle and speed.  You can demonstrate the proper method of licking a woman, and have him follow your example.  You can work together to give your friend the time of her life, or just enjoy a relaxing day off, as he fucks you in turn, and drifts off to sleep, cradled in the soft bosoms of his 2 adoring lovers.

spies - When your relationship becomes explicitly sexual, the risks to you, personally, go up.  Laying, nude, with a young boy is difficult to explain, and at the very least, demands an explanation.  Having sex with a boy, of course, is impossible to explain.  You should be cognizant of the lines of sight into your bedroom, especially if you live on the first floor.  A set of blackout curtains are an excellent investment, that can be partially subsidized by your Temple.

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