Thursday, January 22, 2015

Timid Boys Integration Intro Block

This block connects the art film and post art film sex blocks to the integration sex block.  It is, unfortunately, quite work safe.


Integration Intro Intro
Integration Pitfalls
Integration Dating


 doublefux - Once the Lilization process has begun, it's important to start integrating your boy into the wider community.  This should be done gradually, and gently.  It's important to remember that non-Lilian boys are growing up in a Jehovan society, and that society places a huge emphasis on monogamy.  He probably thinks that he belongs to you, and that you belong to him.  The reality, of course, is that both of you belong to the Temple.  But, you shouldn't push that on him too quickly.  Remember, he's not a man.  The '2 girls on my dick' fantasy hasn't been formed in his mind, yet.  If you try to immediately incorporate another Lilian into your lovemaking, he *will* rebel, and you might lose him forever.  In the next few pages, we will discuss the process of bringing more and more people into his 'circle of love'.  If this is done over time, and with women who the boy knows, and likes, you can avoid the sort of fear and trepidation that is obviously being felt by the boy in our picture.

noshota4u - Your boy, like all boys, belongs to the Temple.  This does not mean, however, that you should be letting just anyone put their hands all over your 'fresh meat'.  You, *the adult*, need to be able to say no to your friends, when they want to treat your boy like their personal fucktoy.  He is *not* an acolyte, or a rental submissive.  Unfortunately, there are certain women within our Temples who like to take inexperienced boys, and use them as throwaway props for their predatory fantasies.  It's fucked up, but it happens, and most of these women outwardly appear sweet, pleasant, and perfectly trustworthy.  It is *very* important that you not leave your boy alone around any untrained Lilians, for even a moment.  Abuse can happen in seconds, and your boy might be too scared to say anything to you, afterwards.  The women that you share your boy with should be women that you've played with before, and preferably, women that you've worked with before.  In short, they should be nuns, or priestesses.

sardines - The first step when it comes to integrating your boy is introducing him to other *trusted* Lilians.  This means, fellow nuns.  Nothing makes a boy feel more wanted and desired than being surrounded by a group of fun and attractive young women.  These meetings should be relaxed, and casual.  Getting together to play video games or watch a movie is a great way to expand your boy's circle.  At some point, you and your friend(s) should take your boy out somewhere fun, like a fair, or a theme park.  You should take steps to avoid 'third wheeling' either your friend, or your boy, but if you have to pick one over the other, pick your boy.  Your friend should understand, since she's also a nun.  Over time, your friend and boy should get closer, and ideally, she should start inviting him out on her own.  Again, this friend, should be *trained*, and not just 'some lady'.  You should encourage these meetings, and give your approval if, and when, their relationship gets physical.

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