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Timid Boys : Post Art-Film Lilization Retrospective and Future Plots

I really, really, like the way that these came out.  It's a good block.  Tight, organized, gives a lot of information in a small package, and the pictures rock.


The first page is the standard block intro for a 3 step process.  I do these a lot, for a couple of reasons.  Reason 1 is that doing 4 picture blocks makes for easier releases.  Reason 2 is that having a 3 step process seems quite natural, and is easy to digest, and having an intro allows me to devote 1 page to each step.  It doesn't always work out, but this time, it did.
The picture that I used here is actually a very late addition.  I was going to use an SFW snuggling pic, but I decided to have some nudity, because this is supposed to be the start of the 'sex blocks', and I wanted the intro to reflect that.
The text here is just standard intro stuff.  It tells the reader what the goal is, and lists the 3 steps.  Like I said, I've done this before.  I really like the way that I did the text here.  It's very tight, and really, it's kind of the model of what I want the block intros to be.  It's very much an example of how less can sometimes be more in captions. 

The second page is a bit limited by the picture that I used.  I'll say it right now, this could have been formatted better.  I was, however, able to have the picture be large, which is good.
I like the picture that I used here.  It really complements the text.  The woman is very obviously demonstrating the 'pussy tour' that the text suggests.  She's quite attractive, and I like the way her tits were drawn.  She has nice, thick thighs, and the whole 'panties over one leg'  thing is very attractive.  The boy is on his knees, learning from her, and his 'focusing' look, again, complements the text.
The text itself, although poorly formatted, does its job quite well.  I like that I was able to get a specific fantasy in, so that the reader will have a jumping off point for their own fantasy.  There's also the standard Lilian idea of 'her pleasure comes first' represented.  I like this page, but I wish that I'd formatted the text better.

The third page was one that was difficult to pick a picture for.  I had a lot of different options, all of which were decent.  I picked this one because it had a good resolution, and because the art style is nicely shiny.  It sure as fuck wasn't picked for their dumbass expressions.
The text here is a lot like the last page.  It discusses the Lilian faith reasons why the Nuns are being encouraged to do these things, and provides a nice fantasy for the reader to think about.  I really like the way that I phrased the second paragraph.  The second to last paragraph is nice, as well.  The fantasy put forward isn't exactly new, or unique, but just like the 'looking at porn and picking out positions' fantasy, it's a good one.

The fourth page isn't much of a outro, but it doesn't really need to be.  There's still like 3 or 4 blocks left. 
The picture is one that I feel people will either love or hate.  Yes, she is fat, I understand this.  Personally, I don't really have a problem with that.  This picture was chosen because it represents a sort of 'non-violent' domination that I wanted to push in the text.  Plus, I said in the Acolyte Pamphlet that many of the clients would be chubby, and in the Nun Lifestyle intro that anyone, regardless of personal appearance, could become a Nun, so I feel like using a fat girl is, thematically, just fine.  Plus, her expression, and the little nipple teasing, makes this picture very good.  It also complements the text well.  He's getting the pleasure, but she's very much in control.  It's also an action shot, and the white background blends well. 
The text is very good here, I think.  It starts out with an explanation of the concept, moves on to the guidance, gives suggestions, which double as fantasies for the reader, and then does it again.  This is also, about as 'light femdom' as it gets.  I'm trying to go for lighter femdom these days.  You'll see what I mean in the block after next. 


So, I'm actually really proud of this block.  I feel like it was very well written and put together, aside from a few formatting issues on the second page.  Hopefully I can do more blocks like this in the future.

I've done a bit of prewriting for the Mommy Bubble pamphlet, which I'll be (hopefully) writing a lot of this weekend.  I'll post it up here, as a little teaser for you guys.  This is in addition to the prewriting that I did in the Video Ads 2 retrospective.  The names of the pages refer to the default filenames in "肛感少年BF".

intro - discussion of what the pamphlet is, and what the mommy bubble is
bfa001 - establish characters, Jenni discusses the concept of maternal ownership, and discusses the love that she has for her son, and how she raised him in early years
bfa002 - discuss training of boys, explain that the mother should be the first and best lover of the child, and that the mother should train the child, over time, to be a good submissive.  Jenni will discuss her training regimen.
bfa003 - further discussion of training of boys, emphasis on the gradual nature of the training.  Jenni discusses how she took her son from light fingering, to mild strapon play, to heavy strapon play, and the importance of making the boys particularly submissive.
bfa004 - More training, but this time, we focus on the emotional aspects, and ensuring that the boy enjoy his training, Jenni regales us with a story about how she brings more love to the table in the training sessions.
bfa005 - Jenni discusses the final stage of the training, which is bondage/BDSM training.  Emphasis on the necessity of the boy's first few BDSM scenes to be with someone that he trusts.  The story here is of her and her boy's first BDSM scene. 
bfa009_1 - Introducing the boy to his arranged wife or mistress.  Discussion is on choosing a good mistress, and on easing the boy into sex with the mistress.  Story is the boy's first time with his arranged wife
bfa009_4b - Continuation of bfa009_1.  More discussion, more story, this time, there's a focus on Jenni's role during the son and wife's first night together.
bfa006 - Discussion of three ways with the wife and mother.  Mostly, it's a discussion of how to get the wife more involved in the mother and son's sex life.  Straight up 3way narrative.
bfa007 - Discussion of the beginnings of 'giving the boy away' to the wife.  Story is about Jenni's role in supervising the wife's domination of the son.
bfa008 - Discussing the first few 'unsupervised' sessions between son and wife, and why it is important to give the two some alone time.  Story is just a straight narrative of what they're doing.
bfa11_1 - Further discussion of the unsupervised session, mostly narrative, now.
bfa10 - More discussion of unsupervised session, with a focus on discussion, Jenni talks about how the wife should be 'taking over' for the mother, as the prime sexual partner, and lover. 
outro - Basic outro, goes through the importance of getting the boy out of the mommy bubble, and allaying certain fears that mothers might have.


Next up is the first 3 story intros for the Nun Lifestyle pamphlet, and then it's the first part of the 'FFm' block.  Then it's the last 2 story intros, and the outro, for the Nun Lifestyle pamphlet.  Then it's the second part of the 'FFm' block.  Then, I'll start releasing Mommy Bubble stuff. 

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