Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mommy Bubble 2 Retrospective

So, yes, I've been doing quite badly with the schedule.  I have no real reason or excuse, but hey, at least I'm coming back earlier than a month later, right?
I've been working on a new game, from a boy's perspective, that is essentially designed to work out the little details of how to make Joobachi, and to familiarize myself with the engine.  It does most of what I want to do with Joobachi, but on a much smaller scale.  It's also more linear. 
It's set up as a prequel, that explains Jenni's origins, and how she got to run the Eugene Temple.  It more or less follows the Timid Boys pamphlet, or at least, that's how it's structured.  I started it on Friday, and I'm already through the first sex scene, although that's a bit misleading.  The sex scene isn't really part of the plot, it's just there, because sex.  You'll see what I mean when I release the demo. 
I'll be releasing that later on this week, hopefully, so you guys can see it, and hopefully give some feedback.


The first page marks the beginning of the strapon content, which continues throughout the rest of the set.  This is very much a strapon centered pamphlet.  I like the little boob squeeze here, although I kind of wish that I had access to a 'missionary' strapon pic, just to bridge the gap between Sei/Aster just taking the strapon, and him mounting it.  It's fine, though.
The text here starts off with a little guide, and then moves to narrative content, before coming back around to guide content.  I really like doing that, and I feel like it flows very well, and improves the overall product.  The bridge from normal sex to strapon play isn't as smooth as I would like, but I feel like it gets the job done.

The second page features a particularly creative position, which is neat.  It's something that I wouldn't have thought of, really, and it's something that could easily be unique to /ss/ pairings.  The mutual blushing was a nice touch.  I would have liked it better if Sei/Aster had his arms around Rinko/Jenni, but hey, we get what we get, right?
The text continues almost exactly where the first page left off, and possibly even a bit before it.    I like the way I phrased that bit about 'firmness'.  I think it flows quite well.  Again, I go from guide, to narrative, but not back to guide.  The text at the end doesn't match the picture exactly, but I feel like it complements it well.

The third page, honestly, has a really weird picture.  They didn't have a good one of Sei/Aster cumming, which sucks, so I had to use this one.  He's totally pissing, there.  Not cool, but what can you do?  The implications of where the rope would be attached are a bit weird, as well.  I feel like this picture isn't horrible, obviously, since I used it, but I would've liked something a bit less extreme.  I guess, at the very least, it shows that Rinko/Jenni has a particularly kinky side.  Anyone who owns a sex swing must. 
The text here, again, goes from guide, to narrative.  I like the way I did the bit about 'starts with tied fellatio, and ends whenever you want it to end'.  I feel like that tells the reader quite a bit, in only a few words.  I also like the bit where she says 'that beautiful smile', I feel like it reinforces the idea that she really does love her son.  Of course, him not being obsessed with strapons is kind of a lie, given that the entire rest of the set features him taking it up the ass from strapons, again, and again, and again.  Maybe I should have said, 'in an unhealthy way'. 
The narrative here does not follow the picture at all, which probably says a lot about how much I liked the picture.  I decided to make the narrative very sweet, and gentle, probably as a foil to the picture.  There's a lot of nice foreplay here, and not a lot of actual sex discussion, which is pretty much par for the course with these.  I like the way it ended, too.  Very sweet, or at least kind of sweet. 


So, that marks the end of what I've actually written for the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  After this, it's all newly written content.  We'll see whether I can maintain a decent schedule.
Next up is the final installment of the Timid Boys pamphlet.  It's 5 pics, and it finishes out that pamphlet, so I'll be doing a little retrospective for the overall pamphlet, in addition to the normal page-by-page.  I'll also be putting it up on mediafire for direct download. 

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