Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mommy Bubble 2

This is the second installment of the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  It covers further training, and marks the end of the "Rinko/Sei alone" block.  After this, China will be involved.


Strapon Training 1
Strapon Training 2
Strapon Training 3


bfa_003_1 - Training your boy is an iterative process by necessity.  A newborn baby can't handle a strapon, and a toddler lacks the dexterity to finger you to an orgasm.  As your boy grows, however, you can do more, and the previous training will stick with him.  I said before that Aster had brought me to orgasm before his first day at school.  This was achieved through training.  After dinner, we'd retire to our sofa, and he would take his dessert from my breast.  During this 'recreational' nursing time, as his hands caressed and stroked my soft breasts, I would squeeze his cute little ass, and pull him into me.  As he drank, I would, gently, rhythmically, pull him into my wetness, bringing us off.  This devotion, which many of our sisters undertake, is actually a training exercise, which makes the 'rhythm' of lovemaking, almost second nature to our boys.  There's usually no insertion, but there is a lot of mutual pleasure, and these early lessons make it easier for him to please you, and your fellow Lilians, when he grows and matures.  It's similar with anal play.  Penetrating my lover, at first, was near impossible, but as he grew, and learned to relax, and enjoy the sensations, it became easier, and soon, he was looking forward to my strapon, and riding me with an abandon that is rarely seen in boys his age.

bfa_004_2 - Training little Aster to enjoy my strapon was a process that was difficult at first, but became easier over time.  I had to go slowly, and I had to be gentle.  I had to be *loving*.  Now, a mother should always be loving, be she sometimes has to be firm, as well.  Strapon training is not the time to be firm, the strapon is firm enough.  You need to be soft, and loving, gentle, and kind.  Above all else, you need to go *slowly*.  I usually started my strapon training with kisses!  I would strip Aster slowly, kissing each newly exposed erogenous zone, and gently stroking his plump cheeks, and soft tummy.  I would pay special attention to his sensitive nipples and neck.  When I got to his stiff cock, I would worship it with my mouth, licking him up and down, rolling my tongue around his head, and taking his balls into my mouth, as well.  Often, I'd take the entire 'package' into my mouth, and suck, gently, while caressing his asscheeks with my hands.  I would then move down, licking his tight hole, getting him ready for me.  When he *was* ready, I'd start with a finger, then two.  Then, gently, I would lift him up, and position him.  With a deep kiss, I would slowly lower him onto the rubber shaft.  With his cock between my tits, and our tongues dancing in each other's mouth, he learned to love our strapon play.

bfa_005_2 - When Aster had come to love my strapon, I decided to incorporate it into our regular BDSM play.  Normally, strapon play will be the 'marker' that represents the 'middle' of BDSM training.  The process starts with tied fellatio, and ends wherever you want it to end.  But usually, strapon play is the middle point.  Little Aster *adores* my strapon.  He's not obsessed with it, but I always see that beautiful smile whenever it comes out of our toybox.  Our first BDSM strapon session started the way many of our BDSM sessions start.  I tied my lover's arms to our bed, and started licking him all over.  I think he knew what the plan was, when I got to his hole, licking and fingering him, much more than usual.  I kissed my way back up to his neck, before cradling his head in my arms, and kissing his forehead.  I brought the dildo out, and had my baby suck it, one hand stroking his hair, while the other moved the shaft past his adoring lips, and into his warm, wet, mouth.  When the toy was nice and lubricated, I replaced it with my tongue, kissing my baby deeply, as I latched the dildo into place.  Then, I lifted his legs, and entered him, slowly, as I kissed him deeply, and stroked his cock.  I gave him my tit, to suck, and nibble, as I pounded him with the toy, matching the rhythm of my thrusts, with the stroking of his cock.  Soon, he would explode onto my tummy, and his own.  I untied him, and we took turns licking each other clean, before drifting off to sleep, in each other's arms.  

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