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Mommy Bubble Betrothal Block

This is the betrothal block of the Mommy Bubble pamphlet.  It covers the story of Aster/Sei and Primrose/China's betrothal, and discusses bride/mistress choice.


Aster/Primrose Backstory
Aster/Primrose Sex
Aster/Primrose/Jenni Sex


 jenni - All beings grow and mature.  The rosebuds bloom into beautiful flowers, and caterpillars molt into charming butterflies.  Your little one grows and matures, as well, from a baby (0-3) to be doted on, to a young boy, (4-7) in need of discipline, to a mature boy (8-12), capable of serving you.  But beyond that, he is an adolescent, and becoming a man.  As such, your role in his life will have to change, just as his role in the Temple must change.  Choosing a mistress for your baby is a process that should start long before his 12th birthday.  Ideally, you should have someone in mind during his 'young boy' phase, of 4-7 years.  You should be observing his playtime, and taking note of which girls seem to gravitate towards him.  Your search should include both girls his age, and older, although a 15 year cutoff is generally considered prudent, and closer ages really are best.  Primrose here, met my Aster at a summer camp in Cebu City, when she was 6, and he was 4.  While I was speaking to her mother, the two of them hit it off quite well, and became quick friends.  They wound up spending most of the summer together, and while her mother and I didn't immediately decide on their betrothal, I think it was in both of our minds.  I still remember how they cried and cried when the summer camp was over, Aster and I returning to Eugene, and Primrose returning to Bangkok with her mother.  Her mother and I made sure to get them together during every one of their school holidays, after that.  They had other lovers, of course, as Our Goddess considers monogamy and long-term celibacy to be unhealthy and immoral.  But it was clear to all involved, that these two were each other's favorite.  It's very important, when looking for a mistress, to look not only at your son's sexual partners, but also his female friends.  Now obviously, there will be a great deal of overlap here, but if you keep up with your son, you should notice him spending more time *outside the bedroom* with certain girls.  Love is different from lust, and while your boy and his mistress should be sexually compatible, you should put much more emphasis on their 'platonic' relationship.  Remember, our 'marriages' aren't like Jehovan ones, and our matchmaking shouldn't be, either.

bfa_009_1 - When my baby started to get closer to 'marriage age', Primrose's mother and I decided to commit to the betrothal, or at least, get our two lovebirds closer together.  Primrose was at the age where she needed specialized education, and the Eugenian Temple's schoolhouse routinely outperforms all others.  It really was a no-brainer, and my Aster was over the moon, when he heard about it.  Their first night together was wonderful, even magical.  I know, because I was there.  It's quite important to actually *observe* the lovemaking of your baby and his future mistress.  There are a great number of beautiful, gentle, and loving mistresses in our Temples, and they are, in fact, the majority.  But there is also a dark underworld of violent, jealous, and dangerous young ladies who are drawn to our faith for all the wrong reasons.  Generally, they'll prey on the boys who don't get as much female attention.  As a mother, it is your job to protect your son from these vultures.  You can't know everything about your son's love life, but you can at least sit in on a few sessions, and see whether things are as they should be.  For my little one, there were no issues.  He and Primrose's lovemaking was gentle, loving, and quite mutually satisfying.  I won't lie, when Primrose wrapped her legs around my baby's waist, and brought him in for a deep kiss, as he exploded inside her, I teared up a bit.  My baby was growing up.  Watching your son and his future mistress can be quite intense, but it's very important that you do so.

bfa_009_4b - After you've observed your baby and his future mistress, the next step is quite logical.  When the fruit of your womb is on the line, you need to *personally* ensure that her stewardship is sound.  The best way to do this is to have a three-way with your son, and his future mistress.  Remember, she's going to be around for a while, and you are *handing the ownership of your son over to her*.  You need to know exactly who she is, and how she behaves.  For me, it was easy.  I'd known her, and her mother for years, and I practically chose her from the myriad of women and girls jockeying for my son's hand.  For others, however, it could be more complex.  If your son comes home with a woman, 6-8 years his senior, who you've never seen before, you definitely need to spend some 'quality time' with her, *before* the subject of marriage is even considered.  I started my session by simply watching Primrose and Aster go at it, slowly teasing my nipples and clit, before strapping on Aster's favorite dildo, and making my way over to the couple.  I told Primrose how much he loved strapon play, and received her approval to join them.  I gently licked at my baby's ass, while he slowly pressed himself into his lover, not only to lube him up, but to stimulate him, as well.  When he was ready, I slid my plastic cock inside him, and he sighed with pleasure, kissing his future mistress deeply, and filling her with his seed.  In this way, Primrose and I were bonded, as Aster's lovers, and mistresses.

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