Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mommy Bubble pamphlet Mother/Mistress training and Outro

Another 5 pic release.  This release covers the Mother/Mistress training and bonding block, along with the outro. 


Super Suck
Ferocious Fist
Delightful Duo
Magnificent Milking


 bfa_006_1 - It often surprises many new Lilians to learn that our (Heterosexual) marriages, on average, tend to last longer than Jehovan marriages.  I believe that this is due to 3 factors.  First, we thoroughly embrace polyamoury and bisexuality.  Second, our way is natural, and gives men the 'direction' that they desire.  Third, the mistress is expertly trained to please her slave, sexually.  As a mother, you are the *prime* authority on your baby's sexuality, surpassing even him in expertise.  He may know what he wants, but does he know what he *needs*?  You do.  My Aster tends to focus on prostate orgasms.  I understand why, but I also understand that it can be frustrating for a mistress to be pressured to perform in that way, all the time.  I have over 20 years of strapon experience, so I know exactly how to get my baby off, every time.  Primrose, however, comes from Bangkok, where prostate play is something to be shared between boys, and usually crossdressing boys.  Strapons were for lesbian pairings, which she had never shown much interest in.  My job was twofold.  First, I had to 'break' Aster from his habit of never touching his cock while taking an anal toy, and then, I had to teach Primrose about anal play, prostate stimulation, and strapon sex.  I decided to tackle both at once, giving Aster his usual strapon session, while keeping Primrose close at hand, to learn from my example, as well as perform her own specialty, which is manual stimulation.

bfa_007_1 - Part of the transition process is education, and it's a very important step.  You can't micromanage your son and mistress' sex life, but you *can*, and *should*, give your baby's chosen mistress the tools that she needs to please your baby, just as you gave him the tools to please all Lilian women.  For Primrose, this meant teaching her how to stimulate my Aster's sensitive prostate.  Primrose is well known in her Temple for her manual dexterity, so I decided to start her off with fingering and fisting my baby.  She was initially quite scared, thinking that she would "break" him somehow, but with my gentle instruction, and Aster's enraptured sighs and moans, she eventually started to come into her own.  I started out, as I said, with the simple stuff.  We had a 'girls night in', where the two of us watched a couple of instructional videos and read some short pamphlets on anal play.  I showed her how to find his prostate, by fingering her pussy, putting a special focus on her G-spot, and had her do the same for me.  Then, we 'summoned' our lover into my bedchamber, and I let her try out some of what she'd learned.  I sat Aster on my lap, his head cushioned in my soft breasts, as Primrose practiced these new skills on her soon-to-be slave.  Ever the gentle mistress, she went slow and steady, and used her free hand to demonstrate her well honed techniques on my baby's cock.  In time, though, spurred on by Aster's moans and elated cries for "more, more!", she was able to get her entire hand inside, bringing my baby to one of the greatest orgasms of his life.

bfa_008_3 - *I* know what my baby really wants, and while Primrose really does have *magic fingers*, I know Aster would eventually want to feel that big plastic shaft pounding him.  Primrose had never really used a strapon before, so I decided not to try and force that on her too early.  I decided first, to train her with dildos.  She'd used one on herself, of course, but never on another girl, and certainly not on a boy.  Another 'girl's night in' was in order.  This time, we watched a couple of lesbian short films, focusing on toys, before moving on to some femdom pairings.  By the end of the screening, the two of us were dripping, and, quite frankly, all over each other.  We used our dildos on ourselves, and each other, before, just like last time, calling our 'walking dildo' to join us.  Emboldened by her previous experience, and from our little tryst, Primrose was downright ravenous.  She set on my son with a hunger that, really, reminded me of myself.  I decided to back off this time, and let them have their moment.  Primrose wasted no time in getting my Aster's well trained lips on her wet pussy, but again, she was sure to return the favor.  Her soft lips enveloped my baby's stiff cock first, and only when my baby wrapped his little arm around her, squeezing and kneading her ass, did she remember Aster's 'pleasure button'.  Eager to fully satisfy her beloved slave, she quickly found her dildo, and roughly plunged it into my baby's ass.  She was rewarded almost immediately for her efforts, as he poured load after hot load down her waiting throat.

bfa_010_3b - Over time, and with a lot of work, Primrose came into her own as a mistress.  Her skills grew, and the relationship between her and my son deepened.  After her initial training, and our couple of sessions together, I mostly left the two lovebirds alone.  It's important to give your baby and his mistress-to-be lots of space, and lots of privacy.  Don't extricate yourself from your son's life, of course, and ensure that he has a safe place to go if there are problems, but try to give them some autonomy.  Remember, the entire point of setting your baby up with his mistress is to prevent him from becoming dependent on you.  The entire plan falls apart if you're over his shoulder all the time, handing out orders to his mistress like some kind of domestic dictator.  So, as difficult as it is, and I know it's difficult, you have to give them the space that they deserve.  One night, after leaving the two alone for a few weeks, I heard Primrose calling me from my baby's room.  I came as fast as I could, expecting some kind of bloody accident, but when I got to their room, I was quite pleasantly surprised.  My baby was bent over, moaning like a little slut, while Primrose pounded his little ass with a rhythm and skill that suggested years, not months, of practice.  Primrose turned to me, excitedly urging me to 'watch, watch!', as, in three smooth thrusts, she milked my baby's cock, delivering his most cherished pleasure, a hands-free prostate orgasm.

outro - It's quite beautiful, isn't it?  Love stories like that are quite common in our Temples.  Your son, like all boys, deserves a caring mistress, who knows all of his sweet spots, loves him dearly, and yet, controls him absolutely.  He can never know this pleasure, though, if *you* aren't willing to transfer his ownership.  I know it's not easy.  It wasn't easy for Jenni, and it wasn't easy for me.  It's never easy for any of us, but we *have* to do it.  I'd like to share a story with you.  It's not a pretty one, and it's not one that I like to think about, but it's a story that all of our mothers must hear.  In the mid 70's and early 80's, we had yet to refine our marriage practices.  There was a current among many of our sisters, including my mothers, that boys should stay within the family, for life.  My beloved little brother, whom I will *always* love dearly, whose precious virginity I stole away, and whose small, but incredibly firm cock gives me very wet dreams to this day, was destroyed by this flawed idea.  We were born as Lilians, and he was a Lilian acolyte from 8 to 12.  Unfortunately, when puberty hit, it hit quite hard.  The two of *us* still made love regularly, but his sex life outside of that was depressingly barren.  I could tell he was feeling quite frustrated, but even worse, he felt *unloved*, and even abandoned, by our faith, and by our ladies.  On his 18th birthday, he joined the US Marines, and after his graduation, which only I attended, I never saw him again.  He was injured in a 'friendly fire' incident, and discharged.  He then moved to Wyoming and began cooking methamphetamine to sell, and was killed in a laboratory explosion.  A tragedy, and, it should be said, a *preventable* one.  A mistress, someone *outside* the immediate family, would have pushed him towards a trade school, or even college.  She would have prevented him from selling drugs, or at least steered him towards a less dangerous product.  She would have made him feel loved, and desired, in a way that a family member simply cannot.  Most of that era's tragedies aren't as dramatic as my brother's.  Most of the time, the men simply never leave home, holing up in their rooms, developing unhealthy co-dependent relationships with their mothers, and just wasting away.  It is very important the we combat this trend, and as a mother, you are on the 'front lines'.  Don't let your son become a statistic.  Find him a mistress, and keep him out of the Mommy Bubble. 

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